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  1. I haven't even let my 11yo on WindSeeker because no one will ride with her. Maybe a bit overprotective but even the look of the seats seem like she can slip out. And I'd feel like poo if she freaked out with noone to keep her chill.
  2. WindSeeker, DropTower, Slingshot, and Skyflyer. Out of all of them Slingshot I might go on as some point, the rest would require an act of God to get me on. Soak City we hang at the wave pools, lazy river, or hit up Zoom Flume. The rest aren't my thing and I just watch the kid go.
  3. This year was August 16th as last day before weekends, only remember because kid is supposed to go back to school before that and I was rationing my PTO for visits .
  4. It's the rope drop style shopping ppl are still doing that is making it hard to get even essentials. Stores here are only open until 7am-8:30pm, so 3 hours to shop after work, BUT people are continuing to hoard and by the time I have gotten there all meats and frozen foods are gone.
  5. I can see the logic in cutting hours but it hurt the opportunity for some to shop for essentials because everyone is going first thing in the mornings while others are still working. I've been 6:54am-5:24pm for 19 days straight so far.
  6. Depends, my parents house burnt down when I was 14, the biggest loss was all pictures of family and friends including ones who passed away. 20+years later I still burn pics to a disc and have a bank box for them. Think it would depend how much people will personally struggle through all this and what was hard on them.
  7. Ouch, hopefully they announce far enough out for me to submit vacation days. Or save me the shirt and give me a front of line pass good any day.
  8. Google "FEMA camps" if you need some conspiracies.
  9. Definitely going to need coaster therapy when this is all over.
  10. They already did here: close at 11pm open at 6am until further notice.
  11. How did you find out about enlistments boot camps dates moving up? Hadn't heard about that. Do know what last week or so Trump signed an agreement to bring quite a few troops home. I don't follow much politics but it did seem there was an alternative reason than just "because it was time"
  12. Think it's more a rate of testing is increasing. Indiana still has less than 100 tests administered since this whole thing began. And still requiring Indiana Department of Health to approve a test be given. Pathetic IMO
  13. Is anyone else like this when they see for new posts on here?
  14. Maybe part of the "noise reduction" KI is working on for neighbors?
  15. I'm too OCD for this view once removal is complete. More hills appear on left side than right
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