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  1. I forgot to add I welcome the craft beer. It’s a favorite hobby of mine and something that seemed to be severely lacking at KI.
  2. Last year I ate most of the food in the park. I found the Coney Island BBQ to be ok as was the LaRosa’s. I found almost every other piece of food I ate to range between meh and terrible. I hope this goes more the way of the BBQ and less like the Panda Express.
  3. I can only comment on the pizza. I got an entire pizza for $8. Normal sized slices as far as I can tell.
  4. 1. The Beast 2. Diamondback 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Flight of Fear 5. The Vortex 6. Banshee 7. Adventure Express 8. Top Gun 9. The Racers 10. I guess it’s Firehawk.
  5. I was at Soak City with my children today. I’ve never seen so many people. We had to wait a good 8 minutes just to get on the Aruba Tuba. And I think the food line was 45 minutes. People love some $8 whole pizzas.
  6. FYI, I didn't mean to sound entitled or crap on anyone's parade. It's great that you all are excited for this. I shouldn't be trolling the thread because I don't get it. Truth be told I've ridden two roller coasters this year in total because I spend the time there with my kids. I just wanted something that would put KI on the map. A point of pride to rally behind. I will not comment any more in this thread, as I seem to have upset some people. Sorry about that. Have a good day everyone.
  7. Perhaps if they allow me to drink and drive them. I never thought of that. Now this could be fun!
  8. Obviously. I'm guessing it's because Cedar Fair blesses them with rides people will actually pay to ride.
  9. So I can’t criticize something I find lame? That’s great you are excited. I guess. Sorry for not sharing enthusiasm for lame.
  10. I have a two year old, and a 3 month old. I should be excited because this is something I can do with my kids (in the near future). But man just more meh. Something special would be nice.
  11. Firehawk is a crappy coaster that was given away when they scrapped Geaga Lake. Mystic Timbers and Banshee are pretty meh. The Beast is the only amazing coaster at Kings Island. Cedar Point has 4 amazing coasters. It would be sweet to get a new one. That’s all I’m saying.
  12. Cedar Point gets Steel Vengance. Kings Island gets some dilapidated cars that go in a circle at 5mph. We truly are blessed.
  13. I’m hoping for a return of Days of Thunder. Such a cheesy ride. Such a cheesy movie. Christ I loved it.
  14. On Wednesday I had a burger at the reds hall of fame grill. It was absolutely terrible. The burger was burnt well done. Seriously how in the heck can your patty be worse than McDonalds? It’s not hard to cook a burger. I did enjoy the fries.
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