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  1. We stayed in a Hickory cabin this time. It's a good 2ft wider than the Aspen and given the kitchen isn't U shaped it seems more spacious in the living area. Even with the sofa pulled out, it's easy to walk around. The bedroom is smaller with less closet space, and have to turn sideways to walk beside the bed. But there are multiple closets in the Hickory vs the couple in Aspen. Bathroom also isn't as cramped, easier to change in, and has storage for toiletries. Between the 2 cabins if we had a large family the Hickory would be more functional as long as 4 kids didn't mind sharing the loft. The pool was still open if you wanted to take a polar plunge. And Fall activities we also posted. Also took time to walk around and noticed the lack of blinds in the loft and beside the bunk bed has been resolved, and could see many other cabins had them installed as well. Wood Sorel Way continues to have some work done, seems to be slow going. Hemlock area has blacktop, picnic tables, and grills.
  2. Just want to confirm: lockers at the front are usable until midnight on Haunt nights correct? Wanna take jacket/jeans for night and throws shorts in locker if need be.
  3. The weird thing is bobsled coasters have the least perceived safety to me due to their design. Maybe it's just because it was easy to cause crashes on Roller Coaster Tycoon
  4. Looks like Scarowinds is not allowing bags except for medical reason and limited to 4.5×6.5 inches. Hopefully no chance of it being implemented throughout the rest of the CF chain.
  5. The App has updated to include the Tricks & Treats activities/food/ etc.
  6. We opted out because with the 2020 tax filing the only thing that saved us from paying was the child tax credit for one kid. But I also worked double my normal hours due to lack of people, so it put us in a much higher tax bracket. I'd rather put off getting a refund than possibly need to come up with money to pay back.
  7. Eh sometimes I enjoy originality over an IP theme. IPs have to meet higher expectations than an original theme. Also I noticed quite a few of the other top 10 include the activities with admission vs a big upcharge to experience with Uni or Disney.
  8. I just don't want a WWE Superslam repeat. Me and Hangry have never been on good terms.
  9. It'd probably be a nice employee lounge when not open to the public.
  10. I've never gotten to eat up there. The 1 time it was open when we visited for Mother's Day, line was an hour just to get in. Couldn't wait that long for food though. Think a reservation system would be a good use here due to the limited capacity. What do they use it for when it isn't open for events anyway?
  11. We went the first Saturday of Haunt. Field of Screams was a blast, 12yos favorite and was her "let's go again" maze
  12. From the reviews I read last year, it didn't interfere too much with the scares. Some plastic was dummy spots that drew people's attention away from the scare actor location. Also they handed out 1 glow stick to the 1st person in each party to easily identify groups. And had some team members staged to keep groups separated. I kinda like the glowstick idea. And wish there was some better spacing of groups, it was like a conga line through Urgent Scare in 2019, with some woman that kept grabbing my husband to use as a shield.
  13. My biggest hope is the Sliders (are they still called sliders ) still being around. They're great entertainment themselves and could probably spend half the night watching reactions.
  14. Camp Cedar, hopefully no reservations for park access. So we'll be celebrating a 13th birthday with Haunt, and I don't have to clean after a party lol. Frightlane and a stop at Barnes & Nobles is her Bday wish. Frightlane only lists 5 houses, I'd assume that's it. Wouldn't argue if more got added though.
  15. Less mazes may mean longer line
  16. What a little odd is frightlane shows 5 houses. Killmart being the 5th
  17. Tickets, Frightlane,and Tasting cards are now on sale.
  18. It took planning AK visit for later in vacation to get a better chance for FOP. Same with getting a few dinners. I'll say there isn't much advantage to staying onsite now. Early hours are nonexistent and late hours are limited to the deluxe resorts.
  19. That's the original plan and already booked, but if Haunt gets cut and we have to do an actual Bday party with family & friends, the building near us that rents out has to be done 30 days in advance. We don't have room for gatherings at home.
  20. I just wanted to know before August 25th so I can make alternate Bday plans if needed. The alternate place has to booked 30 days out, and it's cutting it a bit close.
  21. They had this in 2019. Pretty much a few mazes were no scareactors during the day. Lights on in some and shorter.
  22. Any official updates on mazes? There was a link posted on FB group, but it's broken now. I really hope KI didn't cut half of them.
  23. I'm an hour south. Our hospitals saw admissions for Covid double in a week. I've heard rumors of cases at the schools, but since Indiana only does updates to those on Mondays, I don't know the numbers behind it. We've been back 7 school days now. No masks required at any grade.
  24. Maybe they'll plan to redo that area as well for a better flow to it.
  25. Did the new pavers last year go under the Eiffel Tower as well? I can't remember.
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