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  1. photo of CP&LE #44 aka Judy K idling at frontiertown at night on the 7th of August, 2021. I needed a reason to post this because I found out at the start of of March that I will be a fireman on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie railroad. I go for my on-boarding appointment on the 30th of April.
  2. I love seeing the old pictures of the crown locomotives. makes me smile
  3. how bad was it 10/23/21? I was gonna go to Cedar Point but it was horrible. I bet it was just as bad for our neighbors to the south
  4. 19 looks like a beauty. Especially with her being brand new when that photo was taken
  5. that's in the top 3 favorite smells at an amusement park 1. Lift Chain Grease 2. Coal 3. Midway food
  6. For 50th anniversary, there are some things i'd love to see. For one, the trains getting a repaint with possible re-names to simon kenton (19, green) and tecumseh (12, blue) but the rename might not be possible because of 12 (blue's) original name. Name overlays for one year. Woodstock express becoming scooby doo, beastie, or fairly odd coaster, Bat becoming flight deck or top gun. Coney Mall overhaul. New bricks, building repaints, small new restaurant maybe? I'd love to see a KI Museum with maybe old ads, Days of Thunder footage, ride signage, and vehicles like Son of Beast, King Cobra, Firehawk's sign, etc.... . In that overhaul as well, i'd love to see a small ferris wheel added. I'd love to see a 50th anniversary parade with something similar to CP's 150th parade with a show ending at the stage in front of Eiffel Tower. Definitely old walk around characters maybe like hanna barbera, laura croft, etc. A behind the scenes tour of the park with a lift walk on something like Orion or beast, then your able to see how the ride is prepared for the day, and maybe first ride of the day. then you can meet the people that keep the trains going on the KI&MVRR.
  7. here is some opening day footage as well. Let me just say Eli looked like it was flying
  8. was doing a little digging online to try info and history about the alton towers railway. However someone did a full history recap. https://towersstreet.com/features/articles/railway-past-and-present/ https://towersstreet.com/features/articles/the-alton-towers-railway-past-and-present-part-two/
  9. I would like to put my two cents into Orion. Let me first say I am not an Orion fanboy and will not be talking about just the ride experience, I will be talking the entirety of Area 72. My first ride came on July 2nd, 2020 at the First Riders Auction. When I first walked into the area that was Area 72, I was awe struck and amazed at what Kings Island did to revitalize the area. Watching drone footage from out of park had my expectations around average and boy were they blown away. The queue theming (there was some besides the small hangar before the stairs) was awesome. I was on the Third train out on row 1 with Orion being my 150th credit. I'll admit I was a little underwhelemed on first ride as it hadn't warmed up yet. I got 10 rides that day with two in the front and the rest in row 7 or 8. After that first day, Orion became my number 3. I wouldn't return to Orion until either late july or early august where I got 30 rides in one day. Let me repeat that, 30 rides and it kept that bronze spot of my 154 coasters at the time. I then returned in october for one last time and got 4 rides. I then returned for coaster stock and got up to around 54-57 rides (I lost count). A few pros and cons Pros: The drop is phenomenal despite only being 301 feet The airtime it gives is just bonkers I love Orion's belt and how intense that was. The turn after orions belt right before the climb into the final brake run was insane Cons (these are just nit picks): Could it be longer or taller? Yes but it's perfect for the park Overall, Orion is a thumbs up and went up to #2 in my rankings after my 3 days at Kings Island.
  10. People will be able to ride behind Eli starting tomorrow August 6th
  11. lately i've bben trying to do research of the neverland ranch railroad. Apparently, the crown that was used got messed over. Apparently since MJ didn't know the truth of steam locomotives and though they were just the turn of a key and go, the locomotive was given something so it could have a 45 minute steam up time. I also found video of the train
  12. This is personally what I want to see at Kings Island. A mack multi launch similar to copperhead strike and helix t
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