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  1. Your aerial photos are worth a BigMac, I'll try to buy you one this season.
  2. I agree! That's been my go to at KI since I was 6 and usually the first thing I hit at KI It's happiness in a slice
  3. I've only ever been able to ride odd seats on FOF And even in the odd Seats, Yes I hate that feeling on my feet!!!!! but I can't even fit in even numbered seats FOF is the most Uncomfortable ride I ride or have ever rode, but I still ride it My forever ride complaint will be Drop Tower making belts shorter. I went one year and it has belt extensions going both ways, the next year only one way, since then it has been to uncomfortable for me to ride, and that took place some years ago. never understood why. I've let Droptower go. I don't even look at it
  4. Kings Island is Awesome, roll with the Updates, I will. In the last 30+ years I've never felt let down The older I get the more I go
  5. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    I'd be happy with a WindSeeker that spent faster and flipped you upside down!
  6. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    They may just go all out and get a Giga and a new Flat ride.. all I know is I'll have my FLP season pass ready to burn it up!
  7. Yes, I'd take it burnt black over flimsy and chewy
  8. I can't say that I have.... I've probably rode the best 200+ since a kid, and the older I get the further to the front of the train I stay I will try to take 17 this coming weekend!
  9. I love bacon as well, but that's a problem with a lot of places having under cooked bacon which ruins it. Hopefully as time goes, that will let people switch around some of the things you requested that are on a dining plan I may ask when I try the BBLT if they will make it with crispy bacon... That's the only way I like bacon
  10. Does anyone know what it cost to upgrade to premium parking with a season pass?
  11. I was able to ride Wicked twister at 6'5 245-250# and everything at KI still, but droptower.. I think it just depends where the extra is carried And pretty sure I rode everything at Cedar Point with no issues MT I find to be super roomy.
  12. Why didn't you receive fries with the coneys? I thought fries came with the coneys and not the ways?
  13. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    I like it! And the color
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