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  1. Due to the Little Miami Scenic River, there may be a buffer that they cannot build upon. Beast may be grandfathered into this as the LMSR was created after 1979, I think
  2. That's just one of the parcels that Kings Island owns (the largest and probably the original Taft parcel) The blue outlines are the continuous extent of the Kings Island lands:
  3. The coordinates (metes and bounds) within the Notice are a only a description of the perimeters of the parcels (land) that is owned by the park.
  4. ---I see that NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT document I scooped is all over the place now :-) https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/kings-island-teases-new-coaster-may-be-coming
  5. Correct - the NOC would only be for contractors the Owners would directly contract or subcontract with to provide real improvements to the property, that would be subject to mechanic's liens. Suppliers would not be included. Ohio Revised Code Section 1311.04 (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/1311.04)
  6. On the First page of the 2018-022702 NOTICE, note the highlighted Looks like multi-year phased upgrades are in the works. Tomorrow we may only hear about what is immediate; however, for everything to work together they are planning ahead
  7. Ignore Clarifications on 8/9/18 and 8/15/18 -- Mechanic's Liens
  8. Click this link (warren County Recorder) https://oh3laredo.fidlar.com/OHWarren/AvaWeb/#!/search?Parcel=1617200014 And click on Document number 2018-022702 (entitled "NOTICE" <of improvements>); Click on the highlighted part to open the PDF preview --- and take a look at the parties listed and time frame listed. I'll sit back and watch (last time they made recorded such a notice was 8/16/16 - 2016-023952 for Mystic Timbers)
  9. Really, what sold the gold pass for me is the Free Parking (and unlimited visits thru year end) , allows a quick run to the park and more rides thru the Fall. (We maybe used the ERT's once or twice). I think they could sell downgraded passes of just Unlimited Visits and/or free parking added with no other perks (silver?)
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