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  1. looks like this is wher pumpkin eater will be
  2. Backwoods bayou is back on the website
  3. Your right but Saturday they had they had tower gardens closed so I don’t know what’s going on
  4. Sadly Skelton key has been discontinued throughout all of the parks not just Kings Island
  5. I can’t.belive there’s only 30 days until huant
  6. I know they just announced the cars yesterday. But when do you think we will start seeing construction? Not that there will be much to see just curious.
  7. 36 more days until huant. Not like I’m counting or anything.
  8. So sorry you didn’t get your precious Son of Beast Rmc mabey next year
  9. i got the jobThanks for all the advice.
  10. Last time I checked I did .
  11. Do they hire on the spot?
  12. The food and beverage department
  13. I have a job interview at Kings Island Saturday do you have any tips thank you.
  14. Pumpkin eater was a new maze last year at knots scary farm so I wonder how they will make it a scare zone
  15. I wonder why they haven’t is there a reason they can’t
  16. I’m glad coney mall is finally getting a official scare zone
  17. Thanks i wonder why they decided to release huant information so early this year I thought it was not released until after labor day
  18. So chaos is going where board 2 death was ?
  19. Do statics say how likely it is for someone to bring sidewalk chalk to a amusement park.
  20. I wonder if we will get a new maze this year since carnevill won’t be coming back. Has there ever been a alien themed maze
  21. if The Racer got a topper track would it still be a ace landmark
  22. I personally think we should be happy we get coasters I don’t care who manufactures them just be glad we’re not like worlds of fun migchan adventure etc
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