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  1. These guys have got the moves and the crowd going lol
  2. Anyone else getting their Halloween costume ready for Haunt? Think my 12yo is a bit overzealous
  3. With the newer law allowing the General Assembly to reject state or health orders, I don't see a mask mandate coming. Now whether the parks decide to require indoors, I really don't know. It'd probably be bad for business considering we're coming close to season pass renewal time.
  4. It was our first Carnivale, I'll say I'm already planning to save a few more vacation days at work next year so I can go more than once. I know one of the noncostumed workers with the Spain float works in the crafts area. That guy is "COMPLETLY AWESOME" to my kid lol
  5. Reading her Facebook post is honestly like listening to a parent make excuses for why Little Johnny broke a rule and shouldn't be in trouble. She blocked me for commenting on the fact her husband asked a food service employee to risk their own safety and job for LOTO which I doubt they would be certified for. And that by entering a restricted area the operators had to perform an estop at minimum, and could have actually lengthened the amount of time the guests were stuck vs being able to complete a circuit depending on the procedure. I wouldn't like being stuck either, but would I really want to drink water if the amount of time before I could get to a restroom was yet to be determined?
  6. We split our visit between Friday night for Carnivale dance party, Parade then Area 72 dance party. 12yo gave away her glow bracelets cause it's more fun when everyone glows lol Then Saturday did the Scavenger Hunt, Opening Ceremony, Carnivale games: won a stuffed box of rice, stuffed crayon, and the loathed basketball. (Only time I'd let her get one since we weren't riding) Got to France about 5:45, took 20 minutes for us to order. Partially held up by a large group still debating what to get. The other part was purchasing drinks while getting our card I pre-purchase and ordering. The register itself seemed to drag a bit, poor guy just standing there waiting for it to calculate like it's on dial up. We had planned on using all 9 between the 3 of us, but husband wasn't feeling well by 8ish so only used 4. Wish we could have done more before leaving.
  7. One more thing: the most awesome RV I have seen lol. Was tempted to knock on their door.
  8. What I can remember about the other sites. This is the further most site still under construction. It's shown as Wood Sorrel Way on the site map. These are the cabins behind next to one lake, 510 is closest to the road. Not much yard space. Cabins 440, 442, & 444 seem to have good size and almost flat yards if you want to have games. Other parts I wasn't able to take pictures of: Cottages 426-428 have shaded firepits, but not a large yard if thay what your looking for. 433 & 434 have a steep slope starting at their patio/picnic table (if you like to get pretty tipsy maybe avoid or you'll have a fun roll down the hill) The RV sites don't seem to have much lawn but of course are flat. Best chances for space would be on the corner lots.
  9. The pool is wider than it appears from this angle Saturday they gave out Popsicles for the fireworks. Not a bad view if you want to get kids to bed afterwards. Funniest item for sale at the shop, only $119 lol I'll post pics about the sites around us later. Back to work boooo
  10. Here is the breakfast menu, and more importantly what's on tap
  11. Here's a few pictures of Hickory, we rigged some sheets to cover windows. Also folded the sofa bed out to give you a better idea how much room there is. Interior cabin width is 11ft (yes I took a tape measure lol) I like that you can use some of the space under the ladder for storage. There is also a small cubby above the fridge, and under the bathroom sink is open as well. The bathroom cabinet is all the linens, no room for storage there. The bedroom has 2 small closets, there were no hangers in ours though. Used a suitcase as a bedside table. Honestly if I had to put up with 8 people in this cabin for multiple days, I'd probably be spending as little time in it as possible because it does seem to be a bit tight. I plan to book an Aspen for Haunt when they release dates. The kitchen layout may make it feel less cramped.
  12. So preliminary things to note with a Hickory cabin so people can plan ahead. Shower is 6'6" floor to ceiling, I didn't notice until I realized how easy I can reach the shower head. If you're tall chances are you'll be sitting on the bench to get water on you. 432 does NOT currently have blinds at the bunk beds. Some cabins around us do though. Having only 3 of us, daughter chose the loft. None of the lofts have blinds. We took the fitted sheets from the bunk beds and was able to drape them over the windows for privacy. A fitted crib sheet would cover them well if you have a large group. Bedroom, the side away from the door you've got about 20" between the bed and wall. The upper window above also has no cover, lofts in the cabin next to you can see in. I'll say the privacy thing is a bit annoying personally. If you plan to use the sofa bed there is very little room to walk between it and the kitchen island, maybe a foot. So put whoever is going to wake up first there lol. Kitchen has pots and skillets, but no pans for the oven. Considering they sell biscuits in the shop, a bit surprising. The is is not flat, and depending on your cabin you may have a steep slope vs flat land to play on. The booking page says there is an electric fireplace, there isn't. Maybe they plan to put them in during colder months? Shuttle to the park is decent and A/C who doesn't enjoy that. They run until 10:30pm. The driver said there are two of them running consistently. If one pulls off, the other with be by in less than 10 minutes. Ironwood Grill breakfast this morning started at 8am and ran until 10am. Decent prices and serving sizes. Hashbrown casserole is a favorite, servers are friendly and food maybe took 10 minutes. The pool is deceptively larger than I expected from pictures I'd seen. Decent amount of chairs, pool towels are provided as well. When I get home tomorrow or Monday I'll get pictures uploaded and notes about other sites around us. We are beside the interstate, if you're a light sleeper, you'll want background noise.
  13. FYI credit card hold is an additional $250 when you check in. This isn't listed on the website.
  14. Not to get far off topic but cashless clubs could just be a card swiper like at the games lol
  15. It wouldn't be more attractive to everyone though. If I want a young kid friendly Haunt there's still Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, and of course for the ones that can afford it Disney. Really if they water it down too much, we'd be looking for alternatives like Dent Schoolhouse once dark hit. I get it, it's not as fun leaving early with a younger kid, but they have plenty hours for younger kids.
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