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  1. This is an interesting fact. Out of the 16 mine trains built by arrow since 1966, all are still operating except Dexter Frebish Electric Roller Ride/Excalibur at Astroworld. And that coaster was removed to be replaced by an SLC, not because of ride age or mechanical issues. AE appears that it will have a VERY long life if the park chooses.
  2. It would be a crying shame if Xcalibur/Imperator gets removed. It is one of the only models in the world. It's such a spectacular ride.
  3. I would take this at KI over nothing. https://www.carowinds.com/play/events/taste-of-the-season
  4. The park probably spent $0 on anything gory or death-related this year, since this is a fall festival event. For the ride graveyard, they probably just used what they had since any money spent was spent on more friendly decorations this year.
  5. They have already started a spooky them in that section with (especially) Banshee and The Bat. I would make sense that would be the retheme. Most of all, that area needs less concrete and more shade.
  6. Thanks for posting this in such close up detail, by each section.
  7. About 10%-20% of the people in the park either don't believe in covid or are uneducated on how to use a mask. People not wearing their mask at all, or below their nose, or even just on their chin can be seen constantly throughout the day. It just plain inconsideration to anyone else in the park and they put themselves at greater risk. The park is definitely not strict on the mask usage.
  8. I had the misfortune of attending one of those days. It was a Saturday with temps in the 50s and NO tain. Around 2 PM they announced they were closing at 3. One of the poorest experiences ever at a park. But that’s what happens with cheap season passes. The parks don’t care if they upset the customers because they know they will come back with their pass. And if the park has mainly season pass holders in attendance, they Can close early because they already have the money they will get from them. Thsy one experience makes me now view Carowinds as being poorly manag
  9. The chain has cash to get through the rest of the year. After December they have to borrow to start paying the bills. I don’t see them going deeper in debt until they have positive cash flow again.
  10. Celebrate Racers 50 years by giving it a synchronized lift hill, paint, and add back the final drop with a tunnel
  11. The fact that there is no re entry for the previous events is proof that it attracts the wrong demographic. Fact is also that families spend more than teenagers and young adults.
  12. The reason i hate them is because you can't sit by the fountain on I Street at night without randomly being startled by them. They take away of the best places in the park to sit and chill, just for a random decoration that people walk by and notice for a few seconds.
  13. Dominator/Knight Flight has one of the best layouts for a looping coaster. It is well paced. There are no back-to-back inversions except the 2 in the cobra roll (which is required for a cobra roll). There is a element between every inversion other than that. The ride however has gotten super vibrate-y over the last couple of years. KD needs to do a refurbishment on it.
  14. This is the right direction to go. While the gore and death images all over is a turn on for a certain market, the more moderate Halloween decorations throughout the park (with contained scare attractions in the future) will attract everyone to the park. I think Cedar Fair is realizing that the trill market is limited (they are regurgitating the same customers) and they are drawing in new customers with family events (Carnivale, Winterfest). Hopefully it is the end of the flame throwers in the fountains forever.
  15. Is this why they have cut down all the trees behind McDonalds? I would think a resort would be full of trees, not barren.
  16. I agree. If people want to be scared, there are plenty of scare attractions. They are chasing off customers if people cannot walk around the park without being attacked.
  17. Knott's Calico Mine Ride. The mountain would look fantastic where back lot coaster sits.
  18. A ferris wheel is a great family ride that everyone can enjoy except those afraid of heights. KI needs more total family rides. Right now they only have the antique cars, the helicopters, the cheaply made Boo Blasters, the train and the carrousel. However, that large ferris wheel at Cedar Point is virtually worthless. It has a HUGE capacity, but normally they only use about 1/4 of the gondolas due to balancing. No single riders either. The whole ride is stop/start over and over again. Other that the view, it's a piece of crap. King's Island had one of the best ferris wheels of
  19. There’s a show called The Shrieks coming. Not sure what it is exactly but maybe a replacement for Monster Rock?
  20. I always thought a mouse would have been a good replacement for the Barvarian Beetle. That spot would have worked great since the space in Oktoberfest is limited, behind the current trees of course.
  21. Both Kings Dominion and Carowinds Completely replaced their arbor tunnels at one point. New structures and vines. Carowinds actually modified theirs again last year to raise it to allow for parade floats to go through The ones that go to Whitewater Canyon are subpar compared to the original one. The original one was wide enough that It has seating. If for some reason the vines have not covered them very well despite how long they have been there The ones that go to Whitewater Canyon or pitiful compared to the original one. If for some reason the vines have not covered them v
  22. Long tunnels underground or built on low parts add to a ride. Short tunnels don’t do much. Tunnels built on high parts don’t do much either. The Beast is a great example. The first tunnel really doesn’t add to the ride other than increasing the drop height. The long second tunnel is one of the best parts on any roller coaster. The tunnels on the helix definitely add to the ride. Mystic Timbers tunnel is worthless. Was it built as some kind of sound barrier? I don’t think the tunnel on Orion would’ve added much to the ride other than increase drop height
  23. The money they have for next year is a line of credit. Cash runs out in December 2020 with current cash flow and expenditures. It’s in their conference call notes. they have also given away a full year of season pass and add on revenue. Their cash situation is not going to be good for a while even after they start operating normally. It would be an absolutely unwise business decision to add another major ride before they can fully market Orion to the public under normal circumstances. The park is currently operating in less than half crowds. Measuring by the
  24. Cedar Fair is in a cash situation. Most of their parks are closed and they need their current cash just to make the company survive through the end of the year. After the end of the year they are going to pull on the line of credit. I highly doubt if they do any major investment for several years. This is most likely necessary infrastructure if anything Most of their parks are closed and they need their current cash just to make the company survive through the end of the year. After the end of the year they are going to pull on a line of credit. I highly doubt if they do any major investmen
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