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    This was one of the best non coaster rides ever at the park. It was a nice long ride, with high-capacity and short lines, and a fantastic loading system. It was a ride that almost anyone could ride as you were secured in a cage One of my greatest memories of Kings Island when I was a kid was riding this ride and hearing the disco music from the Coney Island disco. Anytime I hear a disco song now I think of the zodiac I remember you could see the zodiac from international street As you begin your day The traditional Ferris wheels are some of the worst rides ever as far as loading systems. Continuous stop and go then a short ride in motion. It’s a shame that this ride is not the standard for Ferris wheels Instead of the low capacity ( because they only use 1/4 of the gondolas ), slow loading wheels That parks have now Kings Island”s Zodiac was shipped to Australia and operated at Australia’s Wonderland until it closed in approximately 2004-ish I believe that Hershey remove the arrows in 2005-ish. None of these rides exist in the United States anymore in Bayview not anywhere at this point What a shame
  2. super7

    International street makeover

    The park definitely needs more trees. The area around the Eiffel Tower is pretty barren.
  3. super7

    KI 2019 Entertainment

    I agree with dumping the Dog Show. It was really nice the year they had Off the Charts in the international show place. You could actually sit down and watch the performers And the performers had shade!
  4. super7

    Phantom Therater......returns?

    Phantom Thestre was almost Disney quality. Boo Blasters isnt even carnival quality. I would also take the return of enchanted voyage although that will never happen with the loss of Hanna-Barbera licensing Cedar Fair really should install some high-quality family oriented dark rides at all their parks. There is a reason Disney has the highest attendance. There is something there that everyone can do together
  5. super7

    International street makeover

    I have not made it to Canada’s Wonderland yet but it looks like their international street is as wonderful as Kings Dominion. Look at all the big mature trees and shade. And you can see the entire fountain. I just don’t get where trees block the view of the fountain. They’re normally trim too well above everybody’s head The main Problem with Kings Dominion to see the fountain at the entrance is they have a big landscaping hill At the front of the fountain the blocks the view.
  6. super7

    Expanding Action Zone

    What Action Zone needs is retheming since the current theme is absolutely nothing. With the goth theme of Banshee and The Bat already re named, Transylvania would make good sense and a popular theme.
  7. super7

    Defunctland -- Australia's Wonderland

    I believe this park was built in 85 after KECO took control. It was a great example of how poorly KECO did things compared to Taft . Australia’s Wonderland was really poorly built compared to the other Taft parks. The layout was random and unimpressive. Hanna Barbera Lsnd was especially poorly done compared to the other parks. That park did get two of Kings Islands best flat rides. Zodiac (the best ever) and Bayern Kurve rethemed as Wizards Fury. The Bush Beast was a duplicate of Grizzly/Wilde Beast Years before the park was closed and destroyed, they closed HB Land entirely and The Beastie was snbo.
  8. super7

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Hopefully this renovation include the planting of even more trees. King's Dominion's version is absolutely gorgeous and its mainly because of the trees.
  9. super7

    International street makeover

    This is awesome news! This is actually the best improvement they could make at the park IMO. Kings Island's International Street has been way outdated and not-so-nice for a while. Lack of shade. The hideous white picnic tables. Tables right up against the walkways. King's Dominion's International Street is so much nicer that present KI. Kings Dominion has lots of wonderful trees and lush landscaping. There is shade EVERYWHERE. There are nice umbrella tables by the fountain to sit, and they are separated from the walkways with landscape islands. Let's hope that King's Islands ends up like this as well. Lets hope the plant more TREES! King's Dominion International Street at Winterfest also blew way the Kings Island version. It was much more immersive with the lights in the trees all above you wherever you were walking. Although King's Island's Snowflake lake was better because it was lower in the ground and more visible. It looks like they are taking the ugly pedestal fountains out. Kings Dominion and Canada's Wonderland's fountains come directly out of the water, which is a much sleeker look. Hopefully that is the case as well. I am soooo happy Cedar Fair bought these parks. In the begin, I thought they would become generic parks because of the way Cedar Fair didn't care much about atmosphere or theming in the past. But they are returning the Taft parks to their former glory after the destruction that Paramount did.
  10. super7

    Racer Track Work 2019

    There was not much racing this year. One side always got to the lift hill first and it was over. One of the best parts of the ride is the slide by slide speed of the initial hills, but it failed to run together to produce that. What any racing coaster really needs is a sensor that adjusts lift hill speed so they both reach the top at the same time.
  11. super7

    How was your 2018 season?

    I really like the way Cedar Fair has headed with the Taft parks, especially after Paramount did so much damage. Each year at the parks seems to make that more solid. New attractions are being themed, family rides being added and Winterfest is my absolute favorite time of the year to attend. If one attends a lot, CF season passes with dining are a huge bargain. Although KI has some of the lowest food quality of any park I have attended. Winterfest this year was notably better than last year. More immersive lights in the trees. Hopefully they keep improving the lighting each year and it will hands down be the best winter event of any park (although Kings Dominon will beat KI if it catches up because KD has more trees to light and is a more scenic park). I would take a night at Winterfest anytime over a full operating day at the park in the summer. Its that special. The former Taft parks are the gem of theme parks and Cedar Fair seems to be rising to their potential.
  12. super7

    Racer Track Work 2019

    I agree. On the steel coasters and mine trains also. I always try to get a middle row seat.
  13. super7

    Racer Track Work 2019

    Middle seat of any car is smoothest on wooden coasters with 3 row cars.
  14. super7

    New Rule for Planet Snoopy Rides

    That ride has such bad capacity that they should have twin rides. The child proof belts don’t help the capacity either!
  15. super7

    Racer Track Work 2019

    Will Racer eventually look horrible with unpainted wood as Thunder Road did? Right now Kings Iskand Racer looks the best of the 3 (Including Thunder Road at the end ). They aren’t painting new track on Racer 75 at Kings Dominion Thunder Road looked dilapidated as it had no painted wood in the end Racer is a good coaster. Racer 75 and Thunder Road is/was superior however. The two tracks stay/stayed together until the turn around on those coasters producing a better racing effect. They both have/had a wonderful floater hill instead of that larger hill where KI Racer splits. They both have/had surprise tunnel finales which KI Racer lacks. Plus they took out the final hill of Racer for X Base entrance. Racet 75 does not have trims at the turnaround like KI. Will Ki lose the trims with this retrack?