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  1. Kings Dominion has the most beautiful entrance area of all theme parks. The large mature trees and the landscape islands make it absolutely gorgeous. I like how the islands separate the seating areas from the main walkways. Kings Dominion I Street fit Winterfest is soooo much more immersive with lights all above everything in the high trees KD I Street was even better when the Eiffel Tower was totally surrounded by trees. But some insect or disease wiped those trees out. That was the failure of the Kings Island I Street renovating. The single row of trees and lack of landscape iislands. it was probably done for parade purposes but it feels much more linear and boring than KDs design. The other fault of the renovation is the hideous exposed light poles. Although those exposed light poles do make Let It Snow work great.
  2. Let’s be thankful Paramount didn’t destroy the beautiful queue building of Racer. At Kings Dominion they bulldozed it, and then built the most ridiculously long, unshaded and HOT I’m the summer queue ramp they possibly could.
  3. It belongs in Rivertown. The cartoony painting of the rustic buildings has never looked good.
  4. I attended Kings Dominion NYE. Their rides closed at midnight. Regular activities and about half of dining closed at 10. I can’t remember when skating stopped. Park and rest of dining closed at 1am.
  5. Busch Gardens Williamsburg has totally ended 3 production major shows 4 days early. This virus is real and many people making 0 effort
  6. Tuesday night probably had 500 people with the rain in the forecast. And it was only drizzly. Then they did a Cedar Fair special and closed at 8:30. Cedar Fair parks in general lack indoor attractions and their gaining reputation for closing in bad weather stops people from coming in less than ideal weather. Not that now is a good time for crowded indoor attractions, but that seems to be a reason for low attendance when it rains. It’s not just Winterfest that this happens. It was dry this year and the event had great attendance . If the event is ever plagued by rain it will be a disaster at the gate. I do wonder how much of Winterfest attendance though is just regurgitating low spending season pass holders. The park was crowded between 6 and 8:30 this year. That seems to indicate that a majority of the attendance didn’t pay ticket price to get in. It’s my favorite event of the year and I’m glad people are going so it can continue , but just some thoughts and observations
  7. You are right. I should avoid most of the food there for a better experience. I just don’t get it how simple food can be made so poorly.
  8. “The original design of The Beast had the upper and lower track in the helix on top of each other. In order to simplify the geometry of the crossover, the lower bents will be upper bents until the tunnel.” What exactly does that mean? I find the most clunky part of the ride is the banked turn after the 2nd drop/before the covered break run. One could see the trains jumping around. It sounds like that is being completely retracked
  9. I don’t know how the “brownies” at the Sweet Spot could be any worse. They have a plastic taste and the texture of dried out fudge. Anyone can make a brownie from a box that’s 100 times better than this monstrosity.
  10. You are right. Additional restrooms are needed. Good ventilation and Clorox cleaning keeps the smell from happening. It’s not just the smell. Touch less faucets and stop dispensers were invented decades ago. Abd it would be nice if the doors opened outward. It’s pretty hard to actually wash your hands and keep them clean leaving those filthy outdated restrooms. It is great that we won’t lose suspension parts in a parking lot pothole. I am surprised they are spending money on the parking lot given the debt load of CF.
  11. Is the pavement the original 1972! pavement like some of restrooms still are from then? The lot was in the worst shape of any park that I have been to recently. It was disintegrated in places. When will there be money in the budget to update the urine scented 1972 restrooms?
  12. We should be having snow this time of year. Not 60 degrees and tornadoes. Was the park closed on Friday?
  13. Oktoberfest was originally full of glare rides. That area is in need of the mist attention. One flat ride could fit where Spinnen Keggers originally sat and another where Flying Dutchman sat (modifying AE exit). A third could be installed instead of that rusty eyesore Slingshot. Real Oktoberfest is all about flat rides. A Himalaya/Music Express would be a great fit for that area.
  14. They are repainting and probably retheming Avalanche for 2022. The new paint scheme is more African looking. It’s not being removed.
  15. Carowinds gets blazing hot in the summer and Cedar Fair has removed their Powder Keg Flume, Whiewater Falls shoot-the-chute and closed Rip Roariin’ Rapids. While KI has retained all three rides.
  16. I can understand limiting ride operations. But I have been burnt multiple times by Cedar Fair at Kings Dominion and Carowinds closing for rain or cold when they could have operated. The Carowinds closure was a 50 degree day! As much as I despised Paramounts destruction of the parks, I don’t recall them totally closing or closing earlier than scheduled KI normally operates as scheduled It’s some of the other CF parks that I am hesitant to travel to after experiencing total park closures
  17. Winterfest is definitely Dr Jeckyll Mr Hyde as far as crowds influenced by weather. Saturday was miserably crowded. Sunday was empty. Virtually everything was running/performing on Sunday despite the weather. I was surprised the parade happened. That’s the way to get customers to come on questionable weather days. Not closing the place down as some parks do (Kennywood, Kings Dominion, Carowinds)
  18. Let It Snow was working the best that I have seen it last night. It filled the air with snow and wasn’t accumulating.
  19. Here is an example, Miracles at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It was my favorite holiday event show, and got axed by their budget cuts. The quality of this video is not the best, but one can see the general idea. This show features 4 vocalists and 10 dancers including a point specialist. Kings Island shows normally have too many vocalists-you don't get to hear each one enough, and not enough dancers. The set and costumes are neutrally winter themed. The word Christmas is used a few times in one of the songs and that's about the only direct reference to the holidays in the entire show. This was FRESH material in a world of overplayed Christmas music. There is unlimited beautiful music like in this show, that would open the doors creatively for higher quality entertainment at the event that would actually let the performers shine. This show had the material to allow the vocalists and dancers to showcase their talents. The song list of Miracles Ordinary Miracle-Sarah McLachlan Somewhere in my Memory - John Williams Angels among Us - Alabama (in this show is was a beautifully, fully sung song, not talked through the verses like the original. That vocalist that sung this song in this show still rings thorough my head) The Fire Within - Leann Rimes Angels We Have Heard on High (piano insturmental version) (this is a Christmas-y song, but the instrumental version neutralizes it) Flying without Wings - Westlife Christmas Canon - Trans Siberian Orchestra - (this is the most Christmas-y song in the playlist, but it works great with the choreography. I Believe - Nicky Yanofsky
  20. There are things "winter" about the event that have nothing to do with the holidays at the event. Many of the roaming characters are winter themed like Jack Frost, etc. The Ice Action Zone is non-holiday themed except the Jewish light ups they threw in there this year. Area 72 is non-holiday. The back walk with the blue lighting that features the ice king and queen is not holiday. Eftling is located in the Netherlands, and is open year-round. They have a winter event called Winter Eftling. If Carowinds and Kings Dominion being open until Jan 9 is an experiement in extending the event, this can be done with more winter theming at the event. Christmas music gets really old fast after Christmas day. Even Winterfest beginning Jan 26 feels like a huge leftover with the Christmas shows still playing.
  21. It’s Winterfest. It’s a shame they don’t have a purely winter, non holiday themed show (ie winter music not Christmas music) The summer show in the bandstand in 2021 Center Stage Live was one of the best combinations of choreography, vocals and live music the parks has ever had. It was well choreographed and produced. It’s a shame they don’t use that same talent for a winter version.
  22. From what I have seen, most people are interested in the animals or the vocalists The animal people talk during the performance, not watch or even listen.
  23. Nativity has some of the best vocalists that park has had, but one has to listen to them over the donkey braying and chatter of people interacting with the animals. Overall the lighting is improved some. Planet Snoopy looks much better with the LED lights in the trees instead of the dull toy lights. The blue and white striped trees behind/beside Festhaus look great. The lights in Coney change color but they are no longer synced to the music. Still way too many white lights in thd trees. CF does this at all their parks. The parade has backfired if it is meant to keep people in the park. There is a mass exodus when it is over. It’s nice that the park is peaceful that last hour.
  24. in 2014 CF was actually giving KD some attention. Now they put virtually no effort into that park They gave up on being competitive in that region Hopefully KI Racer gets a full paint job. But if it does, it will be the only one of The Racers in the chain that has gotten fully painted.
  25. Yes they quit painting wooden coasters to save on labor and paint, since the wood is treated. But they end up with ratty looking coasters. Thunder Road looked bad before they destroyed it, even though it had been rebuilt. All of Racer 75 is just as visible from the water park as Racer is from Coney I hope Racer gets better treatment of paint
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