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  1. The company runs out of cash in six months. And they don’t have much income in cash in the meantime. There’s not going to be a lot of major ride investments for several years probably
  2. That’s my favorite time of year to go to the park. Even if most of the rides are closed it’s just amazing being there at night with all of the lighting. based on the video that I have seen of what Carowinds is doing this year, it’s best that they just didn’t have Winterfest at all instead of something like that. Lots of tacky decorations and very few lights.
  3. It could be possible that these aren’t money makers as much to drive season pass sales At these parks that were not opened at all. KI and CP were open enough to satisfy season pass holders. If an event is just bringing the same passholders back it may not be profitable. But I do wish Kings Island would have done something because it’s my favorite time of year there
  4. Kings Dominion just announced their Taste of the Season today, Nov 10. It’s running the month of December and appears it will be a smaller event than Carowinds based on the mentioned rides. Both kings dominion and Carowinds are under state capacity limitations. Kings Island has a higher allowed capacity so it’s surprising they did not do something
  5. Did they remove the awful dip in the helix? That dip is the perfect example of how amateur Arrow’s track work can be.
  6. This is an interesting fact. Out of the 16 mine trains built by arrow since 1966, all are still operating except Dexter Frebish Electric Roller Ride/Excalibur at Astroworld. And that coaster was removed to be replaced by an SLC, not because of ride age or mechanical issues. AE appears that it will have a VERY long life if the park chooses.
  7. It would be a crying shame if Xcalibur/Imperator gets removed. It is one of the only models in the world. It's such a spectacular ride.
  8. I would take this at KI over nothing. https://www.carowinds.com/play/events/taste-of-the-season
  9. The park probably spent $0 on anything gory or death-related this year, since this is a fall festival event. For the ride graveyard, they probably just used what they had since any money spent was spent on more friendly decorations this year.
  10. They have already started a spooky them in that section with (especially) Banshee and The Bat. I would make sense that would be the retheme. Most of all, that area needs less concrete and more shade.
  11. Thanks for posting this in such close up detail, by each section.
  12. About 10%-20% of the people in the park either don't believe in covid or are uneducated on how to use a mask. People not wearing their mask at all, or below their nose, or even just on their chin can be seen constantly throughout the day. It just plain inconsideration to anyone else in the park and they put themselves at greater risk. The park is definitely not strict on the mask usage.
  13. I had the misfortune of attending one of those days. It was a Saturday with temps in the 50s and NO tain. Around 2 PM they announced they were closing at 3. One of the poorest experiences ever at a park. But that’s what happens with cheap season passes. The parks don’t care if they upset the customers because they know they will come back with their pass. And if the park has mainly season pass holders in attendance, they Can close early because they already have the money they will get from them. Thsy one experience makes me now view Carowinds as being poorly manag
  14. The chain has cash to get through the rest of the year. After December they have to borrow to start paying the bills. I don’t see them going deeper in debt until they have positive cash flow again.
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