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  1. Probably because they still have some imagination and are very creative. Why not?
  2. They were kids passing the time very creative kids, sorry they had better things to do than play on their phones. No harm no foul. Thought maybe some of the experts might know but I'll ask questions elsewhere. BTW, I have been a passholder for years and I see people doing WAY worse things in the parks over the years. Thank you for your time.
  3. Please advise where the policy prohibiting use of sidewalk chalk in the park may be found. You suspended 2 platinum passes for 60 days for sidewalk chalk, which is not damaging or permanent, with no such policy posted on the property. No warning, no additional feedback, request to stop, etc? Just oh hey you wasted hundreds of dollars on those passes. We had to cancel our trip to Cedar Point because of this as well. Please justify your overly harsh reaction.
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