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  1. Maybe you're right.. I'm just skeezed all around in public bathrooms.. I'm the one who turns sink on and off with wrist and opens the bathroom door with shirt. Though I've for sure seen some funky stalls at KI and every other public place stalls
  2. Those bathrooms aren't staying clean no matter what, unless you have two cleaners cleaning non stop Even my house would require a 24 hour bathroom maid to stay clean
  3. I didn't mean to say Hanks, just Chicken Shack My bad
  4. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    I watched a Guy pick up a Chicken in the kids animal zoo and it got a little rowdy for him and he dropped it... though it said don't pick up the animals.. now what
  5. So hanks got rid of the wraps? Bummer
  6. That does suck! I would be in going nuttz mode on ANYONE that spit and hit me. And probably being banned. Did you say something to the Spitter? Don't be scared of ANYONE, 2 times it worth throwing down even it means taking a ass whooping.... That's insane.
  7. I guessed I missed it, but does Hanks not have Chicken Wraps anymore? Meant to say Chicken Shack :/
  8. Any predictions on crowds today?
  9. Wow I figured it was slammed today... May have to get ready and head that way
  10. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    A taller DB? Yeah I'll be renewing my SP FL I love DB so a bigger version. ummmm
  11. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    I'm with ya, KI 85 minutes, CP over 5 hours
  12. I've been to Cedar Point on weekdays with fastlanes, and the fastlane lines on the big rides was over 30 minutes all the days I went.
  13. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    TTD , just because I really love it I'm happy to be getting this coaster though
  14. LuvingKI

    Decoding 2020

    Probably yellow jackets like there always is at top of DB
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