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  1. Haha it’s short for My Husband!
  2. MH was at the park this morning. He was looking at the posters and an employee came up and told him to come back tomorrow. Guess he said there would be something new [emoji2368] or they just want you to come back every day lol.
  3. Well glad I’m not the only one not seeing perks [emoji2368] I’ll probably stop by guest services next time I’m at the park.
  4. Has anyone received a pass perks email? I’ve been three times since they sent the email about the program and I haven’t received anything. Am I missing something? Eta: sorry I see now that someone else has asked this question already.
  5. Oh wow, Thanks! No idea it had a min. start up temperature it was very cold last night.
  6. We went Friday at open. Went straight for Mystic Timbers and it was closed for weather and it would be a lengthy wait. I found it odd bc I know I’ve seen where folks here said they got a 30 degree ride on it. And the weather was completely clear. Unless there could have been ice on the tracks? The park was honestly dead and we only had an hour to ride before we had to go get the kids from dc so we missed out. MH was convinced that they didn’t want to run it bc there weren’t enough people at the park yet. Could that be?
  7. Do passholders get early entry for winterfest?
  8. Wait what? For gold pass? Please school me on the passholders event bc I was unaware.
  9. My first ride on The Bat ever was at night this past weekend. It was freaking amazing! I was surprised by how fast it felt, I was honestly kinda scared lol. And the walk through the queue really helped with my step goal [emoji23]
  10. I was thinking this too. I was kind of annoyed to pay the locker fee at first bc I’m originally from Orlando and that was my experience at universal. On another note, I noticed quite a few kids just hiding their bags behind bushes at Cedar Point, risky but clever lol.
  11. We also were at island smokehouse around 11! They didn’t seem to have many good selections out and no chicken fingers. MH got some later and they were way over cooked, the same at reds which was disappointing too. However chicken shack was on point when we went a few weeks ago.
  12. Hi! New to the group, but I had a question...any ideas why there are no wait times posted at the beginning of the rides? I check the app but it is far from accurate in my experience, we waited for over 30 mins for Diamondback when the wait time said 5 mins on the app. I could tell by the queue that it was def not 5 mins. But I wouldn’t mind knowing if it’s 30 vs 60 mins.
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