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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. So with Hersey Park confirming a B&M hyper for 2020 could we see a B&M hyper and Giga in the same year?? I don’t know I hope so
  2. I’m hoping Cedar Fair was like okay we will give you the giga but you have to remove a current Ride.... DEAL
  3. Can’t think of any good names but something themed to space/flight to go along with Flight of Fear in that section of the park would be cool
  4. With Firehawks removal this pretty much confirms the next coaster to go in that area and with how much space they have opened up with its removal the chances of a giga have only increased just look how much land is available now! I expect a construction fence by winter fest maybe even a teaser sign on the fence at that time.. once Firehawk is closed I expect construction to happen fast especially if it’s a giga coming they will waste no time getting Firehawk out of here and groundwork happening on the giga by opening day 2019 I bet we see signs of something big happening.. I expect a very exci
  5. Right the picture of “guessing game” And the picture of beast entrance that also shows outpost 5 material
  6. Chad showalter on Twitter this is his latest post about an hour ago, with these pictures..
  7. These pictures I got from coaster crew on Facebook. The area is lit up tonight in red lights.. another tie to Firehawk in my opinion
  8. I agree it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but WindSeeker makes the most since of how the words play together... ItsBigItsGone doesn’t really make much sense connecting Vortex or Firehawk to it but it does connect WindSeeker also the air is eerily calm which connects WindSeeker not the other 2. I could see it happening but not sure.. maybe that opens up a bigger area for higher volume of people to fit back where spongebob/Days of thunder building is for 2020 attraction to maybe start back that way I don’t know also the maybe gives you more room for antique autos
  9. I am just 20 years but I remember riding Son of Beast a few times. I never got to ride it when it had the loop I wish i could have.. IMO Kings Island has not been the same without it.. It’s PURE size was so intimidating! You could see it for miles walking up to that structure just put people in shock.. just the feel of walking to it in line and the smell of all that wood.. Kings Island never has got that intimidating factor back (A giga 2020 will fix that though).. Even though the ride itself really wasn’t all that impressive just the pure size and feel of it at the park just is something peop
  10. If this were to be a giga I’m sure they will go all out and will be bigger and better than fury.. so I’d say AT LEAST 335ft. And I’d think they would try to get to 100mph
  11. In my opinion it’s pretty much confirmed we will get a B&M in 2020.. you probably have 4 options: dive, wing, giga or something totally new.. Dive is out, Yukon strike will be going in 2019 just north they won’t install dives in back to back years.. I agree Wing coaster hype has really died off and not popular anymore so that is out... that leaves a GIGA or something totally new.. with the facts we know already this looks like a sure thing for a GIGA.. but I would not rule out something new from B&M that we don’t know about who knows.. A giga has been LONG rumored for Kings Island and
  12. I agree 100% something is happening and it will come in 2020.. with that paperwork and seeing B&M on their screams GIGA to me.. nothing is done until it’s done but this gets me excited for 2020.. and 2019 teaser season.. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was mention of 2020 in the announcement tomorrow like a comment like “and just wait until 2020” type of comment..
  13. Here’s my wild theory: “Expansion plan Phase one”- I believe there is an expansion in the works that will utilize Son of Beast land and other land. ”Track 2 is no longer in use and has been permanently abandoned”- could this refer to Adventure Express and it’s REMOVAL? I don’t know but that is my theory, Yes.. “Please use outpost 5 shipping and cargo transportation route”- I believe they will be building a new coaster using SOB old station (outpost 5) also other quotes to confirm this theory in the poster as well.. NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE! There you have it... expansion a
  14. Yeah I believe we won’t be getting an RMC soon. I don’t believe it will be our next coaster so most likely atleast 7+ years.. It will be interesting to see what comes next if it’s not a Giga coming next it will be interesting to see what it will be. I also see them doing something with the old tomb raider building very soon maybe 2019.. could see 2019 as a dark ride in that spot with a couple flat rides in coney mall. It just don’t make much sense to me to only use that building for a haunt only, because it’s located at a high volume traffic area with mystic, Diamondback, and beast riders.
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