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  1. I was in absolute awe. I have been riding this ride for 34 years, but the last few years I've gotten off sore and beaten. I did not expect the absolutely smooth ride yesterday, and I swear my mouth was gaping the whole ride (I'm glad I didn't swallow a bug!) I've stayed in the front few cars for the past few years, but I'm going to try the back again. I'm thrilled! (Which I guess is the purpose of the ride, right?)
  2. Question for everyone: We went on Saturday night at about 7:30, and it took us about half an hour to get through the queue to get our season passes scanned. Is this normal for haunt, or was this out of the ordinary?
  3. It's ok. I would never really do that, but it's a fun idea! If it were allowed, of course. Which it seems not to be.
  4. ^ Ooh, did you just get me a legitimate reason to go buy a drone???
  5. Ok, so I just moved really really close to the park (10 minutes from my front door to parking), and I have fulfilled my childhood dream of getting a season pass. Is there any way to get wait times outside of the park via the web/app? I want to know if there are short lines, and I can pop on over and ride a few rides. I went Friday and walked on The Beast twice, and on Mystic Timbers in about 5 minutes, and went yesterday and waited 40 minutes for MT (and Beast was closed.) Once I've had next to no lines, it's hard to go back! (Wah, I know.)
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