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  1. Working at Haunt I'd say it's about 50/50 and up to what your child can handle. A lot of kids come through the maze I work in crying from fear and there's also kids that absolutely love it. If you do bring him and he doesn't want to be scared, Kings Island sells a necklace called a "no boo necklace" that will keep the actors that roam the park from scaring him. (The necklaces don't work in mazes!)
  2. I hope they do this. Killmart was the first maze I worked in and I'd hate to see it go. I have so many memories there.
  3. My theory is that since Winterfest came back last year, a lot of Haunt actors might’ve decided to do that instead. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again this year.
  4. Most of if not all of the mazes got some new props and upgrades last year though. I remember KillMart got a really neat animatronic last year, I loved working near that thing. I think the other mazes got similar stuff.
  5. People complain about changes to the brake trims on The Beast, imagine the complaining people would do if they RMC it and change the layout!
  6. I'm interested in what KI and CP will do to compete with Planet Oasis. I feel it could bring some new and exciting things for both parks!
  7. I'm working in Chaos this year! Although I'm sad to see CarnEvil go, I feel that getting rid of Board to Death was a good move and I have high hopes for Chaos. I hope Wolf Pack is next on the chopping block.
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