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  1. Vortex is a lovely to look at as it is fun to ride. I've never found it to be painful.
  2. Lmao! That is funny!!!!!!! I need to ride it. Looks like it turns you on
  3. The both of us love DB and honestly the only thing we wanted was a bigger one.. KI has lots of unique rides, but they needed a DB on steroids!
  4. And people are whining over this ride? WTH If I could I would ban them all to a life of only KK
  5. I think the 13 ft trade for repaved parking lot is a great decision
  6. I've been smoking since you could smoke in malls and theaters. I'm grandfathered in. It only bothers me if someone lights up in line and won't let ya bum a square. jkjk
  7. Well it will probably be Oct before I can drop the $ so if someone beats me to it let me know if you paid CAD if not I'll let ya know
  8. We're thinking of Getting the Platinum with the all park fastlane, is it for certain you can buy it from CW and activate at any park and never actually go to CW?
  9. Hmmm are you the real Slim Shady?
  10. Next year is going to be awesome riding Kings Island's GIGA Orion. The design of it looks Awesome!
  11. Brad, our opinion is your opinion sucks. Obviously we're just stating opinions as you are in your blog.
  12. I was taught not to be a tattletale and I doubt someone smoking outside a smoking section would feel shamed. And unless they are blowing it in your face and giving you pre cancer, i'd just ignore and enjoy your day at KI
  13. This guy obviously was reaching hard for a story.
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