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  1. Here's a little optimism for you. The park has recently updated the height and safety guide for the 2020 season, which includes the map at the end! https://cdn-cloudfront.cfauthx.com/binaries/content/assets/ki-en-us/general-information/help/kings-island-2020-guest-assistance-guide-min.pdf
  2. It was stopped there intentionally
  3. It looks like Dodgem has some new paint colors
  4. It still shows the live camera on some of the TVs under the saucer for part of the show.
  5. Yes, it's still used. You can have a train loading in the station and a train right behind it around the corner in the waiting brakes.
  6. The station/launch is considered one block, which is immediately followed by the first block of the ride (which continues through the midcourse). What you are talking about is not an issue because you can't launch the train until the midcourse brakes are clear.
  7. It looks like we'll have fireworks coming from both sides of International Street
  8. You cannot ride Antique Autos or Woodstock Gliders while pregnant.
  9. The latest Guest Assistance Guide can be found here https://www.visitkingsisland.com/help/accessibility
  10. The 2019 GAG has been released. Here are the rider requirements for the antique cars
  11. 2019 park map; readily available from the park's website in the Education Days workbooks. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/groups/student-and-youth/education-days
  12. The map used by the app has many errors if you look closely. Diamondback's layout is wrong and White Water Canyon apparently dumps you into a pond.
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