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  1. Adventure Express Map Discovery.......
  2. Judging by this, we should have Adventure Port open on June 19th: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/new-in-2023/adventure-of-a-lifetime
  3. Fla weather is a little different than Ohio in February (...and March...and April). You will need it to be above 50 degrees IIRC to paint steel if you want it to last
  4. The 24 seat model has a capacity of 360 people/hour, considering 4 minutes per cycle = 15 cycles per hour x 24. (Compare to Invertigo @ 850 riders per hour)
  5. There is a crane currently on the RR tracks.... wonder if its just trimming trees?
  6. The roof on the Coke stand is now orange
  7. Seems like there is a 3rd ride or something back there: S
  8. Good weather + Columbus Day weekend + some company was there too
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