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  1. I would definitely be the guy to make my car a nice sized coffee table lol
  2. It's such a beautiful structure, id be hard pressed to see them actually remove it, I mean it can always be retrofitted to whatever they want to put there
  3. Ha, because Cedar Fair won't let them spend any more money, even to remove it (Total sarcasm btw)
  4. I can't bite on the "they can't get the parts arrow isn't around anymore" if a part breaks any decent sized CNC manufacturing milling firm will produce a part for them, they don't even need the drawings, the seriously only need the part itself to measure from. Not to mention chance does arrow re-tracking, if they wanted to keep Vortex going they very well could. Something else is up, when we'll actually find that out is yet to be seen
  5. i feel like possibly no? I mean its already flight themed, sure, extraterrestrial flight, but i mean,
  6. THE DUDE DOING A LITTLE JIGGY HAHAHA, im pretty sure i know him? i see him at concerts in Indy all the time. EDIT: at least someone who looks really similar
  7. probably will go live at 9:00-9:30, give it enough time to fix the kinks, and let everyone get in the stream
  8. OOOO spicy, the fact that it timeout error-ed would, as an HTML guy, probably mean its a site page that has been created and is on the server but is user/ip locked at the moment, then again, take that with grain of salt it could just be bad code
  9. you are correct sir! As pictured thats a truck crane which im sure they will use to get a start on the lower to the ground construction, I.E. see amusement insiders updates on Yukon, This truck crane will be used to build the tower crane we saw delivered earlier, they will most likely have a third tower crane on the way for the very tall portions as the current tower crane doesn't seem like its capable, unless its a modular and they havent sent the rest of the tower pieces to reach that height as they arent needed just yet
  10. same here man! its been a great time, i love this community, and now i plan i actually being active a lot more throughout the year!
  11. heck yeah! anyone else think they're bringing over a piece of track to the park for the announcement?
  12. at this point just them paying a couple actors to look like military dudes directing people away from the wall would suffice for keeping the feeling going
  13. i have a feeling in thew next couple days or so well be getting a "statement video" from the park teasing when they're going to be ready to reveal their next project sequence X or such
  14. yeah!, im sitting on the page enjoying the show of the number going up real fast!
  15. honestly valid 100 is easy for us to do alone, gotta make sure everybody sees it
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