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  1. LuvingKI

    Would a new skyride work?

    I'm for anything and everything that helps me walk less
  2. LuvingKI

    Plus size riders, what can I ride?

    60 pounds is a nice loss. Congrats
  3. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    That's pretty good for the price! I pay 81 with tax and gateway rental through xfinity for a 1000 down and around 45 up. Plus in 2 months will have to pay a extra 50 for unlimted data, so 131 a month.. You're price sounds nice Here is a question for anyone that can answer.. My wife and son have s9's I have a s9 plus. We are through sprint. Now on wifi in our house I get 550 DL they get 300DL. In our small town, my phone works everywhere, they have dead spots all over.. Why would that be? Is the S9 plus better? We don't understand
  4. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    King ding dong, I agree! I've spent all week reading xfinity gig reports, now is the getting educated part lmao After all.my reading this week, I knew it would be a process to get it right after tech left
  5. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    I got xfinity installed this morning I've been getting on all wifI devices between 350 and 400 mbps DL and 45mbps UL and on hard wired anywhere between 650 to 850 DL and 45 UL. The 45 UL seems to stay pretty steady on wifi and hardwired. Just wondering if I should contact and ask why I'm not getting at least 900 DL on hardwired
  6. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    You are probably correct it being overkill, but it's only 10$ more to go from 400 to 1000, and can always drop it down. The UL is only 40.. I wish ATT had the fiber in my area, because from my research if you can get the ATT 1000DL you also get 1000UL My kids have Gamepass on xbox and you can choose from 100's of games to DL and at around 50gigs a piece may come in handy Xfiinity has a terabyte cap, for 50 more a month you can get unlimited data.. First 2 months are free to see where you stand. They say only 1 % of households use more. My att usage they show is almost 3 terabytes a month :/ I may have to pay the extra 50 for xfinity. I get unlimted with uverse, because I have direct tv Agree on the cordcutter post
  7. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    Jeez, maybe I shouldn't be a crybaby about 45 down 12 up... I pay 110$ a month for direct tv with 45 mbps uverse, and for 81 can get 1000mbps DL 40up through xfinity and only live tv I want is A&E.. . but I have at sometimes 7 people in my home... I have 3 xbox ones and a xbox one x going at the same time, plus up to 7 cellphones.. and at 45 it can bog down quick I have a nintendo classic modded with over 900 games.. know how much that is worth sixohdieselrage? I never play it
  8. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    We have Netflix, and I just need A&E, though I run all my media through Xbox one and I know there is no Philo App, but did read there is another app to stream Philo through?? And Philo is ($ cheaper then Sling... And My internet and router are fine, but 45 is max I can get through ATT and Have 10 devices streaming at once all the time
  9. LuvingKI

    iPhone or Android

    Speaking of tech, I have direct tv, with uverse 45mpbs and it's not near enough to keep up with my household, so I have 1000mbps internet being installed Friday and I need a streaming service. A&E is all I really care about for LIVE PD Sling work or Philo?
  10. LuvingKI

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    I have season Fast Lane and have never had anyone comment anything to my wife or I... used over 40 times... Only time anyone commented was to my 5 y/o girl who also has it and was riding the helicopter ride and it was a older lady trying to give my kid chit saying she was in the wrong line and my wife put her in check quickly
  11. LuvingKI

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    So what you're really saying is you're a man that can keep a secret and only you and your family know what's coming next.
  12. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    No I'm not at KI tongiht, but have been the past 3 weekends..
  13. LuvingKI

    Most anticipated 2019 coasters

    Agreed! My wife and I can either go to Canada's Wonderland or Carowind's next year, and I think Copperhead Strike might be the deciding factor Both being about the same distance from us
  14. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    Is Haunt always this packed? I haven't been to haunt in a couple years, but don't remember it being nearly as packed as everytime I've went this year.. It's so packed, it's hard to enjoy for me, though good for KI. We now just go during the day on Sunday's.