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  1. Exactly. The park caters to this trashy crowd. It must be their target market.
  2. Their whole business model of cheap season passes, season drink and dining plans is hugely flawed. It makes for over crowded that can’t make money. The whole strategy of season passes in the past was in park spending. But they eliminated that with the drink and dining plans. Also giving away the water park is not a good business plan either.
  3. They better not extend them again or Cedar Fair will go bankrupt. They have to have revenue to operate!
  4. The only rude ones I have seen this year are the human garbage that are too lazy to walk to the designated smoking area for their trashy addiction and think they have the right to smoke or vape anywhere.
  5. There really aren’t many night rides to be had during the summer. It doesn’t get dark until after 9 and they close the coaster most of that time for fireworks. It’s ridiculous to close a star attraction (beast night rides) for 5 minutes of silliness.
  6. Front gate coasters are basically parking lot coasters. The overall location for Orion is fine. One can see it and build anticipation from the moment they come through the gate. Although they should have stayed farther away from The Beast.
  7. I heard the Carowinds March (the oringibsk Carowinds sing) song on Racer Radio this week That was nice.
  8. They had 3 other full cast live shows in 2018 on the regular schedule and those performers except cirque were in the parade. This year they have 1 full (but excellent) show in the regular schedule The cutback in luge entertainment this year was definitely budget motived as the whole park has operated as a COVID fest all season.
  9. There is no way it cost as much as Fury. Theme parks inflate the numbers for marketing.
  10. It appears it was built on a California hyper coaster budget https://www.coaster101.com/2021/07/23/orion-behind-the-scenes-at-kings-island-coasterstock-2021/ “Originally, Cedar Fair had a contract with B&M to build a hyper-coaster, dubbed “Megabite”, for sister park California’s Great America. When the construction costs for that ride went up Cedar Fair decided in June of 2018 to move the ride to Kings Island and redesign it specifically for their park.”
  11. it seems Cedar Fair really cut back on their song licensing fees this year. The same playlists are being used at multiple shows at different parks under different show names. And then there is the horrible outdated music loops playing all day long in the parks.
  12. Yes it should be more attractive to everyone. Unless they want more of the trouble they had opening weekend. The crowd is already so questionable they weren’t allowing re entry.
  13. It belongs in Area 72, they just need to make room for it off the midway. There is an empty plot between Racer and Flight of Fear….
  14. I’m here on Sunday 7-18. Park is crowded. It’s a mgmt fail not to open the food booths all day as they are pure revenue (no dining plans).
  15. It has a great vibe. The costumes and face paint are great. It fits the theming of Area 72 perfectly. The location isn’t the best as it jams up a narrow midway.
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