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  1. Let It Snow was working the best that I have seen it last night. It filled the air with snow and wasn’t accumulating.
  2. Here is an example, Miracles at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It was my favorite holiday event show, and got axed by their budget cuts. The quality of this video is not the best, but one can see the general idea. This show features 4 vocalists and 10 dancers including a point specialist. Kings Island shows normally have too many vocalists-you don't get to hear each one enough, and not enough dancers. The set and costumes are neutrally winter themed. The word Christmas is used a few times in one of the songs and that's about the only direct reference to the holidays in the entire show. This was FRESH material in a world of overplayed Christmas music. There is unlimited beautiful music like in this show, that would open the doors creatively for higher quality entertainment at the event that would actually let the performers shine. This show had the material to allow the vocalists and dancers to showcase their talents. The song list of Miracles Ordinary Miracle-Sarah McLachlan Somewhere in my Memory - John Williams Angels among Us - Alabama (in this show is was a beautifully, fully sung song, not talked through the verses like the original. That vocalist that sung this song in this show still rings thorough my head) The Fire Within - Leann Rimes Angels We Have Heard on High (piano insturmental version) (this is a Christmas-y song, but the instrumental version neutralizes it) Flying without Wings - Westlife Christmas Canon - Trans Siberian Orchestra - (this is the most Christmas-y song in the playlist, but it works great with the choreography. I Believe - Nicky Yanofsky
  3. There are things "winter" about the event that have nothing to do with the holidays at the event. Many of the roaming characters are winter themed like Jack Frost, etc. The Ice Action Zone is non-holiday themed except the Jewish light ups they threw in there this year. Area 72 is non-holiday. The back walk with the blue lighting that features the ice king and queen is not holiday. Eftling is located in the Netherlands, and is open year-round. They have a winter event called Winter Eftling. If Carowinds and Kings Dominion being open until Jan 9 is an experiement in extending the event, this can be done with more winter theming at the event. Christmas music gets really old fast after Christmas day. Even Winterfest beginning Jan 26 feels like a huge leftover with the Christmas shows still playing.
  4. It’s Winterfest. It’s a shame they don’t have a purely winter, non holiday themed show (ie winter music not Christmas music) The summer show in the bandstand in 2021 Center Stage Live was one of the best combinations of choreography, vocals and live music the parks has ever had. It was well choreographed and produced. It’s a shame they don’t use that same talent for a winter version.
  5. From what I have seen, most people are interested in the animals or the vocalists The animal people talk during the performance, not watch or even listen.
  6. Nativity has some of the best vocalists that park has had, but one has to listen to them over the donkey braying and chatter of people interacting with the animals. Overall the lighting is improved some. Planet Snoopy looks much better with the LED lights in the trees instead of the dull toy lights. The blue and white striped trees behind/beside Festhaus look great. The lights in Coney change color but they are no longer synced to the music. Still way too many white lights in thd trees. CF does this at all their parks. The parade has backfired if it is meant to keep people in the park. There is a mass exodus when it is over. It’s nice that the park is peaceful that last hour.
  7. in 2014 CF was actually giving KD some attention. Now they put virtually no effort into that park They gave up on being competitive in that region Hopefully KI Racer gets a full paint job. But if it does, it will be the only one of The Racers in the chain that has gotten fully painted.
  8. Yes they quit painting wooden coasters to save on labor and paint, since the wood is treated. But they end up with ratty looking coasters. Thunder Road looked bad before they destroyed it, even though it had been rebuilt. All of Racer 75 is just as visible from the water park as Racer is from Coney I hope Racer gets better treatment of paint
  9. When they repainted Racer 75 at Kings Dominion for their 40th (under Cedar Fair), they only painted the station and the pre lift turn around. The rest of the ride looks like crap as it has been getting the Thunder Road treatment…..no paint on replace wood Will The Racer paint job only be partial like that? They did not paint the new track last year.
  10. At Carowinds, there are only 3 performances of Cool Yule, Drimmers and the Christmas Spectacular. Holly Jolly Trolly also ends early. The last one of them is at 8. To put the performers that dance in the parade at 9. All of the character appearances (Jack Frost, Elves, Sugarplum Fairy etc also go into the parade. The vocalist shows like Jingle Jazz, Nativty, Mistletones etc. still run after 9 pm. It’s a choreographed parade with stops like Carnivale but no original music I think it would be very hard to see all the shows in one night with the reduced schedule. The lighting at Carowinds is amazing even though it is mostly white. They have fully lit a large amount of their huge mature trees. It’s super immersive
  11. Carowinds may be a test but KD isn’t. KD has had the shortest hours all season long. 8 hour operating days. They may have 4 extra Winterfest days, but their Winterfest hours are short 5-9. It’s a beautiful park with huge potential, but CF has decided to run it into the ground as a locals-only park. Short hours do not attract destination customers.
  12. Carowinds is open 3 to 11 on Friday’s and Saturdays for Winterfest. That’s the appropriate time to experience most everything plus an extra hour of lights. It’s also open Mon Tue and Wed before Thanksgiving. At least Ki did extend Sat and Sun 1 hour in front this year. I would rather see it go until 11 and have more night time lights like Carowinds. I agree. Ki is one of the most attended CF parks. Plus they attract CP customers for Winterfest. It should have more time on the schedule. The Eiffel Tower painting could be part of the later opening but one would think they would stay open through Jan 2 the way the days fall.
  13. Put the costume character show in the theater in the Boo Blasters building. The characters in the KI Theater show are purely cringeworthy.
  14. The Snoopy show is a huge waste of the performers talent and the nice theatre.
  15. Return of the woods that have been cut down. Especially around the station. The station used to feel isolated. Orion also did a lot of damage to the wooded feel. I agree it looked great with the water. Repair of the holes in the tunnel walls so they are total darkness. This is an easy fix. Elimination of the blinding spotlights on the lift hills. The 2nd one lights up the woods too much. These are probably there because people can’t behave. Not a return, but they should add another long tunnel at the end of the first segment. The train is accelerating there and that would be exciting. The tunnels are the best part of the ride.
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