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  1. Hello all! Got a quick question. I’m heading up to CP in 2 weeks and taking our camper with our puppies. Last year we made sure to pack our thunder shirts because of the nightly fireworks show. My question is, does CP still put on a nightly fireworks show? I don’t see one listed on the app. Thanks for the help!
  2. @LondonFreak at least DB is somewhat back up. It was a rough Saturday without it.
  3. Diamondback is on single train operation today, FYI.
  4. Has anybody had issues with the auto renew site only bringing up one of my passes? I'm missing my wife's pass. When I called KI they were just as confused, and my wife's pass now has my name on it. Long story short they said I would have to come into the park to fix it. No big deal, but isn't the reason for the auto renew is to skip this step in processing? We did not have a problem renewing for the 2018 season.
  5. At the park today! Pretty busy. Mystic is currently down. Beast is 25 minutes, and Diamondback is 40. Mystic is back up.
  6. A few years back Ghost Hunters on SyFy did a show at KI. The episode was title "Roller Ghoster". I don't really remember the episode but I believe it was focused on the Tram Girl and Tower Johnny.
  7. Gotta buy at the park. Check the waits and determine from there. I’m a weirdo that thinks waiting in line can be fun. I’ve only bought a FP+ when waits are posted as over an hour.
  8. I'd have to agree with @Shaggy. My last EPCOT trip I spent the better part of the day in World Showcase talking with cast members from their represented countries and had a blast (I may have been participating in a drinking around the world event). I think it would add to the overall theme of IS at KI to uses international workers. CP uses them, and they seem to be nicer, and more polite than the teenage local workers. Last year at Muffleheads at CP Shores we had a bartender from Poland and he was a lot of fun, than at either Happy Frier or Hot Potato cannot remember which one had a young lady from Japan serve us and she was all smiles and eager to help.
  9. So happy that the film score music is back!! It just adds to the ambiance to IS. Also, I'm starting to come around on bluegrass/western versions on pop music in Rivertown. Has anyone noticed if Frontiertown at CP has the same music?
  10. @CPFoodBlog what are we looking at price wise? Also pig-pen nachos or burger??
  11. I’d be down for either Gravity Group Timberliners or GCI Millennium Flyers on The Racer. I’m sure this way to cart before the horse to be discussing. But that would be sweet!
  12. @flightoffear1996 not sure!! I hope so!! But I would assume not. I haven’t checked out the cpfoodblog yet to see they have something on it.
  13. Has anyone tired the new Pig-pen burger at Juke’s? That thing looks crazy!
  14. While in line for Diamondback a few weeks ago, I over heard a gentleman tell his lady friend that this used to be the stand-up ride (King Cobra). To his credit they are both snake themed.
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