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  1. A night ride on Orion cannot be beat.....esp. front seat.
  2. I am imagining it crossing under The Beast low to the ground, similar to the ex isting service road portal (if you are on The Beast you may not know or see it): BTW: Image is from Warren County GIS: https://maps.co.warren.oh.us/wcgis/webmap/index.html?config=auditor.json
  3. An An RMC or Launched Maverick-Style Coaster that interacts "slightly" with The Beast (thru the portal, er lift hill). There is terrain to use to its advantage to stay low after passing thru The Beast. Station in Beast Canyon or across from BLSC.
  4. The park has done their due diligence for the Public. The ride is shut down indefinitely and the incident is under investigation (and will take time). Due to HIPPA and whatever the family's wishes are, they cannot comment on the victim's identify nor condition.
  5. I tried to Google this, anyone know what time the parking tolls/gates open at Cedar Point? 10 am opening for mere mortals, but can you get into the parking lot and main gate to the main midway earlier than that? (follow-up --- assume the way to go is to walk to the back to get to Steel Vengeance, Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick to ride those, if they are open)
  6. How have Cedar Point crowds been on Mondays this year? Looking for a quick trip this Monday 8/2/21... TIA
  7. It's a little deceiving, since the drone footage is from leaf-off conditions. Looks like the majority of clearing took place on the south portions of the lot and the wooded area towards the back was partially kept. The growth on the south site was probably all noxius, honeysuckle, cedars and briars (similar to any highway right of way).
  8. Wiping down surfaces, etc, is now just a "show" based on what and how we know the corona virus transmits.
  9. Nothing can be gleaned from the survey markings as to what is being designed. It could be anything from new drainage to the aforementioned access road, it could even be an effort to set out a new boundary division to split the land out that contains the parking lots....who knows....
  10. The lathes with the pink flagging and paint on the pavement are survey control markers (traverse points, or turning points) to run control to, or occupy with GPS equipment to get an accurate location. In grass, they would be iron pins if somewhat permanent for a long-term use. If short-term, big carpenter nails. In the pavement they use what are called PK Nails or survey spikes (magnetic so they can be recovered if covered in grime or tar) The white paint marks potential excavation to marked by OUPS (utility one-call), or, areas that the utility markings are needed. A call into the service usually is referenced by street name and/or cross road --- in some areas this is tough - so the service requires white paint marks to show areas where markings are needed. The green line - painted by the County sewer department as a result of the OUPS call - shows the location of an existing sanitary sewer that will be located by the surveyor. All these markings tell me there is an active property or topographic survey is going on.
  11. The director of the CDC has said that if everyone in the U.S. wore a mask, the epidemic could be brought under control in about 4 to 6 weeks. ---In other words R naught below 1
  12. Are Orion Ride Tickets a permanent thing (e.g. tomorrow the 7th)? --- or just for the weekends/holiday
  13. Rest easy ---- the good news is that we know how to quell potential swine and avian flu virus outbreaks for some time now. Its easier to remap existing flu vaccines to the new strains than developing a new vaccine for a coronavirus. (This lede would have been buried if not for the current Pandemic)
  14. Will park capacity be updated in real-time? If lots of folks leave during the late afternoon after being there all day (e.g g thundershower clears 1/3 of the people there), I wonder if one could log on and secure a reservation for later that evening?
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