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  1. Diamondback, Mystic, and Banshee are all still open and I would consider those flagship rides
  2. The 11th commandment would like to know your location
  3. On the opposite side of that coin, some enthusiasts brown nose the park to no end with no critiques. Constructive criticism is important and finding the balance is difficult when it's something you care about
  4. I tried it yesterday. I didn't think it was bad. I would say it's closer to a tender than a patty. To me, a patty is a more uniform size and is pretty heavily processed. The chicken itself was moist and not overcooked. The top bun was toasted well, but the bottom bun didn't hold any of its crunch because of the amount of butter used. Both top and bottom bun were drenched in butter, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it definitely overpowered the rest of the sandwich and was pretty heavy for a hot day at the park. If it was seasoned the same way, there wasn't nearly as much as the tenders. It also didn't have as thick of a breading on it. I think it could have done with more seasoning (or less butter on the buns) Would I order it again? Probably. Would it be my first choice in the park? Probably not.
  5. Based completely off of a single ride in row 4, I would say moderate floater
  6. I hope KI doesn't get a ferris wheel. To me, ferris wheels are observation rides and we already have the Eiffel Tower. I also think there is a certain park aesthetic that ferris wheels look good in and KI doesn't fit that. The one at Cedar Point fits well because it's sort of a boardwalk park. (or at least that section is near the beach so it gives the idea of being a boardwalk type area) I also think they look decent in smaller parks like KK and SF St. Louis. This isn't to say that KI is "too good" of a park for a ferris wheel or that ferris wheels are below us, I just think they have a place and that place at KI is already filled by the Eiffel Tower, especially now that the skyline is so dominated by coasters. On another note, why do parks and ferris wheel manufacturers think that they have to rotate so fast? When I ride a ferris wheel it's so I can get a good view of the park and surroundings from above, but so many times they're absolutely screaming around and you don't get a good chance to see anything unless you get stopped near the top
  7. Just set up a table in the parking lot and have people bring their copy with them. I'm sure the park won't mind at all
  8. Do you have a name, location, or rcdb page?
  9. I don't disagree that a lapbar is superior, but there hasn't been an inverting B&M without OTSRs. The vests do have a more snug fit in some cases, so just don't pull the restraint down as far. (within reason. Obviously safety is important) The vests can still give plenty of room and touch your legs without stapling
  10. @SonofBaconator could you link a B&M family coaster that is currently or has previously operated? I'm sure they exist, I just can't picture what it would be like
  11. Traditional B&M OTSR's will headbang. I think vests still give good airtime and they prevent my ears from bleeding
  12. ... and a great start at that! Welcome!
  13. Ya got me. This is what happens when I type too fast and don't proofread before I post lol
  14. They do have the model that premiered at IAPPA last year that has inversions and more nimble trains. That could definitely be a game changer for parks that want a traditional woodie and also an inversion or two. Sure there are Gravity Group woodies with inversions, but I think an inverting GCI would be a more grand scale. GCI is also one of my favorite manufacturers and even after 212 coasters, Mystic Timbers is one of the consistently best, most fun coasters I've ridden.
  15. I think the area would be good for a steampunk theme. (Roaring 20's steampunk? Is that a thing?) The new ride in Vortex's plot, a retheme of BLSC, and the path between them with maybe a new flat or two could all be the 20's steampunk transition from Rivertown to Coney Mall
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