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  1. CoasterMatt Productions

    Would a new skyride work?

    I remember seeing the Coney Mall refurbishment over on Youtube that went over the Coney Mall midway (which i loved) and would really wish to see that installed. I mean I would really like to see if the basketball game and rope climb games would be good from an income stand point. if those two locations where removed, you could possibly easily fit a skyride entrance there and work it down through Coney Mall. The Other entrance/exit could be located near WindSeeker and Vortex behind/next to / near WindSeekers evacuation platforms. An interview wiith the Disney SkyRide Manufacturer, Doppelmayr: and said Coney Mall video:
  2. CoasterMatt Productions

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    ^Since the subject of the train is brought up, the train does carry a good speed this year and its good to see two trains utilized this year as well
  3. CoasterMatt Productions

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Overall I think that the event has changed since last year and it doesnt seem as bright this year but its still a really good family friendly event! However, in terms of whats available walking wise and stuff along paths it honestly looks amazing. The new lights in Rivertown near BLSC as well as Racer's new lights and X-Base being available it really does look nice. (Hopefully Racers lights are installed for the entire course)
  4. CoasterMatt Productions

    IAAPA 2018

    Did GCI state that any older product's they have built/installed can run the new Infinity Flyers if a park was interested in them?
  5. CoasterMatt Productions

    Marty Brennaman and Miss Ohio to kick off WF this weekend!

    I can hear it now...... "And This One Belongs to Kings Island"
  6. CoasterMatt Productions

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    When the 4 latest coaster installations at the park (Firehawk, Diamondback,, Banshee and Mystic Timbers), where their other options for the types of coasters thrown in to the pool of ideas? For example, could we have seen a different style coaster like a wing, floorless or another concept by another company instead of a B&M Invert? When Firehawk was relocated to the park, where their other options that where thought of for anew coaster? Maybe receiving Dominator or Steel Venom? Would the park ever consider maybe giving a smaller tour around the park right after Winterfest sort of similar to Winter Chill Out at Cedar Point or like Kings Louis's Winter Walkthrough? Has there been any thought as to possibly keeping Halloween Haunt open for one straight week during the week of Halloween? Does the park hope to keep blog tours continued in 2019?
  7. CoasterMatt Productions

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    With closing day behind us, I just wanted to share some pictures captured! Surprisingly, Urgent Scare's pathways where open all day and gave some great day time views of Red Racer after the split! (The first Banshee picture is from Slingshot's exit)
  8. CoasterMatt Productions

    Kings Island Announces Kings Mills Antique Autos for 2019!

    Being completely honest, kind of happy to see the Coke machines gone, from all the visits I've had in the past couple of seasons, i think i have never seen anyone purchase anything from them. I think if anything is next to go like that. it is the Coke machines near Invertigo as well. Very excited to see the progress made on the antique cars!
  9. CoasterMatt Productions

    Cedar Point to Remove Witches' Wheel

    I have a thought, hear me out on this one. What if it WAS to be relocated to Kings Island in someway. One thing to remember is that Cedar Fair did go oversea's and purchased flat rides that where not open anymore from parks (what does that have anything to do with this you ask? just wait). Those rides where sent to a shop/place and where completely refurbished. If i do recall, Boomerang was sent to the same shop. What if they are removing it early so they can send it to that shop, get it completely refurbished and then add it to another park. That's just my thoughts on it. I do hope CP decides to replace WW with a Zamperla Endeavour. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kentucky Kingdom made the right move when they replaced Enterprise with Scream Extreme!
  10. CoasterMatt Productions

    Cedar Point to Remove Witches' Wheel

    Sad to see it go, It is a really fun ride! Honestly, after Kentucky Kingdom removed their's last year, I was wondering when other parks would start removing them as well........ It seems that Carowinds, CGA, WOF and Dorney are the other parks left to have one. Hopefully they don't get removed left and right sort of like with almost all of the top scans in the chain.
  11. CoasterMatt Productions

    White Water Canyon Construction

    So cool! Still a fun ride every now and then when you wanna beat the heat if there's a short line!!
  12. CoasterMatt Productions

    Haunt 2018

    Interesting, knew about CarnEVIL possibly on the chopping block this year since the KICentral interview was done for July 4th. Really hoping that they can move it somewhere else. I remember there was something said in the interview that they wanted to try to keep it or incorporate it somehow around the park. Time will tell though!