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  1. I still love boo blasters my high score is 1600points
  2. I saw this church sign while driving by and snapped a picture. GP
  3. I don’t like how Coaster Fanatics films on rides even though he knows he can’t.
  4. I think Coaster Force has the best POVs
  5. Hi everyone, this discussion is going to be about your opinion on the best Roller Coaster YouTube channel.
  6. One time when I was with my cousin, he said he wanted to ride GateKeeper and we were at KI
  7. And 2023 we will get a strata coaster
  8. I voted Invertigo. Any Arrow coaster has to much history to tear down. Thinking about it though Backlot has horrible placement. I may change my mind. But I still don't like Vakomas!
  9. Millennium Force is pretty fun but I prefer Maverick. I love the Wild West theme.
  10. My favorite is probably Steel Vengeance with second Maverick.
  11. I think it's funny how the GP think AE is Son of Beast when they are on the Eiffel Tower. I'm pretty sure I hear that every time I'm up there.
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