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  1. Such a shame it wasn’t a Schwarzkopf. Those coasters coasters ride as smooth as glass even after 40 plus years. So much better designed than any Arrow. Six Flags Mindbender and Revolution are still excellent rides. Sooperdooperloooer is shirt but smother great coaster I believe Olympia Looping and Thriller. were produced around this time frame, which have/had amazing designs for portable coasters. But unfortunately the Schwarzkopf coasters of this tine period had the “newer” wheel assemblies which Came apart and caused the fatal accidents in Edmonton and South America.
  2. More tree removal from the park. They took out the berm with the trees. That really looks like a parking lot.
  3. The racing was awful last year fir two reasons. The blue side was much slower going to the lift hill. The entire first half of the ride there was no racing Because the red side always left the lift Hill at least a full train earlier than the blue side. Sometimes the blue side would catch the red side because the far turn around was uneven due to One side being retracted. unless they fixed the track going to the lift hill it’s still not going to race very well. It really needs a synchronized lift hill like kings dominion’s version. In the big picture that can’t be too expensive of an improvement and it makes Racer 75 at Kings Dominion an amazing ride every time
  4. I think the current lighting on it looks great. The thing about the LED lights is that all the lighting ends up looking the same because they program the lights to constantly change in different patterns Using all colors. It really doesn’t matter if the patterns are different the use of all the colors make just about all the LED lighting on flat roads look the same.
  5. It’s great to find out it’s the original Coney Island ride. That makes it 52 years old. By the sounds of the story it’s days may be limited though, it says that the cannibalization of Shivas Fury from Canada Wonderland is the source for spare parts since the company is out of business I would really hate to see it go since it’s one if the remaining Coney Island rides. if it ever does go it would be nice if they could locate a Huss Magic To replace it. That is an amazing flat ride with a similar experience and a much better loading system
  6. Well managed single rider lines maximize capacity. Expedition Everest at Disney is the perfect example. They have a regular, fast pass and single rider line and efficiently merge them together. There is never an empty seat on that coaster. its two wide seating and the single rider line moves consistently. Odd number groups make it useful.
  7. B&M wing coaster would be so much better.
  8. It’s a shame that Kings Island did not get a Mac bobsled or a Schwarzkopf looping coaster at some point. Both are excellent manufacturers his rides hold up well for many decades. Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark rides smooth as possible after 43 years. Kings Dominions 32 year old bobsled is an excellent ride although a little short
  9. Sounds like the failed Windjammer at Knotts that eventually lead to Togo’s demise. https://rcdb.com/294.htm
  10. Winterfest in the snow ❄️
  11. The meal plans are pretty low pice Compared to individual meals. 10 meals break even. the issue is probably that people have taken such big advantage of these season passes and meal plans they are getting upset that they won’t get 50 meals or 25 visits this year. But it’s a sense of entitlement. I do think that Cedar Fair has excellent customer service and They will will do things to make their customers happy. Unlike six flags.
  12. You are right. Season passes are cheap Compared to individual tickets! And you only have to go a few times to get your moneys worth. These people think they are in the park for $100-200 season pass! They should appreciate that they get into the park so cheaply for a whole year And be willing to support the park in a time like this
  13. I’ll gladly take more Winterfest days. It’s my favorite time of year to go to the park. longer hours at Winterfest would be nicer. Five hours goes quickly at that of that evemt
  14. Dodgem was closed many times last year due to rain. I would guess they had to re roof it so they did more renovation
  15. Exactly Was it really necessary to remove all those trees? Especially at the turn around so close to The Beast!
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