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  1. Browsing Twitter and a construction webcam showed up in my feed.... https://www.holidayworld.com/holiday-world-webcam-splashcam2020/
  2. Anyone else wish they did a horror makeup demonstration during Tween? Kids are curious things and being able to see how it's done could inspire the next gen of artists.
  3. Definitely, it's on the site and same info was posted in the Eiffel Tower elevator when we went during Haunt.
  4. Easier to convince ppl to ride that may be a bit intimidated lol.
  5. From what I've read police said it was a "strong-arm robbery" and things escalated to someone shouting "gun" which caused the panic.
  6. Fox19 is at the park this morning for Vortexand Haunt. Don't have the channel here but they may give some Orion info as well.
  7. Should have saved the video of her singing "Hard Knock Life" doing laundry . Math teacher already has her doing worksheets with amusement park word problems since she won't shut up about KI. She'll be happy to see lights on the Eiffel Tower though.
  8. Ohio Valley Coasters has more pics on FB. I thought these guys were on here... https://m.facebook.com/ohiovalleycoasters/
  9. Still done, I just owe her 40 minutes of webcam lol.
  10. Eh, I've been using construction cam as a bribe for my 11yo to get her chores done. "You take too long you won't have free time to check" . Whatever works I guess hehehe
  11. Peronally think they would just add Orion and leave KMAA. If they bump it to Fast Lane it cuts out visitors under 48" from needing Fast Lane+ because it's the only ride for under that height unless the waterpark is open. Then it only works for kids over 40". Financially it's more $$$ for the park.
  12. Blue, white, red France!!! Lol
  13. Chad posted progress on the Eiffel Tower. Looks like they only have 6 strands of lights up so far, hopefully they don't need it complete before the cams come back on. https://mobile.twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/1187056768599416834
  14. Sorry I'm in the CNC engineering spectrum lol.
  15. Quick give us your work number and we can request "service work" or something.
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