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  1. I had to take a 2nd glance at that one, thought I missed the hill topoff. Really good
  2. US government not happy about the asteroid impact announcement?
  3. Only reason I've picked July is I want to celebrate my 40th birthday there since I've never done celebrations for myself lol As far as the hotel, being within walking distance means he won't push himself too much and have an asthma attack because he's too stubborn to go rest because of us.
  4. Unfortunately we had kids in front of us on Bat that tried to use their phones, ride stopped halfway up the lift hill and operator's has to come across saying phones were not allowed to be out, didn't restart until the phones were put away. Once over the hill: kids had phones back out ops couldn't do much then. They did manage to lose a hat which hit my 10yo in the face, luckily not a phone. Ops stopped the kids at the station and called security. Stupid kids were still complaining about a lost hat not being held for security when we walked out.
  5. After reading through all this, there's one thing that stuck in my head was losing a 48" looping coaster. One that many ppl experienced as the first coaster they rode that went upside down. Without KI building another that meets those 2 things it leaves Banshee unfortunately 4" away before the fun of going upside down for the first time. As much as I want to see a dive coaster or some such type, it feels off to not put in a "gateway?" coaster for some shorties.
  6. We are looking at Cedar Point as our 2020 vacation. Right now we have gold passes for KI and will upgrade to platinum if things still look good for vacation. We are going back and forth on how many days to spend, because husband likes to take "breaks" midday (read as sleep). So far I plan to stay at Breakers so it's easier on him and 11yo likes water parks so that's a day itself IMO. We will be checking in July 10th so part of it will be during the weekend no matter how many days. Is 4 days enough if we want multiple coaster rides? I've seen ppl say 2 days, but we spend 2 days at KI with breaks and it doesn't seem enough lol. May seem early to plan but I have to put vacation requests around January if I want guaranteed approval at work.
  7. Kinda wish they could give you a 2020 voucher for kids under 44" or 48". FL never made sense to us until 48" but we have an adrenaline junkie kid lol.
  8. My kid didn't hit 40" till 6 years old, not every kid hit height requirements at the same age. Didn't hit 54" till this year at 11yo
  9. Must be random, they checked each of ours because I had to call my husband and kid over who was getting height measured to get them at all.
  10. Noooo!!!! Last time I had White Castle I ended up in the hospital.
  11. Sterett Equipment Company May keep an eye on their FB page....
  12. Chad posted a construction podcast from Coasterradio.com Not extremely indepth but info for those who haven't followed a construction before. https://mobile.twitter.com/chadshowalter/status/1184099182438694919
  13. Checking for proper operation with lighter objects maybe? Or someone needs something to do so "housekeeping time"
  14. Well someone at work called it "the coaster replacing Vortex" during my lunch break soooo..... at least Ryan is closer to correct info.
  15. It reopened today, and has a modified schedule for later this week to work on changes to each line.
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