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  1. I would hire someone that actually knows how food service should work, and have them provide training for employees.
  2. They need physical access to the cameras. It’s not as simple as upgrading an app on your phone.
  3. I’ve thought about this a lot.... I think either the SSID or the password to whatever network these cams connect to has changed. When they changed these is was because of a security issues(or maybe they got new wireless access points, etc). In order to update said password you need to have physical access to the webcam. They do not have physical access to the webcams because of where they are mounted. I came up with this theory because I recently updated my home network. In order to change the password on most of my IOT devices I had to physically hit a button on them. Luckily none of my stuff was located on the top of a tower or the side of a roller coaster.
  4. I can not imagine how much of a cluster everything is right now. We left at 4 and there was no handicapped parking. Everything was an hour or more wait already. Drove back by after dinner, there was no visible parking to be found. From the water park to the great wolf lodge. No visible gaps. And the line to get in was around a half mile in each direction.
  5. I drive by KI on the way home from work every day. It was really depressing to see the parking lot empty last night. The end of summer brings on a lot of things I love (cooler weather, football, etc) but it still makes me sad.
  6. The peanuts 500 and the carousel were my sons favorite rides when he was that age. Also see Sally’s Sea Plane.
  7. Based on what I’ve smelled while in a queue, a lot of people think you can’t even wear it into the park.
  8. Did you end up finding something better on Sunday?
  9. I eat at the Coney BBQ almost every time. Some meat and a side collard greens. It’s not too filling. It’s not greasy. Its not covered in cheese. It’s very low carb. The island smoke house has similar offerings i also like the antipasto entre salad from Larossas . You can get a taco salad at Hanks. Side note- I hate the word healthy because it means something different to everyone. I’m tired of being fat, so I stopped eating carbs, but some people would be appalled by the amount of fat I eat. Healthy to me is pork rinds and beef jerky, lol.
  10. I also drove by it every day. You get used to it after you see the traffic going to the highway every morning on the other routes.
  11. The half chicken is still huge. I split one of those yesterday with my two kids and still had some left. Also, the collard greens are my favorite thing in the park.
  12. Don’t most of the pictures have 2-6 other random people no matter whom say next to you?
  13. They need to paint it red and call it “The Big Red Machine”
  14. “It’s kinda a giga Charlie Brown”
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