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  1. Not sure if it'd work well. Going up to 275 ft it would take away from the height perception of Orion though. WindSeeker would already pull a bit of the height perception from angles.
  2. This should solve the whole Area 72 bathrooms: the government didn't acknowledge Area 51 existed for how long? For all we know there are bathrooms already and KI just doesn't tell us
  3. Just from the updates here footers started early July. 28 days is when concrete reaches it's maximum strength in general. They also have periodic concrete test samples that have to be analyzed, I don't know the turn around time for feedback on them would be. I'd assume that they wouldn't set a piece until that sections samples have been analyzed.
  4. Husband got this, I have yet to receive any rewards myself, I'm signed up for emails, check mail settings, still receive newsletters, and have used the pass 2x as many days as him this year. Kid has also received nothing.
  5. Not at KI but Holiday World we saw the same person trying on multiple pairs of shoes left at the queue for water park rides, then walk off with a set. Sad part is it didn't surprise me to see it happen.
  6. Does that include passholders not being able to reenter? Last year was our first but park didn't open until 6pm. This year plan an 11am opening day.
  7. Just from talking to my 10yo niece version. She's afraid she would fall out of coasters that go upside down and someone tricked her into riding one without telling her. She was more freaked out it was a lap bar only and freaked. Think there might be alot of instances like that that stay with people more than it should. My 10yo is so far only leary about having to be evacuated from high up because that would mean the restraints have to be released, but it's not enough to keep her from riding. There's no way I'm the only one that doesn't let their kid ride alone unless they can secure their own restraints properly. Sure I trust operators to do proper checks, but gotta take care of yourself too. That whole "rider responsibility" thing some ppl overlook BTW the second of confusion for FoF restraint belt was hilarious 1st time, but glad I was there for it.
  8. Just got back from Disney since the new policy was implemented. There seemed to be more ppl smoking and vaping not only in bathrooms but a few on dark rides. Husband and I both smoke and had to make the trek out to smoke, which wasn't much fun, no shade, but dealt with it. Add on nonsmokers making more rude comments than before about smoking I was over being there.
  9. Any passengers would in theory need to go through a decontamination area to lessen the risk of transferring germs to the new planet. I'm still curious about the rest of the trainee orientation missing pages. And the most important: bathrooms, even astronauts use em lol
  10. Maybe it depends if they want an "asteroid impact" theme to carry through the area.
  11. Just a thought but could it be the soil composition that would limit height? Live in 55k population town but nothing is taller than the hospital 4th floor due to city pretty much being built on a swamp. Apparently the additional weight/sq ft is a concern.
  12. I'm horrible with slow/standing heights but coasters I love. Sure the lift hills sometimes make me question why I got on it, but the rest makes it worth a few seconds of anxiety.
  13. This sums up my daughter's reaction to the video this morning. Already calling dibs on seats
  14. PatchesC

    Decoding 2020

    Streaming you split screen so I can stay on forum lol
  15. PatchesC

    Decoding 2020

    Is FoF closed or up and running? Only reason I ask is if they plan to use the backstage entrances wouldnt they have to close the ride?
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