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  1. The horizon behind it is sloped? Hope so at least....
  2. 1. 2. Were they working that late last night?
  3. Orion has a belt, so there must be pants that size....
  4. Hoping to go, will be our first Preview night. I know ppl say expect it to be crowded. Are we talking Haunt on a Saturday with decent weather crowded or Disney at Christmas type crowded?
  5. I'm wondering if it has to do with surrounding school schedules. I'm not local so it may just be looking at operating days vs trying to work within permits for minors.
  6. Apollo 13 launched April 11, 1970.... Anyways hoping my kid manages to stay awake late enough for night rides this year on all the coasters. We usually only make it till about 9pm with rides, and then she just wants to chill and ppl watch lol
  7. The name given to the blind astronauts baby in the movie Deep Impact...
  8. Luckily it's labeled as out 3rd snow day make up here, hopefully it doesn't go that far.
  9. Shhhhh, don't jinx it, there's still plenty winter to get through.
  10. Didn't get may visits in since work started mandatory weekends on me. Managed 2 days in April, 2 in June, 2 September, 1 December. Avoided most of the crowds and heat so that is a plus. Most important part is my 11yo made the 54" mark and we finally all hot to ride Diamondback together. Planning our first CP visit for July. Excited to finally get to go and test her crazy limit. Kid is now ditching us at the coaster trains if she sees another kid by themself to ride with. Guess it's more fun with kids her own age lol. Though she has already decided she will grow up and build a 600ft coaster because "Orion could be taller" .
  11. The KI page that shows Fastlane on sale soon shows Diamondback demoted, and no Vortex.
  12. Late response on this. Just got done looking into adding the 2020 season FL through the app and noticed the description says 29 attractions, didn't 2019 only have 28 attractions?
  13. Doesn't Platinum get you in earlier to Shores though? That isn't part of a hotel stay that I've read.
  14. I just wish the layout was a bit different in the kids area of Soak City. I had a horrible time keeping up with my daughter when she was 4. Can run in any direction and off to the rest of the park. It was actually why I went to Kentucky Kingdom for waterpark when she was little: fenced in so less stressful.
  15. The only one that seems close to what my family would do is the Sunrise Thrills since it's mainly focused on backstage. 11yo has been asking for a Beast Tour for a few years now lol. The front of line access isn't a huge importance to us. At the same time being a passholder with drink/dining plans seems to make it less value.
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