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  1. I think this would be a coaster somewhat akin to that of Space Mountain, since it is designed to be indoors. The darkness will make it feel more thrilling than it appears, though it probably won't be as intense as something like FoF
  2. I'm tall enough that the restraints on Vortex hit me in the neck, but the coaster was still enjoyable. Invertigo I rode once for the credit. The restraints are incredibly uncomfortable for me and the cobra roll really beat me up. Definitely my least favorite coaster in the park
  3. I think they're referencing the supports on Iron Dragon being visible in the same style as the art. The idea is that the map art for Millennium Force is part of what is in the folder.
  4. I'm surprised the article didn't mention anything about employees or guests wearing masks, either mandatory or suggested. I also wonder how masks will be treated on rides. Will they be allowed to be worn or will they have to be taken off during the ride such as a hat or sunglasses?
  5. Another thing RMC did with Iron Gwazi was add steel supports on the outside of the larger turns with mostly wooden supports that had been reused. I would have to imagine this was something they learned after the troubles they've had with Steel Vengeance since the ride stats are pretty similar
  6. I didn't ride it as Chang, but I rode it as Green Lantern last summer. It definitely was not an enjoyable experience. I would take that any day over Vortex at Carowinds, though. I didn't bang my head too much on Green Lantern, but Vortex beat up both my ears and below the belt. Not an experience I would recommend.
  7. I never got the chance to ride King Cobra or any of the Togo Stand-Up Coasters, but the two B&M stand-ups I've ridden were wildly uncomfortable. Lots of headbanging and nearing the possibility of me not having kids in the future. I've heard King Cobra was much less uncomfotable than the B&M counterparts, but I think the newer coasters have left a bad taste in a lot of peoples' minds and could cause the new additions to not be as popular as it could be. I am intrigued by the possible new B&M Surf coaster and I'm pretty excited to see what that will be.
  8. Hurler is one of the rougher woodies I've ridden and the layout really didn't do much for me. I would be interested to see what different things RMC could do with the layout compared to Twisted Timbers
  9. lol you got me. I've ridden one raptor, but no RMC raptor models
  10. I haven't personally ridden a raptor, but I've heard that if you're tall the comfort collars dig into your shoulders a bit. IMO the normal RMC restraints are pretty comfy and I'm 6'3" so the raptor restraints will probably be the worse of the two for me
  11. Copperhead Strike would like to know your location
  12. After my visit last summer, I've decided that KD is the positive G capital of the world. I like strong forces just as much as the next guy, but I think their lineup is really missing something that doesn't make you feel like you got hit with a Mac truck
  13. I didn't know if maybe there was an area where they could have a 300ft drop off the side of the mountain somewhere. I would totally be down for a multilaunch or Mack spinner
  14. Could a giga be in the works? I don't know how the price point would compare to the entirety of Wildwood Grove
  15. Indiana beach is about halfway to Michigan headed North. Holiday world is near the Southern border. Someone who lives near Indiana Beach (if they don't go to SF Great America, which might be closer) could go South to Indy and head East to KI. On this path they would pass Stricker's Grove but wouldn't be far enough South to go by HW or KK
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