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  1. They also cut Haunted Homecoming from the live entertainment. The budget cuts in entertainment are purely to make more profit with a lesser guest experience. They sure didn’t cut live entertainment for pandemic reasons. There are no pandemic protocols left… All these cuts result in a crowded park with fewer attractions and a worse guest experience. They won’t maintain pass sales with that formula.
  2. Avalanche at Kings Dominion is an excellent ride. It’s a great coaster for those that don’t like drops and it’s still thrilling with its high banked turns. It’s also fast loading. A longer version with more trains would be a good capability ride.
  3. It’s interesting that Cedar Point and Kings Dominion are open until 10PM on Sundays this fall and Carowinds Canada’s Wonderiand until midnight. While KI, with its high attendance, closes at 8.
  4. Planet Snoopy is run down. Hardly and trees. No quality dark ride. Poorly themed to the same handful of characters It doesn’t deserve an award. Orion was built for the 300 ft marketing but they only built 3/4 of a ride. Not deserving. Overall it’s not a very nice park. It feels dated, total lack of shade. Cedar Fair budget cuts are obvious this year. It’s sliding back into the Paramount days.
  5. There was water leaking there all season long. They are just finally now fixing it. Probably because of their cash flow issues.
  6. Cedar Fair list $47 million dollars in the 2nd quarter with their failed cheap season pass business plan
  7. now we have coronavirus as bad as it’s ever been even though we have vaccinations And the theme parks have their eyes and ears covered like nothing is wrong. I believe that Cedar Fair, six flags, and sea world will be bankrupt within a year because of the continued upward trend of this virus And they probably deserve it since they are taking no responsibility to protect their employees and customers now
  8. Why would they want to keep them open? Cedar Fair is all about cheap season passes and a low quality, overcrowded experience. If they have more drink stations open that means people on the drink plan will take more drinks and less profits for them. That’s how they operate now
  9. They are underselling (price) /overselling (quantity = long lines) their product chain wide. I singled out Taft as where they have done some good things. Namely putting the theming back into the parks with their new additions. I guess Knotts could be added to that list. The others are more or less generic parks and WoF doesn’t get much love. Its a shame they are taking the Six Flags approach selling passes. Hopefully the parks don’t end up as crappy as SF parks.
  10. The removal of Skyline, Subway and LaRosas replaced by ANYTHING that is barely edible would be an improvement
  11. Don’t expect much from Cedar Fair coming in the near future. They are low on cash and still losing money as of the last quarter Selling cheap unprofitable season passes and dining plans whike overcrowding parks is not a good business model. Thry are already pushing 2022 passes at rock bottom prices and giving away a lot of 2021 with them in their desperation for cash. They have done some great things in the Taft parks recently but they apparently don’t feel they have a valuable product.
  12. Yes but children’s hospitals shouldn’t be full of patients with this virus. This could have all been over if those eligible would have gotten vaccinated. It’s a bigger mess now because hardly anyone is wearing masks, thanks to the CDC removing mask and distancing guidance too early.
  13. These theme parks removed ALL covid precautions this year. In Ohio. 95% of people are unmasked while only about 50% are vaccinated. The odds aren’t good for the unvaccinated to be safe. The rush to remove masks and social distancing is going to be regretted
  14. I can almost guarantee you, if Cedar Fair brought it back it would be a very cheaply done video based ride. Like Knotts Beary Tales. Cedar Fair hates animatronics as much as they hate trees.
  15. As long as the park offers these cheap season meal passes, the portions will get smaller.
  16. typo! One track by the same artist is something KI would do lol
  17. I’m at Kings Dominion this week and they have the music right. It just amplifies how bad the music at KI Is Each soundtrack fits the theme of the area Kings Dominion I Street. All the music is real instrumental, real tunes. No regurgitated pop in synth instrumental. International and orchestral ballad music. Old Virginia - instrumental bluegrass and 50-60s era country music Candy Apple Grove. - all instrumental. It is a combination of big band, ragtime, New Orleans jazz, and carousel music Safari Village - African and Caribbean style Snoopyland this is the only section playing Pop dance music. And it is the real version, not some child vocal version. Retro area around Twisted Timbers. - 50s and 60s music
  18. Exactly. The park caters to this trashy crowd. It must be their target market.
  19. Their whole business model of cheap season passes, season drink and dining plans is hugely flawed. It makes for over crowded that can’t make money. The whole strategy of season passes in the past was in park spending. But they eliminated that with the drink and dining plans. Also giving away the water park is not a good business plan either.
  20. They better not extend them again or Cedar Fair will go bankrupt. They have to have revenue to operate!
  21. The only rude ones I have seen this year are the human garbage that are too lazy to walk to the designated smoking area for their trashy addiction and think they have the right to smoke or vape anywhere.
  22. There really aren’t many night rides to be had during the summer. It doesn’t get dark until after 9 and they close the coaster most of that time for fireworks. It’s ridiculous to close a star attraction (beast night rides) for 5 minutes of silliness.
  23. Front gate coasters are basically parking lot coasters. The overall location for Orion is fine. One can see it and build anticipation from the moment they come through the gate. Although they should have stayed farther away from The Beast.
  24. I heard the Carowinds March (the oringibsk Carowinds sing) song on Racer Radio this week That was nice.
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