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  1. This is still my favorite flat ride to this day. I got to ride Zodiac as a kid and Giant Wheel at Hershey as an adult so I remember the experience well. Giant Wheel was removed after 2004 I believe. I loved the long cycle and great views. It was a ride just about anyone could ride unless afraid of heights. As stated above, it’s such an efficient, high capacity design since one side cycles while one side loads. The typical Ferris wheels like the one at Cedar Point are garbage in comparison. They take forever to load and the cycle is short. You spend most of the ride time not moving. Plus they have a balancing issue, so the parks never load them at full capacity. 2 memories of Zodiac- You could see it from International Street giving anticipation of what was waiting. Bi ajways think of Zodiac when I hear disco music as the Coney Island Disco was next door when I got to ride it.
  2. The ride ending is totally anticlimactic. I always thought that they should extend the final lift hill, add track thst turns left into a 900 degree helix with a tunnel finale. They would be able to market it as a new ride with smaller investment.
  3. Weren’t the unpainted turn arounds rebuilt in recent years? It seems the lack of paint there was budget motivated IMO as it is not a highly visible area. I agree about painting the new track. If they don’t, this years paint job was wasted dollars.
  4. Although it would slightly reduce capacity I would love to see the front car have a train theme like Carowinds Goldrusher. It looks great. CF has been theming front coaster cars in the recent years like Carowinds did in the 70s. I doubt if it happens They will probably do some knickknack theming in the station and maybe queue like they have done at Jungje Expedition at Kings Dominion. Someone is having a good time at flea market treasure hunts! it would be nice if the fog returns. Any on ride theming should be done in the 2nd and final tunnels. The reset of the ride is too fast to see theming. I hope they leave the first tunnel dark. It’s great at night. This isn’t theming but the biggest improvement they could make to the current coaster is removing that stupid kink in the helix. Arrow really knew how to make a coaster unnecessarily janky.
  5. I really hope those two large pine trees beside Adventure Express queue entrance aren’t going to be removed but knowing the parks disdain for trees im not hopeful. I like these smaller themed sections like Area 72 and Adventure Port. There is still enough to have Oktoberfest as a themed area. The entrance to Delerium could easily be moved to the pathway beside Festhaus and thst ride could be incorporated into Oktoberfest. In fact there is already an existing sidewalk connecting the queue to that path. Plus there is room for some small food or game stands. That’s enough to keep the area as its own.
  6. if the get the 24 person model that would be a shame. It’s a budget cut that would sacrifice capacity and customer satisfaction. KI is well attended and they need higher capacity rides. They already went on the “cheap” side with these Zamperla rides. The video I saw of an Endeavour makes it look like a budget enterprise. It doesn’t look like it fully inverts like an enterprise.
  7. Carowinds and Kings Dominion have Tinkers in outdoor theaters. The suggestion for having it in the Showplace is appropriate. The Snoopy show was such as waste for the main theater. I always felt bad for the singers and dancers having to perform with the cringe worthy character segments. The KI theater should really be used for a full production choreographed Christmas show that showcases the best talent. Not a show where talented vocalists sing in elf voices or a character based show like the one that was fortunately eliminated. The shows that need their playlists refreshed are Nativity Mistletones and Jingle Jazz. It could easily be done since they are all fully vocal performances
  8. At least the nano coaster is accurate. The version of Thunder Road is missing hills and has the station beside the lift hill.
  9. And perhaps split that area off of Coney into its own themed area.
  10. Cedar Fair has really stepped up on theming over the last several years. Blue Ridge Junction and now Areonautical Landing at Carowinds. The queue line for Copperhead Strike has a fantastic amount of quality theminh. Jungle Xpedition and the ride rethemes at Kings Dominion are full of quality details. Area 72 at KI finally brought that area together. They also finally realized Frontier Canada Canada’s Wonderland Although it’s still a bit incohesive because of previous ownership Who would’ve ever thought the company who renamed coasters Flight Deck and Stunt Coaster Would be at the top of the theming game for regional theme parks. The Oktoberfest area was the area at Kings Island the most desperately needed attention. I’m a little disappointed it’s not an Oktoberfest refresh and the cheap Zamperla rides, But regardless it will make the area much nicer and cohesive. Adventure Xpress never did go with Oktoberfest. And Kings Island needs flat rides. Der Spinnen Keggers sort of returns It looks like the Fest Haus will be annexed into International Street What about the pirate ship?
  11. IMO these year round announcements are questionable. It’s been my experience multiple times at Cedar Fair parks if they have to low attendance they will close the park early or totally close the park. I have experienced this at Carowinds on a 50 day degree when the weather was clear. At Kings Island multiple times because of tolerable rain but no attendance. And the same by Kings Dominion. With Cedar Fair his reputation of not staying open If the weather affects the crowd. I don’t see this working. Because the weather is going to be bad more days than good in the winter months
  12. Carowinds has a show for Winterfest called Sparkle City Swing Machine in Harmony Hall the new show at KI sounds like a version of this one. in general the live entertainment at Winterfest is worn out after 4 seasons of the same exact material for the high majority of shows. at every CF park. The least they could do is change the playlist of songs if they are keeping the same shows. Lets hope for some snowy nights. Those have been the absolute best Winterfest experiences. Last year was warm.
  13. The drinks and dining if one goes at least 6 or so times. Really if one doesn’t have the dining plan it’s foolish to eat at the park. It’s massively overpriced and just edible. Even the fast food outside the park is better quality.
  14. That’s the LEAST that they could do. It’s video based! Lol. It wouldn’t take much effort.
  15. That’s how Cedar Fair operates. They take your money and advertise something they don’t provide. They consistently close parks earlier than advertised when attendance is low. So why wouldn’t they screw passholders out of other advertised benefits. B They have the mentality of the people love coming to the amusement park so much that they can get away with these things and the people will still renew their passes
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