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  1. Look at all trees back then that have been removed.
  2. What the ride needs is an extended final lift hill, followed by a Carowinds Goldrusher type final helix/tunnel finale or a Silver Dollar City Thunderation swooping five finale. Both are excellent mine train finales. Plus rethemed to Barvaria.
  3. The event should run 6 hours minimum
  4. I found this fall when a certain supervisor was working at The Beast, there was no stacking and the line continuously was moving.
  5. In ‘17 the lines were short on regular weekend Fridays and Sundays. Especially later at night. But this summer the park seemed more crowded so that may be different this year.
  6. Carowinds is running three coasters this year. Kings Dominion is running 2. KD competes directly with Busch so they are probably matching them. I agree Racer is a great flexible capacity coaster for an event like this It needs work do hopefully that’s what they are doing with it on the off season Its surprising KI is only running one with its normally higher attendance than those parks but maybe they are trying to see what cost cutting they can get away with without affecting attendance (like closing Vortex without direct replacement) But in all fairness KI operates the popular railroad fir this event and the other parks removed that great ride decades ago. Steam trains are expensive to run and personally I would rather see a Christmas train than a coaster.
  7. They had the light forms up last weekend and the train was operating. They end at the water park this year.
  8. I’m guessing the ice rink will be solid ice like Kings Dominion.
  9. The 12 days of Christmas lights ran through the entire ride previous years. The 12 drummers used to be right before the Rivertown station. This year the 12 drummers are at the water park station. Maybe lights on the second half of the ride?
  10. I’ll wait to see what else they do before making a full decision, but the lights on the small maple trees are going to be underwhelming compared to the previous trees and super underwhelming compared to Kings Dominion’s and Wonderland’s canopies of trees. And tree lighting is more immersive than stringing lights from buildings to poles Are they doing something new on the 2nd half of the train ride? The 12 days of Christmas ends at the water park station this year
  11. That seems to be the direction the park has went. Cut down trees instead of working around them (the land clearing for Diamondback and Orion instead of building the coaster through the trees like The Beast). Also the tree removal around The Beast the last couple years ( around the station, between the first tunnel and the brake run, and between the brake run and the long 2nd tunnel). Any bad tree is now cut down and not replaced with the exception of the new trees on I-Street. Overall, the park is VERY hot when the weather is hot, as there is little shade now on the walkways.
  12. super7

    Racer 2019?

    Hopefully this ride gets the lift hill system that Racer 75 at Kings Dominion got fir 2019. As long as the trains are released within something like 30 seconds of each other, The lift hill synchronize them so they go over the top at the same time.
  13. A Huss Magic does that and is a superior ride with gondolas that are under the arms and 4 wide seating. The Schwarzkopf monsters also load all at once.
  14. My first choice is remove it, build a lake with a hydro flume over it lol 2nd choice, Build a mountain facade and install a high quality dark ride like Calico Mine Train at Knotts.
  15. Thank goodness this didn’t happen. It would have been worse than Paramount. Six flags parks are dirty, poorly operated, poor customer relations, poorly landscaped and little live entertainment or theming other than cheesy superheroes. Cedar Fair is currently doing an amazing job with the Taft parks. I would not have renewed my pass if Six Flags was the owner.
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