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  1. That’s what I’m seeing. The original German building with a paint job.
  2. I agree. They spent funds last year to repaint 80 some percent of it and it looked the best it has looked for decades. If they “Thunder Road” it and don’t repaint as they retrack, it will look like junk in a few years. Racer 75 at KD suffers from that. They rebuilt the top of the lifthill and it’s brown.
  3. The swinging ship fits better thematically in Adventures Port. However I would hate to see its entrance moved to the other side as they would probably cut more trees out. They would be wise to keep Oktoberfest as a small themed official area. For marketing purposes, more themed areas make the park “seem” bigger. And it’s better than I Street overflowing to that area. To do this the swinging shop and Delirium should be Oktoberfest rides.
  4. I’m not aware of any other chain that offers the paper cup option. Cedar Fairs drink plan is the best because of this. For the reasons above. Plus it’s more sanitary if only new cups are touching these self serve machines. The only benefit of the souvenir cup is bigger drink size but By the time one to drink all of that it’s usually warm or watered down from the ice. The strawless cups probably are more sanitary for the owner. Straws are hard to clean inside.
  5. You are absolutely wrong. They May close occasionally because of the weather, but most of the early closures are 100% for cost cutting. I have witness it in person. At Kings Island they have closed early for simple Rain and the rain stopped. I Carowinds I have been there when they closed for 50° weather and a clear sky. There is no other reason to close in those circumstances other than cost cutting.
  6. I went to Carowinds NYE. Park was open until 12:30 and ride lines were open until 12:30. I seem to remember the rides at KI running after 11 the first NYE in ‘18.
  7. While the painting and improvements are nice and necessary, they are rather low budget items compared to actual attraction installation. Please advise why you think they close the park and send employees home on a slightly rainy day with low attendance. Cost cutting is the only logical answer.
  8. Apparently you are ann immature name caller and cannot read on top of that. I have said repeatedly that they can close, but the fact that they decide to close after they open the gates is nothing but a cost cutting measure and has nothing to do with employee safety. They had the weather information well in time to close before the gates open and keep employees safe at home
  9. From what I saw this year Canada’s Wonderland does not close early for rain like the American CF parks. The first night I attended it rained hard and they stayed open until 10 Im guessing Canada may have done kind of employment laws against curing scheduled hours? Unlike the USA where it’s 99% in favor of the greedy business Over the employees
  10. So by you guys it’s ok the close the doors early after you get there just because they don’t have a good attendance. Got ya. I hope you are very local as some people have traveled a distance in these days to get there. Even paid for lodging Is it a good business decision to upset customers? Also as their reputation worsens for these early closures (not too long ago this wasn’t standard practice) that means NOBODY but locals will risk traveling to the parks on questionable weather days. Making it impossible for them to ever turn a profit if rain is in the forecast. imo it’s classic bait and switch to have advertised hours and not produce. Regardless of disclaimers.
  11. I have been there before when they said they were closing for weather. And it stopped raining at 8. They close for attendance when they cut days short at the last moment. Period. And fyi Thursday’s forecast predicted rain all night days ahead. They could at least have done common decency and not open the gates at all if they are going to pull these tricks.
  12. Cedar Fair does a lot of things right, but Tonight (Thursday) was a perfect example of their biggest flaw in park management. They knew the forecast for today yet they allowed people to come and then close early. It’s always because of attendance when they close early and they blame the weather. If they open the gates, they should stay open as scheduled. If the weather looks bad, then cancel ahead of time. They did for Friday. Which Pretty much confirms tonight was because of attendance. It’s just a little bit sleazy way to operate. And nobody is going to come when the weather is questionable because of the chance of the park closing. They’re digging their own ditch with this policy. And just to clarify, it’s fine if they want to close because of weather and safety. But do it before people start traveling to the park Additionally, they cut scheduled hours on the employees. That’s what this early closure is totally about. Saving payroll and operating cost. But they were just having Problems finding employees not too long ago. Who wants to work for a non-reputable company that cuts hours on a whim?
  13. This is still my favorite flat ride to this day. I got to ride Zodiac as a kid and Giant Wheel at Hershey as an adult so I remember the experience well. Giant Wheel was removed after 2004 I believe. I loved the long cycle and great views. It was a ride just about anyone could ride unless afraid of heights. As stated above, it’s such an efficient, high capacity design since one side cycles while one side loads. The typical Ferris wheels like the one at Cedar Point are garbage in comparison. They take forever to load and the cycle is short. You spend most of the ride time not moving. Plus they have a balancing issue, so the parks never load them at full capacity. 2 memories of Zodiac- You could see it from International Street giving anticipation of what was waiting. Bi ajways think of Zodiac when I hear disco music as the Coney Island Disco was next door when I got to ride it.
  14. The ride ending is totally anticlimactic. I always thought that they should extend the final lift hill, add track thst turns left into a 900 degree helix with a tunnel finale. They would be able to market it as a new ride with smaller investment.
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