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  1. Great podcast again. Really enjoyed the discussion. It's nice to hear Kings Island discussion, along with reading it on the site.
  2. Really enjoyed this. I love hearing from people that work at the park.
  3. Back in August Jim Cramer talked about both Six Flags and Cedar Fair stock, saying the latter was the better buy based on the stock being cheaper (based on earnings estimates/share) and having a higher dividend yield. I wonder if Cramer had any idea about a buyout.
  4. I just got a 19.99 Friday Bring a Friend Ticket and my sister got a front of the line pass. Not too useful for me since we still haven't used up our pass renewal bring a friend credits. I would have loved to get the 9.99 T shirt Perk.
  5. Thank you for posting this. I have been looking for a good pair of zipper shorts for a long time.
  6. My sister and I both got pass perks today. I got a bring a friend for $14.99 and my sister got a front of line pass. This is my 3rd pass perk. 1st for my sister. I have visited KI 3 times this year and my sister once. We both went to Carowinds back in May (I have a Platinum pass). I feel bad for all the people who go a lot more than me and are not getting pass perks.
  7. The DJ said his name was “Galatic Rumor”? Maybe a hint?
  8. Yes, I believe he is serving as the DJ.
  9. I just got to Kings Island. Here’s the crowd:
  10. What are the chances they have "Polaris" shirts for sale at the announcement? Did they have shirts for Mystic Timbers at its announcement?
  11. I thought I read somewhere in this Topic about them letting people in after 8pm. I hope they do since that is about the time I will be able to get there.
  12. You have to accompany them. This is from Kings Island Website:
  13. Are the posters maybe a hint that they are taking out Invertigo?
  14. The Grand Canivale parade got delayed to about 9pm because of rain. Cool we got to see it with the sun down.
  15. Three trains running right now, though a train just stopped for a while on the lift hill. Back up and running now.
  16. Just got off Mystic Timbers. Took about 30 minutes to get on. Hoping crowds die down as we get closer to night time.
  17. The sign was missing when I went Sunday evening.
  18. This is a good article I read from one of the personal finance sites I regularly frequent outlining how someone could eat 2 meals a day every day for about $160 by getting a season pass and dining plan at a year round Six Flags. Article Of course this wouldn't work as well at Kings Island, since it is not open year round, but you could certainly cut your food costs down if you live close to the park by getting the meal plan. I left the comment on the article where I figured the cost per meal would be about 70 cents per meal if you ate two meals per operating day.
  19. Might be good to consider you can get parking for $17 online. This way you get a truer number on costs.
  20. Question about Kings Island Season Passes: I am thinking about upgrading my Gold Pass to Platinum since my family is planning a trip to Carowinds during Memorial Day weekend. Will my Kings Island Platinum Pass be able to purchase Carowinds bring a friend tickets?
  21. @DonnaFan Check out this shirt by Cincy Shirts, it might be what you are looking for: Smurf Cone Shirt
  22. Congo Falls also says it is closed for the season. White Water Canyon says it is opening May 24. My guess is they just need to update the website.
  23. I really like that t-shirt, I just hate the fact there will probably be a stampede from the front to the back of the park on opening morning. I always envision someone tripping and getting stepped on, leading to a bad time. I don’t think anyone should have a bad experience at Kings Island. I do hope they sell the shirt in stores, though. I like the burnt orange color, really goes well with The Beast.
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