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  1. Zodiac Skyride Safari Monorail Enchanted Voyage/Phantom Theater Bayern Kurve
  2. I would guess this is the end. Age. Manufacturer. The crowds they keep pulling even after closing other dated coasters in recent years.
  3. Are posted on the schedule now.
  4. That should also feed into Sunday since for those people that don’t work Monday, it basically turns Sunday into a Saturday like the other holiday weekends
  5. I’m guessing it will be crowded since it’s one of the few days coming up without blazing hot weather.
  6. I don’t get the appeal of the VIP lounge. The fountain area of International Street is peaceful and beautiful and perfect for taking a break. The VIP area is similar to a wedding tent. Is the appeal that one paid for access? $449 for a tour without admission is outrageous. Especially considering the probably pay the tour guide $20/hour at most. Plus this seems to be yet another level of Fast Lane on top of thst program already slowing lines down since they get immediate access. Although there won’t be much participation, it’s something else to slow operations. What I get from this is that Cedar Fair underprices their season passes and especially dining plans enough that they have to dream up unnecessary ideas to squeeze more revenue. Instead of focusing on the best operations possible to warrant higher season pass prices. I would gladly pay more for a season pass if the park was better run overall for every customer Instead of wasting resources on these upcharge gimmicks
  7. The show has a lot going on. The action is reasonably timed to the music. This show doesn’t utilize the fountains as much as previous years since it has all the other effects. It’s a good long show. I like that the fireworks are not constant and seem to be timed to the music better than they ever have been. They recorded a custom song for the show, which is the best music in the show. The rest of the music is stop and go, corny and fairly incohesive, but related to park history. In the version I saw, the drones appeared at the start of the show then left a couple of songs before the end. Is that tge normal timing? If that’s the case it makes it a little anti climatic since they are pretty fantastic.
  8. If you get the Flight Commander fries, ask for the pico on the side if you want it. It’s watery and they don’t tend to drain in properly when adding to the fries. It will make a puddle of water in the basket. The green tomatoes were ice cold and not good. Which seems to be the smokehouse tradition in those warming plates (instead of steam tables)
  9. It seems to be Cedar Fair policy to only race racing coasters between noon and 8.
  10. Before this year that was definitely the case. I assumed it was because they were shipped in. The brownies the last few years had a plastic taste. One of the easiest things to make at home and they were horrible. What are they making in house this year? Is the quality any better. I think one of the issues is leaving them unwrapped in the display case. That dries out food. If they were wrapped or at least covered they would be better
  11. I’m an animal lover but some animals don’t belong in some places. Geese crap as big as dogs do. And they have no distinction between doing it on the grass or walkways. Just like the skunks they use to have. (I think they are gone). Adorable but a huge potential problem with guests It’s best to humanely discourage them from the area if one wants a clean park. I have seen low, non electrical wires put around the water to keep geese from making a hangout. Some solution like that. CP has a seagull problem in which there isn’t a solution. The front midway is usually a littered with seagull crap.
  12. If it’s really synchronized to the music it will be spectacular. Versus just playing music while the lights etc are doing their thing like the first year of the new fountain. I thought the fountain show last year was decently synchronized to the music. Whoever programmed it got the idea of matching the lights and water action to the music. Hopefully more of the same.
  13. It’s a shame they put in quality theming and let it deteriorate so quickly. But that has been the history of this park with Theming
  14. I completely agree. Video games belong in an arcade. I prefer dark rides with fantastic scenery where you can look around and discover something new every time. I’m interactive dark rides one just focuses on targets. I would love to see this trend disappear
  15. IF they brought back Phantom Theatre it would probably be a mediocre video based ride and not the works class animatronic ride that we once had. That’s what the did at Knotts with Knotts Bear-y Tales. Unfortunately advances in video technology have lead to decreased quality of theme park attractions. I find Universal the most over rated them parks in the world because so many of their rides are just videos. However a video based ride would be better than what is there now.
  16. That ride was top quality and very high capacity. Unbelievable they trashed it for what’s there now.
  17. Good riddance. It was an ugly structure Perfect location to start revitalizing Oktoberfest with a new flat ride
  18. Cedar Fair killed all the water rides there. They removed Powder Keg Flume and Whitewater Falls then left Rip Roaring Rapids SBNO. Paramount did most of the damage to the water ways but CF was the culprit with the rides. Given Cedar Points history of removing water rides I’m surprised KI and KD (thankfully) still have the original flumes.
  19. Don’t forget the lake of Keelboat Canal was filled in for a warehouse and the lion Country lagoons became concrete jungle. The steam of Les Taxis/Auto Livery was also destroyed. Paramount hated water. I’m surprised the Oktoberfest lake wasn’t filled in Carowinds was a beautiful park full of waterways pre Paramount. They filled almost all of it in.
  20. The pricing of Cedar Fair passes encourages quality of guests over quality of guests. The major installations target this audience as well. A park full of more family friendly attractions would be too boring for that crowd. It’s starting to backfire in a huge way. Once a park gets a bad reputation for safety it’s hard to change that image. There was a LOT of security at my visit this year. It has to be costing a fortune. That amount of security really doesn’t make me feel any better, knowing the reason for it. Its like going to a store that has full time sexy at the checkout. One knows it’s a bad place to be seeing that…..
  21. It was sort of dollar foolish to spend money repainting track that needs replaced. Even though The Racer paint job looks amazing, I fear future track replacement will not be painted.
  22. For The Beast to valley it must be heavily braked or something . There are no large hills after the lift hill drops.
  23. I am shocked that this great ride is still there. Kings Dominion, Carowinds and Canadas Wonderland all removed theirs under KECO or Paramount Cedar Fair though has kept them at several parks.
  24. You are right. Many people would have wanted refunds in March/April. That’s the same reason the stock market crashed during those moths. Uncertainty. But some parks did open in July and the situation was looking better by then. Refunds beginning then would have been appropriate. If a business is failing though it doesn’t give them the ethical right to keep prepayments IMO.
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