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  1. going over to KD. if the speculation is true that KD is getting an S&S 4d freespin, then i'd say KI has a fiar shot at a Screamin Swing
  2. area for the crypt show building is 11,278 sq ft. what if they did a small flat ride like a zamperla nebulaz?
  3. what I want to see is the renaming of the KI&MVRR's locomotive just for the season back to their original names blue/kenny van meter/12 back to Tecumseh green/Lew Brown/19 back to Simon Kenton
  4. I know it's 2 years away, but Kings Islands 50th anniversary is right around the corner. A lot of people including me have had ideas for the anniversary but right now it's only rumors. So I created this thread to see what you want to see in the 2022 season.
  5. I know this isn't an Amusement Park but Strasburg Railroad has a 15 in RR with a locomotive built by the Cagney Bros.
  6. Only reason why I say they aren't getting a B&M dive is because Cedar Point is 4 hours away. so you need to look at logically. Yes Canada's Wonderland is only 5 and half hours away but it's in a different Country. look at KD and BGW. They're only an hour apart but they look at each other's additions so that the General Public don't say "Oh look, Kings Dominion Copied The Griffon"
  7. I wanna see them do a terrain coaster. Something along the lines of Taron at Phantasialand but with Mack. It should be seen a little from the midway though.
  8. Also found an image of Hershey's #1903 aka Skooter in full Black. Looks kinda weird imo
  9. If it did return to Virginia at BGW. Only logical country they would do is New France (French Canada) or if they would go full european, make it look italian or french.
  10. But it would be nice if it returned to Virginia. Highly unlikely though
  11. The only logical place is that they sell it to BGT. An unlikely place is BGW and do what they did to the Alpen Express
  12. The only reason why they bought Levi was so they could keep their railroad open. It's starting to sadly look if overhaul on Eli is still continuing, Levi may stay, be used as a backup, or be sold.
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