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  1. Noboby is looking for attention except for immature people that like to pick fights on this site with other members. This site is for comments and opinions, which exactly is what those ARE.
  2. After seeing the new fountains in action yesterday, they have full approval. The jets may not be as thick as the previous ones, but there are over 100 jets and they fill the entire fountain area with water in the air. It is a grand feeling seeing that much water in the air and nice feeling the mist. The fountains have more action than the previous fountains. Each jet is capable of its own activity I believe. The Royal Finale is nice. Nice song selection of Tiesto with Aviici playing afterward. The fountains still have not met their full potential yet as far as the show they can produce. They Royal finale is nice, but it still doesn't meet full potential. If they get someone that can expertly sync these fountains to each powerful note of the music, they have the capability of producing a show that can make you feel the music like Illuminations at Epcot. I am not suggesting as many fireworks, large fire etc as Illuminations, but syncing visuals (the fountain, building lighting etc) to each powerful note of the music and having a longer show with multiple songs leading up to the last song with the fireworks.
  3. What happens to Off the Charts during Garnde Carnivale? The website only lists the show until June 14.
  4. super7

    Decoding 2020

    If this is the layout, it’s less inspired than Diamondbacks out and back layout. If they are going to have two B&Ms, they should give them more distinction than height.
  5. It’s great there is live, choreographed human talent in the International Showplace this year.
  6. The new trees are maple trees. They are going to be slow growing so it will probably be 10 years before they any significant size. But they will be long-lasting as long as they are kept healthy
  7. It’s great! There are lights IN the water thie water. Water looks stronger. Definitely improved updated fountains.
  8. If that's the case, it's a shame that the park sacrificed year-round landscaping (and superior winterfest lighting) for a 6 week upcharge attraction...….
  9. It was running on Saturday. As cold as it was, they should have not opened it. OR at least turn off the Snoopy spitting sprinkler at the end.
  10. super7

    Decoding 2020

    That was Intamin. They are normally lower in quality to B&M. Plus they went cheap on I305 and built it low to the ground which makes it neck snapping and gray out inducing Raging Bull is a great ride.
  11. There is Halley's Coffee Zodiac Books Tumble Bug Market Skylab Café. Then you have Monster Toys. All of the others are retired rides. I hope this is not a hint toward the future. But Monster is getting close to 50 and it is one of the few Coney heritage rides still remaining (correct?) I also noticed that some of Monster's orange lights were burnt out or replace with white lights. Are they not giving it tlc this year for a reason? If for some reason it goes they should hunt down an awesome Huss Magic to fill its place......
  12. They did an excellent job with the space this ride is limited to. THIS is the kind of theming we expect at these parks. Not over-the-top Disney type of theming, but nice touches that fit the overall theme and give you something to look at and make you feel good.
  13. 1, Overall, the renovation is definitely an improvement. International Street was looking dated and wore out whereas the 3 International Streets are the most spectacular entrances of any park. KI's version just wasn't living up to its potential before. Seating by the fountain was previously limited and none of it was shaded. The landscaping wasn't much of anything (more on that later). 2. The new pavers look amazing. 3. It looks like all of the buildings were repainted and look like new again. Strange though some of the lights outlining the buildings and windows were burnt out. I would think they would have wanted everything more perfect for the unveiling this weekend. The country flags on each building are a nice touch. 4. All new asphalt around the tower. Which is surprising since they have been replacing asphalt with pavers and concrete lately. Nice they put some seating under the tower. Are the 8 new trees around the tower at each entrance new? 5. LOTS of seating now. That is wonderful. The ugly white tables are gone. The black tables are the same picnic table style, but look much better. Budget must have only allowed for half of them to receive umbrellas, which all of them should have umbrellas as it is miserable to sit in the heat in the open like that. The multi-color umbrellas grouped together by color look great. Let's hope they do upkeep on them. 6. International Street is now very barren looking with the removal of the large trees. Winterfest lighting will be underwhelming now as the lights in the trees won't be a canopy like before. However, its nice there are 22 new trees. What type of trees are these and how big will they grow? My personal wish would be another row of trees between the fountain and seating like KD and Canada's Wonderland, to create a canopy of shade. Overall the landscaping improvements were limited, but the flowers and flower carts at the front look great. Maybe more to come? The lack of trees also really exposed those ugly, scaffolding looking lighting towers. 7. Stage is extended fully in concreate. Poor performers lost their shade from the previous trees. It will be brutal if they perform before sundown. Off the Charts has 6:00 shows on Sat and 7:00 shows on all scheduled nights. It's going to be HOT for them some of those nights, and the sun in going to be in the audience's faces. 8. The fountain, mixed feelings. My opinion was the pedestals were outdated and I personally prefer jets out of the water like the current design. It is 100% pure water, which is beautiful. There are over 100 jets, but they are smallish in diameter. They do shoot up fairly far in the air however. There is water EVERYWHERE in the air when the new fountains are peaking. The lighting is not good . It is all from the lightning towers. From the front of the fountain, it looks OK, but from the sides, there are just streaks of light across the water. I am supposing this was a budget and/or maintenance issue. If lights need maintenance, they are not under water. But it's the weakest fountain lighting at any of the International Streets Are the groups of jets locked together in the same pattern, or is there it possibility of them operating independently to synchronize to music? Overall, it is a much better feeling and look on International Street compared to last year. Much cleaner looking and more seating makes it a place to "hang out," where before it was a place to "walk through". Improvements will be made with landscaping with annuals most likely. There is definitely room for improvement with the fountain lighting and additional tree installation.
  14. super7

    Decoding 2020

    How giga twister like Raging Bull is a hyper twister on a limited plot of land ? KI definitely doesn’t need anymore out and backs. They have 3ish already. N
  15. super7

    Arrow Coasters

    Arrows must be the highest required temp.
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