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  1. I'm taking the fire spinner"s classes and the girl told me that the contract ended
  2. They did actually drum but they just had some backtracking to make it sound more full
  3. I'm friends with last year's fire breather and his wife, the new show "Drums of the Dead" will include them, and two other familiar drummers! According to them it's supposed to be bigger and better than Blood Drums
  4. I found a pin with the jack-in-the-box from haunt on it! I was so hyped about it. I've also bought many Squishmallow friends while at the park. They're just so snuggly and I just can't help myself! lol
  5. Every show is amazing this year! I got to sing into mic on Monday at Of the Charts because Flor saw me singing along. Can't wait to see how the shows grow as the season goes
  6. But can we just touch up on how unexpected it was when Ariane got straight up CHUCKED INTO THE AIR?! I keep on forgetting about this when I'm in the theater watching the show and it startles me every time lol
  7. I always try to do what ever I can to make a ride ops job easier. If I'm riding alone I put down the restraint next to me and when they're checking mine I always put my arms up and get out of their way the best i can (leaning back and sucking in my stomach) and I always make sure that I say thank you to them once they're done. I try to talk to them some times but that's not always the easiest.
  8. Yeah, the two purple dudes. I would say their names but I don't remember how to spell them lol. 2 more days! Can't wait!
  9. I think that I remember seeing those lights being used during Haunt last season
  10. I just saw on someone's insta story that they added more beast prints on the pavement! Idk how long they've been there now but they weren't there when I was on Saturday! I love how they're still adding new stuff almost a month into the season
  11. It's honestly so adorable. I'm really into photography and taking photos during shows and this is such a great one to practice with. Charlie Brown's rap is so iconic lol
  12. My first KI memory is when I was on the train with my mom and I had to be around 6 or so. It was getting cold and my mom tried to force me to put on my Curious George jacket and I said "no! I'm not cold!" and then she said "you have goosebumps, you're cold" and forced it on me
  13. Ariane, Jet, Keith, and Jeremy are coming back! Phil's going to be in the Kings Dominion. Every one else in the show is new. Can't wait to meet them! One week left!
  14. My mom always tells me the story of her riding the eagles while she was pregnant with me and how those were my first ride because it was all that she could ride lol. Woodstock Gliders should be ok since they're basically the same thing! y'all could also hit up the shows at the park! they're a fun time
  15. All of y'all's stories are making me want a job at the park even more! Hopefully next season I'll be lucky enough!
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