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  1. That ride was top quality and very high capacity. Unbelievable they trashed it for what’s there now.
  2. Good riddance. It was an ugly structure Perfect location to start revitalizing Oktoberfest with a new flat ride
  3. Cedar Fair killed all the water rides there. They removed Powder Keg Flume and Whitewater Falls then left Rip Roaring Rapids SBNO. Paramount did most of the damage to the water ways but CF was the culprit with the rides. Given Cedar Points history of removing water rides I’m surprised KI and KD (thankfully) still have the original flumes.
  4. Don’t forget the lake of Keelboat Canal was filled in for a warehouse and the lion Country lagoons became concrete jungle. The steam of Les Taxis/Auto Livery was also destroyed. Paramount hated water. I’m surprised the Oktoberfest lake wasn’t filled in Carowinds was a beautiful park full of waterways pre Paramount. They filled almost all of it in.
  5. The pricing of Cedar Fair passes encourages quality of guests over quality of guests. The major installations target this audience as well. A park full of more family friendly attractions would be too boring for that crowd. It’s starting to backfire in a huge way. Once a park gets a bad reputation for safety it’s hard to change that image. There was a LOT of security at my visit this year. It has to be costing a fortune. That amount of security really doesn’t make me feel any better, knowing the reason for it. Its like going to a store that has full time sexy at the checkout. One knows it’s a bad place to be seeing that…..
  6. It was sort of dollar foolish to spend money repainting track that needs replaced. Even though The Racer paint job looks amazing, I fear future track replacement will not be painted.
  7. For The Beast to valley it must be heavily braked or something . There are no large hills after the lift hill drops.
  8. I am shocked that this great ride is still there. Kings Dominion, Carowinds and Canadas Wonderland all removed theirs under KECO or Paramount Cedar Fair though has kept them at several parks.
  9. You are right. Many people would have wanted refunds in March/April. That’s the same reason the stock market crashed during those moths. Uncertainty. But some parks did open in July and the situation was looking better by then. Refunds beginning then would have been appropriate. If a business is failing though it doesn’t give them the ethical right to keep prepayments IMO.
  10. Oh they aren’t going out of business because of this. But if the plaintiffs win, and I hope they do, the possu refunds from unused season passes will now be public knowledge Cedar Fair doesn’t provide what is advertised at some of their ever closing parks like Kings Dominion and Carowinds This will possibly open the gate to refunds for their less than stellar business practices It all books haft just quietly went away…..
  11. I’m surprised that Cedar Fair is fighting this and paying attorney fees for it. And now it’s bad publicity. It would have been MUCH easier and quieter just to give refunds.
  12. I no don’t believe this is a lottery win lawsuit. The plaintiffs are asking for a partial refund of their own money fir something the defendant sold, but couldn’t provide. I don’t believe that are trying to make money if this lawsuit, although with the messed up US legal system the lawyers will I’d Cedar Fair loses and has to pay attorney fees. Just get back their own money for which they got nothing To me it sounds like a lawsuit of principal fir the plaintiffs more than it is about the money I’m always happy to see citizens step up against sleazy businesses practices IMO a company that doesn’t offer refunds for 2020 is in that category
  13. Evac Exactly. People won’t come on bad weather days once a park has a reputation for closing due to “weather” when it’s really attendance. The parks dig their own grave buy closing early, As a result it keeos people away on future bad weather days and making it impossible to make profits on these days due up their reputation. Another indirect negative affect of this policy is that the parks are overcrowded on good weather days leading to a less enjoyable experience I woukd cross the street to go to that crap hole park in Pittsburgh That’s 100% because of their “close if it rains” policy Kings Island hasn’t closed too many times during the weather like KIngs Dominion (who is becoming notorious like Kennywood) and Carowinds However the early closing at Winterfest last year was 100% for attendance The rain stopped And that’s just au unethical business practice IMO
  14. That’s right. They didn’t HAVE to offer refunds. They have that disclaimer. im saying it would have been the ethical thing to do. I worked in an industry that had weather related sporting events. Virtually every venue had a NO refund policy. But one owner I worked for did offer refunds. Because he was a decent ethical person. Also people that don’t get what they pay for don’t come back! it’s a little sad that people are so used to low ethic behavior these days they accept it. I came close to not coming back this year because of it. I won’t travel long distance to those parks anymore. Too risky if the weather isn’t perfect. The only reason I have a 2022 pass Is because Winterfest is my favorite time of year. This has only become an industry standard over recent years. It used to be thst parks operated during their advertised hours (and 10a to 10 pwas standard as well). People have allowed these companies to start operating like this The cheap season passes allow the companies to treat their customers less than stellar They already have the customers money and they believe the customers will still come back because of the cheap season pass one pays for what they get That’s for sure lol
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