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  1. I really don't think Cedar Fair would consider taking out the ride unless someone was injured or God forbid killed and lawsuits were going to fly. You have to give the manufactuer a chance to make corrections. If the problems can't be fixed on a long term basis they might consider taking them out but they would cover their rear ends by letting the builder try to make fixes first. That lets CF make a case when they would file the eventual lawsuits.
  2. I heard from a KI employee that SOB was going to be torn down and a giant 500 ft Top Spin was going in...no wait....it is being replaced by the next rocket shp going to the moon...no wait.....a prototype coaster that will run sideways...no wait....it will be turned into the "How Not to Build a Coaster" museum...no wait....it won't have to be torn down because it is actually sinking....no wait....it has been donated to the Smithsonian...no wait....Evil Kenevil will jump it at the end of the season....no wait.....
  3. I think that if CF really wanted to honor the Kings Island of the past, the best way would be to restore Coney to as close a reproduction of the original Coney Island as possible. That was the intent of the original owners when Kings Island was built. That was the heritage they hoped would make Kings Island a success. Bring back the Ginko Trees. Even bring back some of the original rides the park use to have. I am sure rides like the Whip and Cuddle Up are still avaliable. We know the Wild Mouse has been brought back to life. You could go even more bodacious and rebuild an exact replica of the Shooting Star which was an idea kicked around when The Beast was built. With WindSeeker going on, the crowds will be back in an area of the park that has been neglected. Coney Island had a charm that no other park had in it's day. Kennywood created Old Kennywood. It could be done but it's just my dream. With the other areas of the park built for different experiences, bring Coney Island back to life. That honors the true heritage of the original CI and gives those that were too young to visit CI in it's heyday just a taste of what it was supposed to be like when KI was opened 39 years ago. Well, that's my dream. And I'll keep dreaming.
  4. I did some research and the CI Wild Mouse was built by R. A. Schiff, it is now defunct. In the 50's they has a Wild Mouse in a lot of parks all over the USA. I got the info from RCDB. It was a fun ride, especially the tight turns right after the lift.
  5. Tombraider is right. In the early 60's there was a Wild Mouse. It was located where the BB was. There was always a rumor that one of the original Wild Mouse cars flew off the track on the beginning turns and people were killed. Rumors exisisted even then. The new Wild Maus coasters have almost the exact track layout as the original. Back then it was a 2 person car and now they rotate on some models. Le Sordsville (I know I spelled that incorrectly) also had a Wild Mouse. My memory is fuzzy but I think I remember more wood on that structure and the one at CI being all metal. I don't know who built the original or why it was removed but everytime I was at CI, it was crowded. Anyway, that's what I remember.
  6. Tombraider is right. In the early 60's there was a Wild Mouse. It was located where the BB was. There was always a rumor that one of the original Wild Mouse cars flew off the track on the beginning turns and people were killed. Rumors exisisted even then. The new Wild Maus coasters have almost the exact track layout as the original. Back then it was a 2 person car and now they rotate on some models. Le Sordsville (I know I spelled that incorrectly) also had a Wild Mouse. My memory is fuzzy but I think I remember more wood on that structure and the one at CI being all metal. I don't know who built the original or why it was removed but everytime I was at CI, it was crowded. Anyway, that's what I remember.
  7. While I disagree with the policy, this KIC's ballbark, you know the rules, you play by them or you go elsewhere.
  8. Fear the Four, I don't mind being corrected IF I am wrong. If you feel the need correct someone; 1. Be nice 2. Really read what they said. SOB was one of the first coasters built by RCCA after Larry Summers past away I believe. Also Paramount won a settlement from RCCA over the construction of SOB. If I am wrong on that, I know Terpy can supply the correct lowdown. Anyway, look before you leap.
  9. SOB should be reprofiled and retracked by GG or GCI. Give the job to professiional coaster builders and let them take their knowledge to remake SOB. The Iron Horse idea is interesting but IMO SOB needs to be preserved as a woodie. The main problem was that SOB wasn't built by a Coaster specialist. Let the people that know make the Son a Beast again.
  10. I have told this story before. I don't even know if it's still there but as you left the station on the first curve, there was a mine entrance with a track running out of it and water running out of it, very cool. As for the brakes, the first 2 years The Beast was operating, the first run of the day was with NO brakes. Back then the theory was to "air out" the track and trains. We would get there 1-2 hours early to be the first ones back there. The Beast with NO brakes was totally amazing. Wild, Fast and almost scary. It was very different back then. Insurance regulations weren't as they are now and Parks didn't hold rides back like they used to. The Eagles didn't have stops on the rudder and it was a whole different attitude. It was a great time. Sorry you missed it.
  11. Thanks for your help....I appreciate it. stewwill
  12. I want to get back into RCT 3. I now have windows 7...before I go through the process of reloading RCT 3, does RCT 3 run under Windows 7? And, if it does, where is everyone getting all the great scenery and add ons I have seen? Thanks for your advice. stewwill
  13. CF is spending a ton of money this year. That's a great sign for the future. I think the ride looks like a lot of fun but with CF's history with theming, I hope that doesn't mean 2 fake boulders from Lowes and a lawn sprinkler. It's great to have theming but it has to work after the first season. They should rename the Crypt; "Big Dark Building with a Top Spin Stuck in IT." Follow through is everything in a Theme Park. Of course some will argue that CP isn't a theme park. Let the games begin.
  14. It's called Coney Mall because back in the day when Coney Island was the original Coney Island before Kings Island was open, the part of Coney where all the major rides were located...where the Ginko Trees were was known as the Mall. I don't know why or who did it but that was the name. Hence when Kings Island was created that part of the park was named Coney Mall. At the time, Coney was closed and never expected to ever open again so that was how the memory of Coney was supposed to be remembered.
  15. There is an ebb and flow to everything. I am an old guy...I have been around this site and the one before it 2 times. With success means growth. It also means especially with a Theme Park, a lot of younger kids will want to join because they think it's cool. A lot, and not always the young ones, think it's cool to try to be funny, or it's ok to be a jerk or a jerkette and put up dump posts. Well, a lot of those types lose their zeal pretty fast IF no one responds to that post. As hard as it can be sometimes, don't jump on a bad poster, correct their misinformation or blatant stupidity. That gets rid of the freaks, geeks and creeps faster than you can say reopen SOB. But...on the other side, new or young members can also be just as informed, make good points and become great members for a lifetime. Sometimes we have to lead by example. "Nuff said.
  16. I got it as well, the link goes to an adult web site. I was more worried if opening it put a virus on my comp. I wonder if anyone that clicks on that message reallt take time to look at the site or just close the window p***ed off. I wonder why people do this. I guess this must work or they wouldn't do it. It just amazes me.
  17. It's a little off topic, but if SOB was to be removed, the best publicity stunt would to be implode it on the last day of the season. I don't think a coaster has been imploded before. Just a thought and no offense mea nt to SOB fans. I was just trying to a little more creative than buring it down.
  18. I grew up with Coney Island. Almost every Thursday during the summer my Mom would take me there because she could never get me to go anywhere else. I remember Mike Tangi's voice welcoming me to the Land of Oz. If you don't know, Mike Tangi invented the Kwik Brothers. My first rollercoaster was the Teddy Bear. I rode the Swans through the Windmill and rode the hand crank cars across the track until I could barely lift my arms. At Dusk, we ate Fried Chicken at the Top of the Mall and finally went to Lake Como to watch the fireworks. As I got older, my first big boy rollercoaster was the Wild Cat. I rode the Laff in the Dark, Cuddle Up, Whip and Dodgems which back then was like a demolition derby. Then came the Shooting Star, that was the ultimate. I became a teenager and I started going to the park with my friends. We came from Ft Thomas across the Ferry. People in Ohio really missed something having just to drive to the park. Walking through the river gate, looking at the Flood Meter, walking and eating in the picnic groves were memories I will never forget. Coney Island was my park just like Kings Island is the next generation's park. But I was lucky, I saw both parks. To those that never got to the original CI, it was magical, wonderful place just like Kings Island is for so many now. That film film brought back so many wonderful memories. As I write this, it's Thursday, I almost wish Mom and I were going to CI today. Thanks for letting me be so nostalgic about a place that still has a special place in my heart and memories no one can take away.
  19. Here is a question I have been pondering and I hope someone who knows more than I do can answer it. If you are designing a coaster, especially a woodie, why build it if you have to break it? I realize you have to have a point or 2 for safety, emergency stops which would be left off unless needed and an end of ride break run but wouldn't it be more cost effective especially from a long term maintenance stand point to design the ride so you can transfer from element to element without mid ride breaking? It seems to me if the ride could run in a continious flow, it would be a better, more exciting ride. Any thoughts or comments?
  20. I wonder if by the time IR was brought up to 21st century standards, it would be more cost effective to rebuild the entire park entrance/restaurant area? Now I might be wrong, but does CP have a sit down, fine dining restaurant in the park? I don't mean a national chain store but their own high level restaurant. I have the feeling that if the main entrance was rebuilt to include a restaurant, the restaurant part of the construction would be borne by the franchise that will fill it. I doubt CF would spend the money to get into the fine dining business. But..it would be nice..the Prime Rib was amazing.
  21. I live in Charleston SC. We have a great county park system, parks both large and small with lots of amenties. The 4 large county parks have water parks. They are not mega parks but I would call them medium parks. Good slides, some thrills and kiddie areas. I have lived here 10 years and these parks have been open the whole time and are operated by the county recreation commission. They draw good crowds and of course add both season pass holders and daily visitors to the parks. They figured out how to make this work and work well. About the Boyd County location, it's not an ideal location but it might spur development in the area which might be the reason for the selection of that site but I confess I am speculating.
  22. Actually, I wish KI had more of it's older rides still in the park.the Cuddle Up, Rotor, Tumble Bug and don't even remind me the Eagles are gone. This writer was either on crack or mad because he can't get his book published and he works for this paper until someone discovers him. I wonder if this guy has been to either park? I wonder if this guy has a life, I wonder if this guy needs a date? I why I wonder why I care about a guy like this?
  23. Correct me if I am wrong. CF bought GL before the purchase of Paramount Parks. It's a simple math problem. It was a better decision to close GL, use the rides to update the Paramount Parks than to spend more money to fix a broken park. Coney island was closed for a similar reason. There was no room to expand you every winter, there was a chance the park could be flooded. They used a lot of CI rides to populate KI when it first opened. CI wasn't "broken" but there was no way to fix it, so KI was born. Like I said, things change. It's like growing up, you change. That's why you have memories.
  24. Ok...everyone needs to take a chill pill. One thing I learned a long time ago is things change. If GL made money, it would still be open. The park became flawed when SF tried to rollercoaster it against CP. It was a family park at heart and not a thrill park. The damage was done before CF bought it. They tried to return it back to its roots but it was too late. Once a bond is broken, be it an amusment park, tv show or restaurant, it's very difficult to rebond with the public. Now days there are too many ways to spend recreational money for families. Hell, no one misses Coney Island more than I do but that's what memories are made of. I understand how emotional a bond is for an amusment park lover like I am. But like PC's, ATM cards, Ipods, BlueTooth and cell phones, things change. A few years ago, none of those toys exisited. As for people ripping each other, aren't theme parks supposed to be fun? If you need to "rip" someone, be creative and use humor, be funny, make people laugh. Entertain. Have personality. This board is about theme parks, have fun with it, be passioniate about your opinions but have fun. 'Nuff said. Now, go have fun.
  25. Terpy runs off the stage as a rotten tomato flies past his head....
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