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  1. I hope this new international street will be nice as much as the last one. I expect new paint on the buildings possibly? And to which international street is better, I have to say King's Dominion's. The reason why I say this is because it is more vibrant and it has some more vibrant paint. Now if they could make that path way at KD which leads to Planet Snoopy at KI, that would be nice. I got a feeling the giga will come 2020. If not, 2022 for 50 years of KI.
  2. Maybe BGW? Or Cedar Point. Possibly Silver Dollar City. Or something really good, The Romney, Hythe, and Dymchurch Railway.
  3. Great. Thank you. Now could you maybe do the Busch Gardens Williamsburg railway? I love stories that involve crown loco's.
  4. I couple of months ago, I asked about the Carowinds railroad. DO you have an update on it?
  5. By the way there have been sequel rides at two different parks before MT & TT. Nemesis a B&M invert at Alton Towers and Nemesis Inferno a B&M invert at Thorpe Park. There is (was) even a spinoff called Nemesis- Sub Terra a Drop Tower at Alton Towers.
  6. Like not the miniature railroad carowinds has got in plant snoopy. They used to have a 3 ft gauge line going around the park.
  7. Love this topic. Can I reccomend the carowinds railroad for the next chapter?
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