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  1. I've been here for last 9 days and it's constantly been broke down and today was the first time we actually got to ride it
  2. Fair enough, I like DB2. Give me DB3
  3. I havent seen any single ride fastlanes being offered at CP so far, unless I've missed them.
  4. I know opinions differ, it seems to be far more prefer MF, but MF layout to me is no better then Orions
  5. I seriously can't see why people would like MF more then Orion? Yeah it's a little bit longer, but alot is just low to the ground with no elements. A little taller? I can't tell... And the seats and lap bar aren't in the same league as Orion
  6. I'm here at Cedar Point and I'd honestly rather have DB or Orion over MF. So I'm with you on that, the seats on both of them you could take a nap in their so comfy.
  7. If they was to do it, it shouldn't be till next year.. Not fair to the people who paid 1k a piece for all season, not knowing the lines are going to get longer, and for the regular pass holders also not knowing P.s I just got to Cedar Point today to start a 9 day vacation here, and my front tooth completely shattered eating outback steakhouse
  8. Does anybody know what the orange sauce was called that they was putting on the beef at Grain and Grill? The first few times I had it, they recommended it and I loved it. This last time they didn't have it and didn't know what I was talking about
  9. So you paid the difference, but are still paying the payments for the original gold pass?
  10. I've got Platinum passes on the payment plan, and was told to upgrade to prestige they have to be paid off
  11. Yeah, that's definitely not right
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