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  1. Yeah, Saturday I noticed the drink fountains in front of the tower covered in bees.
  2. Agree, rode it several times today with line starting at stairs. Short, but intense ride. I find DB has far more airtime, Orion is more force. They compliment each other
  3. Yeah I meant Hurricane Bay. I just was asking, I didn't know if it would still be open. I haven't been to any water parks this summer.
  4. I have plans to go to Splashing Safari Saturday, I just saw Kentucky made a mandatory state wide mask law.. Anyone know how that will effect the water park ?
  5. they're selling in park? NM I see them on the website. 85$ everyday through the week. Seems high for 8 hour days, but I guess better then nothing
  6. You can add Fast Lane to your Season Pass they just posted on Website
  7. I think it sucks that I can't add Fast Lane to Season pass, but if you already had it, you're good to go. If I would of known others would of had Fastlane. I wouldn't of bought season passes a few days ago Not to mention, I didn't realize Soak City isn't opening either. I looked at the Cabanas and it said on sale soon, now realizing that was just old
  8. I wish I knew for sure one way or the other Soak City will be open. My daughter only wants to go to Soak City, I'm holding off on her season pass.. To be honest, if it isn't going to be, I don't really want mine this season, but since they are good for next season that will be ok. I emailed KI and they emailed back today, saying We are continuing to evaluate Soak City and will keep everyone updated as we have more information
  9. My wife says I'm D head alot. I don't see it... but every time I get on this site, I seem to have conflict.. Maybe she's right, because I don't get on planning it. I love KI
  10. I understand. I do. I just was told I have the start of lung disease by my doctor last week no joke. I was told it's in my best interest to stop smoking asap. And I feel healthy, I can hang with anyone in 95 degree weather doing construction all day. But, as my Father has said, it's my choice to stop or not. I don't want anyone to feel for me as a smoker. And if you see a previous post, I'm ok with smoking being banned in the park, that way I don't have to walk by and see others smoking and want to join. People as smokers aren't weak minded, maybe just risk takers? Sometimes you don't feel what's hurting your insides as I'm sure you know based off what you just said you've seen happen. Some smokers see the world as dangerous regardless and know you can die from about anything at anytime and enjoy it enough to risk a shorter life. And i'm sure lots are weak minded. Lots of people are probably weak minded in general when it comes to certain habits.
  11. Having a spot for smokers isn't going to hurt you. At this point it doesn't really matter as it seems KI has made up it's mind. Just don't judge me based off smoking. That's all I'm not blowing it in anyone's face.
  12. My whole point is people love to judge others. You could see how quickly the non smokers was on it. People that judge is normal, protest all over the world started from people judging. Before and after I eat my funnel cake I will take the walk of shame out the exit to enjoy my delicious smoke You don't really need to feel for people that are in the cycle.. Just mind your own. Smoking is a choice, I and anyone else choose joy over risk if we choose to smoke
  13. Right, but not choosing to eat cake and or let's say funnel cakes is 100% preventable as well leading to obesity which leads to more deaths then smoking. You could of taken my little post with a grain of salt, but yet felt the need to kinda insult. To each his own Though if that was the most ridiculous post on KIC I hope I get something special for it Point was smokers should be allowed to smoke if they choose, as people can eat all the funnel cakes they choose while visiting. The diabetic that walks by and wished he could have a piece, but knows it will hurt him has to deal with it. Non smokers can walk by and mind themselves
  14. So anyone that does things that are bad for them is weak minded. This guy must be perfect. I'm thankful to meet Mr Perfect, stay far from my wife though, she'd be all over you. I'm sure you'd just push her down though, tell her she's weak minded and that you only stay close to perfect people. Have a feeling you're racist as well. I have no proof, but I want to be like Mr perfect and form my own opinions and judge people
  15. Smoking is a addiction and also a joy to many. People know the risk and some choose to continue. Weak minded? Thanks for your judging of a group of people. I don't know anything about you, besides you are good at forming opinions and judging others.
  16. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the Ahole who will break rules and sneak and smoke where prohibited, I have no problem following the rules. I was just pointing out, who is he or she to say people shouldn't be allowed to smoke in the park. I think the option should be to smokers a offer of a season pass refund if the customer chooses though. My wife and I are good with the policy as we are trying to quit, but I think it's singling out people and as the above post says, a few spots off the beaten path would be a little better then having to exit the park
  17. Well I hope no one catches covid from me walking from our cars as I smoke or while i'm at the front gate entrance and it blows 100 feet with the wind.. Get real Or stay protected with a proper face mask if you're that worried... Going to a theme park full of people, yet some smokers are scary..
  18. If no one needs to smoke in the park, then no one needs to eat anything in the park that causes diabetes or obesity
  19. I know, so do I wait to go one of the last days? And if I do, they open up for people to go twice.. Hard decision
  20. Will Soak City be opening the July 2 as well?
  21. As I smoke a cigarette typing this and just being told my Doctor that I have the start of lung disease and to immediately do what I got to stop. Maybe it's a good thing for me not seeing others smoke at KI and maybe it will help others.. Who knows.
  22. Vortex is a lovely to look at as it is fun to ride. I've never found it to be painful.
  23. Lmao! That is funny!!!!!!! I need to ride it. Looks like it turns you on
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