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  1. I think the 11 chairs is the remaining coasters attending the funeral of one of their own.... hence the sign saying losing one of our own.
  2. Thinking logical about the fact of where the antique cars are going to be located and also the fact the almost confirmed 2020 B&M Coaste Project, it's either WindSeeker or Firehawk. I am fairly certain the work on the 2020 project will commence before the end of the year. Whatever they are removing is in the way! Personally I feel it's WindSeeker, I mean look at how the new Midway will isolate it even more than it is now. We will find out soon! One thing I am feel certain about is this is all connected to 2020 and by next April when the park opens there will be a lot to see and speculate about. Always good times!
  3. Nothing to be disappointed about! Plus any real “fanboy” should be pretty excited about the notice of commencement that was just filed last week! That is good evidence that a major investment in the park is coming in 2020. I have a feeling we will have plenty of real teasers coming our way sooner than later. Should be a fun 2019!
  4. Clermont steel would not be listed because they do work for B&M. They would not be a contractor that KI hires.
  5. I have a feeling the PR team is comfortable with the speculation.
  6. 6919..... There is a upside down number 5 on the poster, why? Maybe it’s to simply draw our attention to look differently at the poster. Reminder in elementary school when kids would spell words on the calculator with upside down numbers... So look at 6919 upside down on the poster....at first glance it sure does look like a 4 letter word that describes a type of coaster ;) ......just sayin!
  7. Some quick thoughts on the phrase "No 5 is Alive" and "Number Five". Beside the obvious use of outpost No 5.....Kings Island, when they announced Son of Beast actually referred to it as Kings Island's 5th Wooden Roller coaster in press materials. They were counting Racer as two coasters. A marketing ploy that they eventually backed away from and started counting Racer as one coaster again. So at one time SOB was actually referred to as wooden coaster "number 5". And Just for fun, if Son of Beast was to "live" again in some wooden coaster form, it would be "number 5" in the park again. (IMO SOB will never live again, but the story might) This poster is being very obvious, almost to obvious to it's referral to Kings Island and Son of Beast. I mean that is The Beast Station in the poster, outpost 5 quote and the use of "no 5" ! Not sure what it all means but one thing I feel sure about is this is our first sign that gives hope that we will see a Major Attraction in 2020 with next year it being teased up until the announcement. Should be fun!
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