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  1. They should rent a bunch of those pop up lights with their own generator built in the base for the meantime to increase lighting in the parking lot until they can invest in more permanent lighting. they've used them in the past
  2. I agree, I think at this point a chaperone policy is inevitable, but unfortunately this isn't only a "teens fighting at night" problem, this is an overall crime issue. The park really needs to do more than just implementing a chaperone policy, they've got to increase infrastructure as well so that they're not only reactionarily combating these issues, but passively preventing them from happening in the first place.
  3. I wonder how they're going to decide on who gets settlements and when, if its limited to one payment per group or what, cause if its individual based I could end up with five of the $200 payouts lol
  4. it seems that article was updated, the link you have still works as it redirects to the updated story, but according to the article 4 juveniles were arrested on Saturday for disorderly conduct (fighting in the drop off pickup area) its sad that this is continuing to occur, obviously the park has some work to do in mitigating these issues, perhaps having substantial increases in lighting in the parking lot, security cameras in the parking lot, and clearly security at the drop off pickup area needs either an increase, or rework to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  5. Ah I see! I was definitely looking at a different Pile of used railroad ties near the trai storage! Seems they did make progress to power washing!
  6. Just got off the train and i spotted two members of park maintanence pressure washing the turntable of WWC Also the only lumber i spotted seemed to be piled up next to the train shed and looked like replaced Railroad track ties lol Orion appears to have started testing as well!
  7. So far it has not been open despite the heat being what it is, i would love to see it open though, especially since Orion is down. I also just got off The Beast and man it is hauling major @ss today, we cleared the hump before the second lift completely and caught the second lifts chain with some decent speed, tons of jackhammering today as well all around the course, definitely beat me up pretty well
  8. As of 10:50 guests are being held out of area 72 by park employees as Orion is currently down and there is no estimated time to being up again, FOF is expected to open as soon as it's tests are complete. 12:06: Orion is still down and may be for the remainder of the day or longer according to employees standing outside, no trains have been seen running to test today.
  9. Made it out to the park today! Lineup at the parking lot gate has already started as of 8:40am. Looking to be a great day for rides! If anyone happens to sees me in the park today feel free to come say hi!
  10. HA too bad you're late to the punch, as soon as I saw I got blocked I swung back with my ALT and called them out for blocking me for a harmless and non profane meme about their shortcomings. Honestly the best part is that blocking me accomplished nothing because the meme still shows up for every single other person who looks in the comments of that post lol
  11. Wow, simply amazing what extents the park will go to not just address the schedule change. They seriously just blocked my main twitter account for reposting the drake meme in their comments section of the food post. Yeeeeeeeesh obviously someone at the park is pretty sour about this one lmao
  12. I mean I genuinely dont believe anyone was complaining, more a group of people discussing possibilities and speculating as to why things are the way they are, which can be very entertaining, its not as if anyone is directly dragging the park for reducing the hours, more so that we wanna know whats going on to cause them to backpedal from stating originally that they didn't have staffing issues as they reported on "fight night", to now stating that they do have staffing issues and need to reduce hours because of it. I mean its clear this was a sudden shift as the park even tweeted a day before they posted the schedule change responding to someone saying, "Hours have not changed. Our next operating day is this Friday." The seriously unfortunate side affect of the parks schedule change is that night rides wont be able to happen, nor fireworks, nor the area 72 DJ dance party, so a change in schedule this sudden does has more of an impact on any single guest beyond the two hour reduction on in park time, so it can be understandable why people are disappointed that the park isn't giving the courtesy to guests to communicate that changes have been made to things that they may have originally planed to come to the park to enjoy. While the park is entitled to hold their operating schedule to whatever standards and policies they want as they're a business and that's how this works, its generally just expected that the park communicates with guests about things such as this, especially when it impacts features that would normally come with the price of admission. TLDR: People aren't upset that there has been a reduction in hours due to staffing, they're upset the park didn't properly communicate that the change happened at all.
  13. man that's really cool you got an update a day before the affected days are *facepalm* I'm on a google pixel 3xl and haven't been pushed any updates yet Goes to show that plenty of guests aren't gonna have their apps updated in time. Guess we should all grab some popcorn and watch the show ensue at guest services lmao
  14. Sheesh i mean even a news station can get the information out before the park can. There's definitely going to be a lot of angry guests at guest services come Friday Ironically the latest tweet reply from the parks Twitter says there isn't a change in operating hours and was tweeted a day before they changed operating hours *facepalm*
  15. I feel bad that the dance event is being held off on as well, feels exactly like what i saw as a concern someone mentioned previously, KI knee jerk reacting to the events that they implied were not the result of staffing issues, rather a fluke event. Honestly I'm disappointed that they all so suddenly dropped this change without any immediate communication so far, because it affects plans that may already be in place for some and others who cannot rebook, reschedule, or cancel. Personally I was planning a family trip to Kings Island for the 5th and 6th but i am now reconsidering this and possibly going to another park now. Truthfully the back pedaling that's kinda obviously going to come from the park now with these reductions in park operating hours for the whole of attending patrons is frustrating and unfair and could be seen as even more of an overstep than having a chaperone policy implemented. My own parents have been regular visitors of the park since the 80's, and I've continued to share their interest in the park as I grew up, and more recently it's disappointing that issue like these have begun to crop up and i wish the park would just approach it proactively, ensuring the least amount of impact on guests. It's already been stated that an increased police presence would be present in the park, so, why go so far as to rush schedule changes, especially if the park maintains the standpoint that they are not expieriencing issues with staffing and furthermore with it being this close to the days that these changes will affect.
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