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  1. Did you end up finding something better on Sunday?
  2. I eat at the Coney BBQ almost every time. Some meat and a side collard greens. It’s not too filling. It’s not greasy. Its not covered in cheese. It’s very low carb. The island smoke house has similar offerings i also like the antipasto entre salad from Larossas . You can get a taco salad at Hanks. Side note- I hate the word healthy because it means something different to everyone. I’m tired of being fat, so I stopped eating carbs, but some people would be appalled by the amount of fat I eat. Healthy to me is pork rinds and beef jerky, lol.
  3. I also drove by it every day. You get used to it after you see the traffic going to the highway every morning on the other routes.
  4. The half chicken is still huge. I split one of those yesterday with my two kids and still had some left. Also, the collard greens are my favorite thing in the park.
  5. Don’t most of the pictures have 2-6 other random people no matter whom say next to you?
  6. They need to paint it red and call it “The Big Red Machine”
  7. “It’s kinda a giga Charlie Brown”
  8. I have a two year old son that really wants to ride the antique cars (he believes they are golf carts). He does not have the patience to wait in a long line. It seems to have a long line every time we have walked by it. If we do ERT for them is it usually a walk on?
  9. That would require them to get more than one cashier. This seems to be the hold up 90% of the time.
  10. I was disappointed last year when they announced the antique cars. I still think they are pretty lame. I am very excited for this! I don’t care if it’s not a record breaker. It’s still huge and will undoubtedly be bad ass. I haven’t been this excited for a coaster since they opened Son of Beast.
  11. I tried the brew house with my family today. The only complaint I have is that there was only one cashier. It took a half hour to order. But our food was up in 15 minutes. I had the wedge salad and smoked chicken wings. The wings were good. The salad was excellent, but way too big. It came with an entire head of ice berg. My wife enjoyed the burger. My kids enjoyed the tenders.
  12. I shouldn’t be a negative Nancy. I hope it’s a cool coaster.
  13. I heard they were going to make it a pink coaster and name it “Daughter of Beast”.
  14. All these pictures really make me miss Days of Thunder.
  15. I ate at the Coney Island BBQ for the first time this year last night. I had the ribs with a side collard greens. Both were really good. They really have their rib recipe down. When checking out I saw they had two really good looking entre salads in the cooler. Both were $10. The cashier told me they were not part of the dining plan. I may have to pony up the $ for one next time. I’m always on the look out for a healthy option.
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