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  1. I was talking in general how it is now a practice in the theme park industry to not stay open as advertised. Kennywood is the worst for that. But Kings Dominion, another CF park, is also getting a bad reputation for that. If is acceptable at one CF park, it’s probably going to spread to them all as common practice. Carowinds closed five hours early this fall with no bad weather on a Saturday because of low attendance.
  2. I doubt that the cut hours are noise relate but yet another penny pinching move in the theme park industry. Much like closing when it rains instead of following the posted schedule. To save money and at the same time reducing guest experience. longer hours on crowded days allows people to see all the attractions. Cutting hours will not accomplish that. The theme parks really don’t care anymore since most of their ticket sales are passholders and they already have their money. This will backfire in the long run. If the only time the parks are going to be open as when they’re crowded people are eventually going to quit buying season passes for such an unpleasant experience
  3. They definitely did not use the terrain other than a ditch. There is a valley that they could have used for a huge Diving. finale instead of the abrupt brake run in the sky. the shortness and the lackluster out and back layout are more disappointing than the lack of records.
  4. Why would they leave the return of Winterfest off of 2017? Imo that’s the best thing that happened In the decade.
  5. It’s really the only good thing Paramount did in the park during their quest to destroy the original park. All of their other major installations are eye sores and did not match the theming of where they were plopped down. Although Flight of Fear didn’t match the theme of Coney Island they at least build it off to the side and now we are getting a new themed sub area.
  6. Then having it at Kings Island is bad marketing on their part. I would never go to LaRosa’s restaurant based on how bad the pizza is at Kings Island it could be a general Kings Island problem is over all the food there is Really low-quality
  7. I agree. LaRosas is just awful. It’s not even as good as quality as supermarket frozen pizza. How do they stay in business with that lie of quality product? Kings dominion and Carowinds have their own pizza and it is much higher quality.
  8. In the perfect world that building would get demolished and Racers turnarounds would be reconstructed together like Racer 75 and Thunder Road. I never did understand that wide split on a racing coaster where you lose sight of the other train. If the building stands it should be made into a dark ride or live entertainment venue The Park definitely needs more indoor attractions for bad weather days
  9. That’s probably in the pipeline in an upcoming year like Carowinds got their “new” County Fair flat ride package a few years ago.
  10. It was unexpected that they kept the rides open for another 90 minutes past the advertised time. In these days of not operating as scheduled to operate to pinch pennies, that was a nice change. They must of been happy with the crowd.
  11. All the rides are running at 10:40 including the expensive to operate train. They said on the train ride that rides will close by 1130
  12. If you’re only bringing one to three friends it’s better to buy it at the gate. There is a 6.99 processing fee online
  13. Tuesday 17th. Mystic Timbers is running with snow sitting on it at 31 degrees.
  14. I don’t think it ran in the snow. I thought I heard the entrance employee tell someone it was closed for the night before the snow started.
  15. Tonight was absolutely perfect. It snowed from 6:30ish past closing. The kind of snow that sits on the trees. They did not open Mystic Timbers but everything else was operating at some point, although some of the outdoor shows were up choreographed or did not run all times. They ran the rides until 9:30 and quietly closed things down but let the guests enjoy the beauty of the park until 10. Silver Dollar City might have more lights, but they typically don’t get real snow there either and the snow is the best atmosphere possible for this event!
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