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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I'd still like to see any season pass for kids under 16 get a free ice cream or something. It's not like they're using the free parking unless there's a Powerwheels section I'm not seeing
  2. Seems like the 20 somethings would look into FL purchasing more often if the wait without phones is too much.
  3. FYI beginning Thursday Erie county will require face masks in all public places. Obviously CP is already requiring, but if you plan any other stops or a non CF hotel it may effect you. Also about 50% of the park is currently operating.
  4. We're use to "extreme" haunts where actors are able to grab, separate you from your group, ect. There is definitely room to throttle the scare factors up or down. Usually people wore a glowstick necklace to signify who wanted the extreme. The HallowTween was nice because we were able to see some of the details put into mazes that normally couldn't be seen during haunt time. It'd be great to have all the houses available for it, but understand their theming isn't in the "tween" rating IMO. The cluster I've noticed in Planet Snoopy for trick or treating could be expanded to the few T
  5. The only thing I've seen is a few bands performing. Before they leave stage at then end of a set, masks are put back on.
  6. I've been to neither of them, but one thing I look at when we plan amusement park trips in summer is how accessible the parts are we would go to, including the waterpark. Virginia area Busch Gardens looks more likely because we go separate days for dry vs waterpark. Canada's Wonderland, we'd probably just go to a different waterpark in the area and cut down our CW time.
  7. I'd believe it might be a reason if the other CF park webcams went down after they opened as well. With CP opening tomorrow we'll see.
  8. We have neck gaiters with ear loops from Amazon. They are more of a triangle shape so cooler on our necks. IF you have a normal sized head they work well, I had to sew mine and kids 2 inches smaller in diameter to stay up while walking around and used a hairband to tighten them more for Orion after they were able to drop off our noses (loops saved them from uncovering our mouths at least). Husband had some 3 layer mask with breathing valves and made it maybe 2 hours before switching to a spare gaiter I bought. We only have a Wal-Mart that's been out of masks for a couple months. Hopeful
  9. That's where the health department contact tracing kicks in NOT Kings Island. If they determine the exposure warrants giving further details to identify guests it will be announced.
  10. Michigan's Adventure waterpark is opening, at least they are able to get something going there https://www.miadventure.com/park-update
  11. The rest of the article clarifies a little more though
  12. Our district is talking about still doing in school attendance or optional Elearning by request, temp screening would have to be done at home and encourage student drop-off vs bus. I can understand the concept, but I have to be at work over 4 hours before the bus even picks up (4:54am) due to the "staggered work schedule for covid". What the heck am I supposed to do check her while sleeping or have her hopefully do it correctly herself and call me each morning? She's 11 so was a kinda stressful thought catching the bus without us home this coming year in the first place. Throw in the extra and
  13. Maybe a stupid question but are interstate rest stops still open?
  14. FYI Boo Blasters had the FL chained off when we went Saturday but was allowing regular line, and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown & Antique Autos isn't showing as accepting FL on the new map? Bit confusing
  15. Other than someone someone standing behind the henna/face painting stand near Coney Mall restrooms vaping I didn't see anyone inside the park. Saturday while they were working on Invertigo in a boom lift security had to make everyone leave the smoking area though because of safety. Later with no shade under the umbrellas in the area people were up against the passholder building or under the trees.
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