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  1. I think there were almost that many people at the water park yesterday.
  2. The island smoke house has a cucumber tomato and mint salad today that was very simple and very excellent. That and some pulled pork made for an awesome dinner.
  3. I want to see more food that is cheap and fast. Like hotdog carts at the entrance to longer queues. Nothing fancy. Just foil wrapped hot dogs with condiments. Grab a few of those before waiting in line. Maybe get people out of the other food lines.
  4. We’re you also upset the first time you learned that the paw patrol dogs do not act like real dogs?
  5. Last night was my first experience with the Grand Carnival. My kids go to bed around 8 so we are usually long gone by the time the parade starts. However last night we stayed out late. The parade was amazing. Not in my wildest dreams did I think a ten minute parade could be that much fun. The dancing the floats. The stilt walkers. All good stuff. I even got some needs and didn’t have to flash anybody. Seriously make time for the parade. Does anyone know how they staff the parade? There were a bunch of people involved. Do they have other park jobs and just get dressed up for the parade? Finding that many people to do a couple of hours of work a night would seem like a difficult take to me.
  6. Ive been to such a place. You swipe your card for x number of dollars. You in return get paper printed fake currency from the club. The performers trade them at the end for $
  7. How exactly have you made it to this niche corner of the internet and not figured out how to google something?
  8. Dang. I gotta eat at the brew house more often. Sounds like a party
  9. I thought of the third. “Chillin in a dirt road listening to George jones.” or whatever. I swear it’s just those three. Today at the park I was at the Coney BBQ. And was super psyched about the 80s rock they were playing. Until I realized it was also a three or four song loop. I think I heard Journey sing don’t stop believing 3 times while eating.
  10. I believe Soak City has a three song country rotation. It makes me want to put an ice pick in my ear hole. “a little bit of chicken fried. Cold beer on a Friday night. “ “life is a highway I want to ride it all night long. “ I don’t remember the third now. But you get my idea. More music of any type would be welcomed.
  11. I really liked the reservations for one reason. My kids didn’t have to wait in line at the pirate ship. I can see their frustration grow with each minute they stand there. The three times we went this year there was never more than a minute line.
  12. I saw a pic of the pork on Instagram. It looked delicious. Id like to see two things from the food people. More elevated food offerings. And some dirt cheap options. I’d love to see hot dog carts. Just people serving cheap foil wrapped hotdogs that people could grab then hop in line and keep riding. I think you could feed a family for cheaper and greatly reduce the crowds at restaurants for little cost.
  13. This is scuttlebutt from Facebook. So take it with a grin of salt. A fight broke out at the pickup lot. Lots of police showed up. Teens scattered. They had to shut down KI drive because of the scattering.
  14. We checked out Soak City today. I enjoy it with reservations. Less people. More slides. I was expecting the water to be frigid. But it wasn’t too bad. Kind of refreshing on a hot day after the initial shock.
  15. My wife got me some sort of beef from the island smoke house while I was getting the kids pizza. Stay away. Stay far away. It was flavorless. Under seasoned over cooked. none of the drink stands in Soak City were open. Pretty lame.
  16. If anyone was curious about yesterday. I waited 5 minutes for Coney BBQ. app said 30 minutes for The Beast. I was on on 27. app said 30 minutes for Mystic Timbers. It was closer to 40. I got lunch road the two coasters and walked around some. Was in and out in two hours.
  17. I had the chicken at the Coney Island BBQ for lunch today. It was awesome. Seasoned well juicy. 0 complaints.
  18. What’s the crowd looking like so far? I’m off work in 15 minutes. Thinking of heading over for lunch and a few coasters while the kids are still at school.
  19. They make great ribs at the coney bbq. I really like the water park and most thrill rides. My kids like planner snoopy. I like the fire works. I think Orion is really cool. Tons of great things. my main issues come down to staffing and bad procedures.
  20. They don’t believe it. It’s why the started offering $15 an hour four days ago. They knew this **** was going to happen and didn’t try to head it off until it reached a boiling point. The easies way to be safe is to not get in a fight. If your family can’t do that then this is t on Kings Island. For those of you that think chaperones are going to make things better you know darn good and well they will mess it up. This is the place that sometimes takes 5 plus minutes to put some chili and cheese on a hot dog. There is no way they could make this work.
  21. He is either a liar, or they have bad processes and training. Because it is unacceptable. It shouldn’t take that long to hand someone a cup to fill a fountain drink.
  22. I agree. Maybe if Kings Island could put some policies in place that move people through queues instead of keeping them standing around in harms way it would be better. Apparently only those that pay for Fast Lane are immune to seeing violence. Sorry I’m done trolling this thread. It’s just really weird to me that Kings Island has been terrible this year in almost every aspect, but people are only upset about some random idiots fighting.
  23. Maybe they should announce a new coaster! Possibly a dive where Vortex was?
  24. Not if the chaperone was stuck in a drink line or waiting an hour for a $14 slice of pizza.
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