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  1. LuvingKI

    Carowinds visit June 30 - July 1, 2018

    Sounds awesome, going next year. And the having to have a hand stamp is strange
  2. LuvingKI

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    It depends I think.. I ride all the rides regularly, but twice this year, Banshee has made me nauseous. Only ride to do it.. and only did it twice... And on another note, I miss the smooth Banshee
  3. That's insane! We showed up around 7pm Saturday, and went to get our fastlane and a guy in front of us was getting his season fastlane and looked just like you... he was solo.. dont know if it was you are not?
  4. LuvingKI

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    We saw it, as I said the couple never once used profanity or got loud. This may be the first time they've been. The fact that the employee couldn't toss the cup for them and unlocked the ride and made them get off is bs. Again they was willing to throw away the cup, they was very nice and willing to lose the $ they spent on the cup. Employees was total jerks on that one. No excuse I work construction and deal with customers regularly. I work when its 95 degrees outside, sometimes hurt and sometimes get hurt, but no matter what, when a customer has a request or a complaint, I smile and treat them as a customer
  5. LuvingKI

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    No, I figured that was for them to do. Plus it was late and a long ride home. We stayed till midnight On a better note, we rode Vortex about 945, and then ran over to WindSeeker and timed it just right and they timed us so that we was going up as the fireworks started.
  6. LuvingKI

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    I agree, as it was later in the day, it was just shocking, my wife and I couldn't believe it. Maybe it was so shocking, because you just don't see that at KI
  7. LuvingKI

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    Rode mystic last night around 10:30. The line looked really long, don't know how long the actual wait was. As I was getting on a couple in the seat behind me had a souvenir cup and asked to sit it down. They was told no and to please go to the exit. The couple said they had waited a long time and wasn't told they couldn't bring it while entering. The two Mystic employees was very rude and the way they leaned over both sides of the couple looked like they was trying to be intimidating. So the Male half asked could it just be thrown away, since he had waited so long and in a rude tone the employee said yes. The Male half asked if they would throw it away and they said no and unlocked the bars and made him go do it. I've dropped 3k on passes this year and if that was a regular attitude of employees, I'd never go back. It was so nasty I almost jumped in it and figured just ban me. The couple never once got loud or nasty back. I know that they dont represent all employees, as that's the first time I've seen that behavior and most are very nice when getting on rides.
  8. LuvingKI

    Beast Brakes

    I'd love to ride The Beast with some diamond back seats
  9. LuvingKI

    Coaster Requirements

    You should be ok at KI I'm currently 6'5 250 and can ride every single ride at KI, but choose to skip drop zone, because it hurts my shoulders
  10. LuvingKI

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    I have to agree, onions and peppers look raw.. I slow cooked sausages today on the grill and put sauteed onions on them.. to be honest I've became almost burnt out on all the KI food unfortunately... but not the rides!! I still say throw a taco bell and McDonalds in KI
  11. LuvingKI

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    My son has asperger's and is the same way, he doesn't understand people aren't thinking the way he is and by looking at him, you wouldn't know he has it
  12. LuvingKI

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    I've never had that happen to me, every other visit I have at least 2 encounters where I'm told I don't even have a drink plan and have to argue
  13. LuvingKI

    4th of July

    Today is a nice day here
  14. LuvingKI

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Invertigo is brutal
  15. LuvingKI

    4th of July

    Gotcha, I guess any day will always be a gamble