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  1. Michigan's Adventure waterpark is opening, at least they are able to get something going there https://www.miadventure.com/park-update
  2. The rest of the article clarifies a little more though
  3. Our district is talking about still doing in school attendance or optional Elearning by request, temp screening would have to be done at home and encourage student drop-off vs bus. I can understand the concept, but I have to be at work over 4 hours before the bus even picks up (4:54am) due to the "staggered work schedule for covid". What the heck am I supposed to do check her while sleeping or have her hopefully do it correctly herself and call me each morning? She's 11 so was a kinda stressful thought catching the bus without us home this coming year in the first place. Throw in the extra and I'm thinking the Elearning "request form" may be the way to go (which you have to give the reasons for requesting and they have to evaluate and accept as a valid reason)
  4. Maybe a stupid question but are interstate rest stops still open?
  5. FYI Boo Blasters had the FL chained off when we went Saturday but was allowing regular line, and Race For Your Life Charlie Brown & Antique Autos isn't showing as accepting FL on the new map? Bit confusing
  6. Other than someone someone standing behind the henna/face painting stand near Coney Mall restrooms vaping I didn't see anyone inside the park. Saturday while they were working on Invertigo in a boom lift security had to make everyone leave the smoking area though because of safety. Later with no shade under the umbrellas in the area people were up against the passholder building or under the trees.
  7. If you can't smell flowers because of a mask, it's a symptom of covid and you should quarantine anyway.
  8. The zones do seem to at least be evenly dispursed. We frequented Tower Gardens the most and didn't use the one near Planet Snoopy, thought they would have had a larger area for them. Security was definitely enforcing the mask wearing. Even a few times I saw Security catch up to people to tell them to put it back on their nose. We did see a yellow shirt yesterday that seemed to have the heat getting to them near the Action Zone restroom. Kinda concerning because there are not many employees in that area. Husband hung out for a few to make sure he didn't need a call made. We saw the EMS quite a few times throughout the day. Employees were all extremely positive and fun talking with, I don't know how many times daughter just wanted to give someone a hug because she's happy to be back. Alot of rides are using a dismissal procedure so everyone isn't exiting at once. After a couple times telling kid she just has to wait outside the exit gate when they dismiss her separate from us (she didn't want to lose us) it just seemed the routine for now and no big issue. The only negative we saw was someone cussing the Mystic Timbers line employees because they had a souvenir cup and didn't want to get a locker.
  9. With the 7pm closing times, it may be awhile before we see lines close early again for fireworks.
  10. We've taken is slower and not going our normal pace. Normally we'd be doing back to back coasters and zigzagging through the park. Instead it's break up the park zones areas ride there, head to rest area, do a bit more.
  11. Has anyone with hearing issues had problems communicating with employees yet? I'm not deaf but depending on the mix of background noise and no lips to read it's more noticeable to myself. Of the couple I've encountered 1 seemed to understand pointing to my ear meant I couldn't hear what they were saying and spoke louder. The other my husband had to repeat what they said. Hopefully it was just me needing to readjust to the background noise and learn to filter it out more as the day goes on. We finally go back today, so we'll see. There's also already people at the yellow gates before 8am this morning.
  12. I guess they could slow the lift speed and add more break to give you more ride time...
  13. Odd because at Orion event husband had his neck gaiter covering nose and mouth, but reached up underneath and pulled the bottom portion outwards for a moment and had security get onto him for even that just walking down a path. Nose and mouth were still fully covered
  14. That's horrible, everyone knows the expectations walking in. If the guy has the ability to be yelling it's definitely not a "I need to catch my breath" type situation. Either way it's uncalled for.
  15. What do they do for Fastlane? And can you ask for a specific time? Going tomorrow hoping for a night ride only.
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