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  1. The park needs more total family rides. Ones that EVERYONE can ride. Right now this category includes the train, helicopters, antique cars, the very Boo Blasters and the Carrousel. Plus the Eiffel Tower attraction. Gone are the Turnpike, Skyway, Monorail, Rub-a-Dub, the Zodiac and 2nd Antique car ride. All were nice slow rides that everyone could ride ( unless fear of heights on a couple) There is a reason that Disney is so well attended. It’s because everyone can do a high number of the attractions together regardless of their age, ride tolerance, etc. Regional theme parks really miss out on a lot of potential customers by concentrating on thrill rides and kiddy rides. It was such a shame that Enchamted Voage was removed and also a shame that Phantom Theatre was removed. Both were top class dark rides. Boo Blasters is a 2D embarrassment.
  2. Halleys Comet would have fit great with this scheme.
  3. I always thought that the back area of Coney Mall (the ‘75 addition) Should be changed to a 50s or 60s separate themed section. Although with the antique cars maybe a Roaring 20s theme would be better
  4. You are absolutely right about the original theming. There was a Cinti influence in those 3 areas. I totally agree about the outside food vendors. The park should be offering unique food that wants to make you wait to come to the park to eat. Not more expensive poor quality versions of food you can get outside the park! I don’t know why they went in this direction. The sponsorship but he must be pretty good because the food isn’t as far as do you mean something like steel curtain, I really think it’s the lazy way out with the theme rides to IP‘s. Disney has become very lazy and That’s all six flags does Copperhead strike it definitely has a Carolina theme. When Carowinds was built the entire park was 100% Carolina themed. Original theming Not IPs They did add Hanna-Barbera land after Taft bought the park, but IPs are fine in a children’s area The original Carowinds was so well thought out and so well tied together. Paramount destroyed almost all of the Carolina theming of Carowinds Cedar Fair has done a great job trying to return the theming Unfortunately IMO Ohio doesn’t have as much charming aspect as the Carolinas when it comes to creating theming after the state
  5. The only areas that are tree covered there is are the Frontier Trail and part of Frontiertown. Little trees on the entrance midway, lakefront, dragster area, Gemini area and Millennium area etc On a hot day there it’s miserable and several of their major queues lack shade. It’s miserable at KI when it’s hot as well Kings Dominion is Cedar Fairs most beautiful park and pleasant park on a hot day. Most of that park is tree converted Shade makes for a better customer experience but that seems to be a lost aspect with most CF parks
  6. Look how exposed The Beast is now Cedar Fair does some great things but KI is just about as barren as Cedar Point these days
  7. Definitely. A great place to chill and enjoy the view ruined by the air quality.
  8. Put a mountain facade on it and make it a family dark ride like Calico Mine Ride at Knotts. That building and junkyard coaster are the biggest eyesores in the park.
  9. Schwarzkopf coasters are still amazing. but in this case the SDC Galaxi (the model of Barvarian Beetle). has a superior layout compared to the Wildcat. The Wildcat brutally hits the brakes straight out of the final helix and gives a gut punch with the lap bar. The Galaxi made a jig jog around the lift hill and then around another turn before the brakes. Galaxis also run 2 car trains versus one on the Wildcat. The Galaxi at Kings Dominion had a fatality in 83. These coaster don’t have a lot of clearance and a kid perished when he hit his head on the ride. It’s believed he stood up. The one at KD was removed after that.
  10. Just about everything part company except Disney lost that concept long ago in the coaster wars. They decided to appeal to Thrill seekers and little children and eliminate activities and attractions that families could do together. Paramount lead the way with this concept with their removal of so many true family rides at the parks. However since Cedar Fair has come along they have pointed the needle back in the right direction with their events Such as Winterfest and Carnivale, Better live entertainment, And even bringing back a family ride like the antique autos. They havent far enough but at least It’s the right direction. Overall Cedar Fair does have a problem with bringing on low quality food and merchandise that you can get outside the park. Some of it has to do with their sponsorship deals but it really takes away quality from the park
  11. Those trains are hideous. They look like a rolling easy chair.
  12. The change to The Demon came about tgd sane time Scooby Doo was changed to The Beastie. After the installation of The Beast and The Bat. They went with a The “insert monster name here” naming scheme to their coasters except Racer. IMO Screamin’ Demon and Scooby Doo were better names. And it was overuse of the word THE.
  13. The best maps were the PM Pierce maps from ‘79-80 I consider those the best theme park maps ever. The coasters and ride layouts are not necessarily accurate, but the creativity of these maps is outstanding. So many details!
  14. I agree. They keep removing trees without replacement. They also have a lot of unshaded queues. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she makes for a pleasant day and a hot park. They don’t get it.
  15. An amusement park is supposed to be a fun carefree day away from reality. Who wants to spend the day at an amusement park wearing a mask, being afraid to touch anything and being afraid to be within 6 feet of any other person? Not to mention The unpleasant experience A reduced capacity rides gives Additionally, these parks are going to have the added cost of their fantasy health checks and attempting to distance people from each other. Temperature guns can read a lower temperature if they’re not held close enough to ones for head. So any scanning done that way is useless Even if they don’t limit attendance, a significant number of people are not going to want to attend. Probably enough people are going to stay away that these parts are going to struggle to be profitable if they operate. Cedar Fair is already giving away a year of season pass revenue. It may be better for The bottom line, and definitely public health, just to stay closed for the season.
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