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  1. LuvingKI

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    This is true, I find Long john silvers has awesome coleslaw and KFC has gross. And only like Mustard potato salad
  2. LuvingKI

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Hmmm I've been to KI close to 40 times this year and rode BLSC every time, never seen it broke down once. Maybe I've just been lucky.. I really like that ride
  3. LuvingKI

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I love a lot of KI food. Jukebox has awesome burgers. I've now had burgers at reds 5 times and every time loved them, and the salads at reds are pretty awesome. If you don't mind the line at Panda, that's always a winner for me. Of course Chic fil a is always good. Some awesome chicken tenders through out the park. Pizza is ok, some good salads at Larosas. Yet to try hanks just based off this forum. Chicken Wrap at chicken shack is really good. Tom chee is good. Skyline is good. I love the food plan and think it's a awesome value for a whole season, I think just renewed it for 95$ for next year. I'm not saying everything is bad at Coney BBQ, but I've never sit down and enjoyed a whole meal and have tried it maybe 6 times. Just bring in Bobby Flay to make it better is all
  4. LuvingKI

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    You have said good things, sorry you caught crap.. LMAO I am sticking with my opinion it is terrible and doesn't in anyway compare to a real bbq joint!
  5. LuvingKI

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    lmao Well since it is what it is, For my wife and I, we both find Coney BBQ pretty umm NOT GOOD. I've tried a lot of the foods, and even down to the baked beans was to me NASTY. We don't and won't probably eat Coney BBQ again, at least till I see on here it's FAR better. I saw a family of 5 last time I was at Coney BBQ spend a 100$ and I went outside with ribs and bakes beans, took 2 bites and tossed my plate and thought, thank god I have a meal plan and didn't just spend 100$ on that! Again just our opinion of Coney BBQ, we don't like it...
  6. LuvingKI

    Early Haunt 2018 Reviews

    I don't think so. It didn't seem like they starting letting people in at 7. I stood in the line from before 7 to 730 as well last night. Longest I've ever waited to enter the park
  7. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    Lol yeah oh wait holy moly I don't know if I've ever seen KI that packed. At least not the walk ways anyway
  8. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    Went to Kings Island last night, had bought 2 fright lanes, had to leave due to family emergency. Didn't get to use a single punch out, does anyone know if they are good for another day if not used? Talked to CS they are letting us exchange for today's Fright lanes
  9. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    I'm expecting Kings Island to have real monsters and ghosts/spirits/demons whatever you call them in the haunted houses and to have supernatural experiences for the first time
  10. If you have the Season fastlane and are renewing your pass for 2019 you can give your free Sunday fastlane for renewing to a friend
  11. LuvingKI

    Haunt Expectations

    Sorry this has probably already been asked.. Is Planet Snoopy open during haunt? I have never been with a little one during Haunt so have never payed attention
  12. LuvingKI

    Annual Pride Event

    I see that on the cams. Looks like the day to go
  13. LuvingKI

    2019 Season Passes

    My wife and I renewing our gold passes and the fact we already have season FL I wonder if we could give the FL that comes with renewing to a friend?
  14. They was one of my favorite rides as a kid, I'm glad my little girl will get to experience it. Will probably be her favorite ride. The coaster will come. Probably 2020
  15. LuvingKI

    2019 Season Passes

    They have all season locker for 2019