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  1. The wait was due to options being explored, They spent multiple years contacting nad getting proposals for potential fixing of the ride from companies like GCI, RMC, and such, that was realesed in the sattement on the descion to remove by the park, it simply also came down to the factors of not wantign to dump more money into it, and the fact that at that specific time with the ride closed the park was doing well enough that a new attraction wasnt needed to take the place of SOB's land so it sat, while the options were explored coming tot he descions to tear it down as the only viable option.
  2. Found this kinda interesting, the new tombstone for whatever is happening on 10/28/18 is very similar to the ones found in the Banshee graveyard
  3. I'm also going to meantion that "an ill fated demise" would match too seeing as It's been a maintenance nightmare lately, starting last season it was continually down as something was happening with the drop mechanics, leading to failed drops, or not dropping at all, over the course of winterfest last season, there was a long costly repair done by intamin to resolve this issue, but unfortunately this season it has continued to be a problem, so my best guess, it that KI sees that this may be too costly to fix, compared to simply removing the ride.
  4. All the colors match, red, yellow, black, white, gray, pruple, even where there's the single purple flower in the grey, purple meets grey on the ride tower, and orange is in yellow, because yellow meets orange on the tower, my only way to find green is that the actually grave covering on the ground is substantially lime green like, but it's very very much matching up color wise
  5. Lol typo, I meant "who knows what they're cooking up" I'm just thinking out loud, it seems odd that a these things are piling onto the rumors of Firehawk's removal, and SOB return
  6. No no, like the tombstones of rides and people who left in 1979, we're all newly and specifically marked this year, sure theyve marked tombstones before, but, this was a new thing, a planned thing, to mark every single ride or person gone in 1979 with the symbol, what we could be seeing here is an overarching story around the parks "cryptids" as they're called, similar to the story aspects were seeing at other parks in the chain!
  7. Okay so this may be nothing but it's something I noticed, all the other tombstones around are flat on the front with nothing too special, just the text of the ride or person. But as you can see SOB's name engraving is on an inlay, that is like it's inside, not flat like the rest of the tombstones. Personally as a woodworking kid, that inlay looks suspiciously removable. Like it's meant to be removed, and if memory serves me, this inlay to the tombstone is new. I clearly remember years past that it was just flat with SOB on it like the rest of the tombstones, kinda odd that it looks removable, appears to be new that it might be removable, and is right behind the new gravestone. Might I also mention it seems super off that they're going to all this scale for an appearant ride removal, like the barrel filled with an oil like substance pumping it onto the statue all day long, plus lighting, and all the Outpost 5 symbols popping up everywhere this year, and on the tombstones of rides that closed in 1979. Who knows what they're looking up.
  8. It would be very very unlikely for it to be knocked out, the whole building still is able to function as a multi-million dollar facility with, H-VAC systems, plumbing, water affects, lighting systems and rigs, most likely we'll see them use the building for something, the new head of KI did state in an interview around the time of mystics opening that he wants to utilize facilities that are doing nothing for the park currently besides sitting in the future.
  9. You are correct in it being relatively inexpensive, the actual ride system, in which is the cars is only in the range of $15-20,000, (depending on how many cars they buy) and the land clearing, concrete restructuring/ new pouring (if they end up using some of Dino's path) would only be another $30-70,000, overall really not bad, of they can keep it under 100,000 overall for the ride that's a major gain, esspecialy in the attendance gain they'll get!
  10. For the love of God yes, that's what I need to see, someone who gets the idea, I rode it, I beat the **** out of my kidneys and endured that so I could say I expierenced something that ambitious, sure it was all helixes, but man were those some hellatious helixs, I agreed compleltley though, people don't want "SOB" back, they want that overhanging domanince in the park, I remeber all the years you'd go to the park and even driving in from the highway it dominated the skyline, it popped up out of the sky over everything else and make you go, "what in the hell is that thing, I wanna ride it" getting next to it in Action Zone made you feel like an ant, the loop was the craziest idea every, so yeah, when I say I want SOB back, I say I want a powerful ride, that makes you feel like nothing compared to it, that does some of the most ambitious, rarely, or never before seen things, I want something in spirit that gives me that feeling that the ride has power over me, and there's nothing I can do about it.
  11. The enthusiast fanbase right now
  12. That's valid! Had that poster been worded better we may have avoided a huge uproar, perhaps instead of "next season" they should've said "in due time" or something of the sort, leaving it as an ambiguous time period.
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