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  1. So if you have gone to Kings Island this year or any from now on, you might notice the KI&MVRR billboard during the ride on Kings Mills Autos. The ride advertises the two beautiful crown locomotives at the other side of the park. But if you notice something, the locomotive on the billboard which is No. 12 aka Kenny Van Meter or Tecumseh, the stack is the original stack it carried from 1972 to when it was taken off. It is really awesome to see Kings Island show it's railroad history. If you notice anything else on the billboard that I don't notice, please let me know. P.S. The billboard photo is mine.
  2. sorry about the four photos that was an accident. I deleted the other three and didn't know they would show.
  3. Does this locomotive appear crown to anyone else? It does to me. Quote me if i'm wrong.
  4. I just hope I get the chance someday to go see it. Also where are the railroad shops located on the W.O.F.R.R.?
  5. Please put it back to KD glory with the balloon Stack and the livery.
  6. Hope I go to that ACE Winter event at KI in December. May not be able to due to high school football
  8. I wonder what whistle they will put on. Either use the one they got from Dry Gulch that came with the engine or something different.
  9. https://www.worldsoffun.com/blog/2019/worlds-of-fun-railroad-update I found a little update on the W.O.F.R.R.
  10. I hope this new international street will be nice as much as the last one. I expect new paint on the buildings possibly? And to which international street is better, I have to say King's Dominion's. The reason why I say this is because it is more vibrant and it has some more vibrant paint. Now if they could make that path way at KD which leads to Planet Snoopy at KI, that would be nice. I got a feeling the giga will come 2020. If not, 2022 for 50 years of KI.
  11. Maybe BGW? Or Cedar Point. Possibly Silver Dollar City. Or something really good, The Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway.
  12. Great. Thank you. Now could you maybe do the Busch Gardens Williamsburg railway? I love stories that involve crown loco's.
  13. I couple of months ago, I asked about the Carowinds railroad. DO you have an update on it?
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