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  1. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    Well you can find me in the smoking section drinking my diet Coke.. LOL but I feel pretty good every day
  2. Park Nitpicks

    And that could absolutely be true. Actually sounds like a good reason
  3. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    Gotcha, Cedar Point is close to 6 hours for us, and 80 minutes for KI. So for us to go to Cedar Point it darn near requires a vacation... which we usually take once a year, but getting the Fast Lane season pass, we are considering that our family vacation, because I cant afford both
  4. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    So you'd rather stand in lines? So you don't burn yourself out to quick? I see some people like that... more then a 20 minute line for a ride I've done road a 100 times before seems to long for us.. maybe we're just impatient.. The times I didn't have fastlane I would rush ride to ride trying to get all I can in, with fastlane we can relax more enjoying the days and ride when we feel like it..
  5. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    Best advice I got for them is don't be sick and use sick days
  6. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    No not at all.. Have been more then that in recent years and never got bored. I'm bored waiting to go
  7. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    You're right, locals wouldn't buy it... when I saw this was available last year for this year, to me 500 seemed cheap for unlimited fast passes and I assumed they would sell out so I grabbed them quick, but yeah as a local why need to spend the money..to me though it seems cheap. 40 visits Fast Lane is 12.50$ a visit. Cost of Wendy's for 2
  8. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    the season FLP is 500, so if your going 4 times, that wouldn't be worth it.. I believe Fast Lane is 85 a day on Saturdays and a little cheaper on week days
  9. So, who bought the 499$ passes.

    We got the season FLP. And though haven't really used yet. (Will this coming weekend) if you can swing the 500, I say why not
  10. Park Nitpicks

    Very awesome!!!!!!!!
  11. #KIMiles with WhenGodSaysGo

    Your right, but the 40 I gained was over this past winter and the original weight I lost was 3 years ago... I say to each his own, but going at it hard and seeing fast results for me personally is a big motivator.. this past winter was just kinda like not caring plus being laid off from Construction and sitting around and being bored, so I lived it up.. Or I ate it up I should say And if you have ever watched 600# life, they are over 600 and he puts em on a 1000 calorie a day diet.. In the end what matters is that you lose the weight... if you can change your eating habit just enough to consistently lose 1 pound a week for a long time, that's great, but for me it takes a drastic change or it doesn't work And my whole point of responding on this was, Kings Island for me at least was the biggest motivator of all. It worked the first time and will this time, I need something to look forward to non stop or i get bored out my mind.. So be super healthy when not at the park and then enjoy yourself at the park
  12. #KIMiles with WhenGodSaysGo

    Maybe a little off subject, but 3 years ago My wife and I planned a trip to Kings Island for July in March.. I hadn't been in about 4 years and being 6ft5 worried of not being able to fit oh and also about 315#s . So from March to July I started eating between 1000 and 1300 calories a day, most of that being in form of protein. And switched to diet soda. in them few months I lost 95#'s... Goes quick if you calorie count. Now I am at 260 gaining 40 over winter, but am back on the same deal as of 2 weeks ago, except at Kings Island I will enjoy my 2 meals, but no candy or stuff like that
  13. WCPO: Kings Island rides we wish had never gone away

    I always rode it first!
  14. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    Agreed, I had the Burger Friday, it's just not for me and I love burgers, I had it from Planet Snoopy... so maybe it's different at other locations? And your description of the hamburger is dead on. It definitely isn't normal looking to me, I couldn't eat it, my wife ate hers and said it was edible, but not great
  15. New Hotel Being Built On Former KI Resort Site

    I miss the Kings Island Inn, I loved that place, fair prices, 2 pools that both had 9ft deep ends, I'd take it all day over great wolf lodge