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  1. What I understand is the parks own the campgrounds, and they are just KOA franchises. The Kings Dominion campground is great. So close to the park and covered/surrounded by trees just like that park.
  2. Kings Island is the worst park for smoking outside the designated areas. There is no enforcement and the announcements are not often enough and not forceful enough.
  3. A sign of poor operations when a racing coaster doesn’t race.
  4. The layout and length are disappointing. Something like Fury would have been much better. Diamondback has a more interesting layout. But at least it’s not a poorly designed Intamin.
  5. I’m at Kings Dominion. Same ownership. Park is just two years less older thank KI. Restrooms are updated, STAFFED, air conditioned, clean and no smell. No reason KI can’t be like that. Attendance is no reason because increased attendance should equate to more restrooms and more staff It must be individual park management priorities
  6. I wish some American park had installed Huss’s giant dream boat. That ride looks incredible. Its odd Nagashima installed two as the capacity of one is huge Ark
  7. Raving coasters are my favorite But Racing coasters are so rare and ones that actually closely race are even more race The racing aspect at KI is really bad this year. Until recently my visit last week, red reached the lift hill first. Reds lift is faster than blue. Then the new turn around is much faster than the other side. The trains aren’t interacting much this year. I hear Kings Dominion put a computerized lift hill on their Racer to make them actually race this year. I am looking forwArd to that if true. Before this year it had the same pre-lift hill, varying chain lift issue as Kings Island. Racer 75 is a better version oh Kings Islands anyway as it doesn’t split after the third hill, has an excellent floater hill for the third Jill, has the hill that KI removed and a real tunnel as the finale. Going along with Six Flags poor operations, American Eagle did not race last year on purpose The ops were instructed to stagger the trains Lightning Racer at Hershey was designed to race perfectly but sometimes the age of the track affects one side more than the other
  8. The night shows are always better with the lighting. The 6 show was still great with all of the choreography. One could actually see the choreography better in the 6 show with the smaller crowd. The performers always put 100% into both shows despite the heat and lack of shade at 6
  9. The dip about 3/4 into the helix is a great example of poor arrow transitions. The dip turn after the long swoop drop/before the helix can also be rough if one is not ready for it.
  10. Totally agreed. At least AE mis theming is hidden in the woods.
  11. Retheme it ti Barvarian Railroad to match Oktoberfest. The station already has a chalet type roof. Torn the tunnels into ice and snow tunnels with cold blasts of air. And if they really wanted to market a new rude, extend it with a double helix and tunnel after the final lift.
  12. super7

    Decoding 2020

    AE was definitely designed for three trains. It has two full lift hills.
  13. It would be a dump with poor operations. Six Flags parks are neglected with weeds growing instead of landscaping. They want to force sales of atlas passes with their slow operations. And there would be incoherent superhero rides in the park. They really are the bottom of the barrel in theme park chains. Cedar Fair has done a great job at the mess they were handed to by Paramount.
  14. It was closed on every visit early in the year. But they had it open during Carnivale. It’s not mechanically complicated. It seems to be popular when open
  15. If a park has higher attendance, they can afford more staff to clean restrooms. The park also should have more restrooms. Busch has 10 restroom locations in the park. Ki has 9.
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