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  1. My latest YouTube video compares the stats of the 4 American giga’s, Orion included. It’s stats are comparable to the other gigas in every way. Orion is definitely a giga in my opinion.
  2. I have thought that an indoor wild mouse like exterminator at kennywood would be a great way to use the tomb raider building.
  3. We love going on roller coaster roadtrips, but work and family obligations often don’t allow us to have much time for them as we would like. In August 2020, we had a rare weekend with nothing planned, and we know it was time to hit the road to ride some coasters. We did not have a ton of time, but we knew we could get a few parks in with the time that we had. I was able to schedule a half day off work on Friday, allowing us to hit the road around lunch time, so we did our prep work Thursday night. We packed up the car, loaded some movies onto the kids ipads, and bought way more junk
  4. I would love a gravity group family woodie at KI, its one model of coaster I think every park should look at.
  5. You would think with GG being Cincinnati based they would be in a good position to work with Cedar Fair. Having the team in the same city as a major park, and only a 3 hour drive away from Cedar Point and the corporate offices has the potential to foster a great relationship between the two companies.
  6. On our recent weekend coaster road trip, Kennywood was the final park before the drive home. While Jess and I have visited Kennywood previously, this was Madelyn and Gwen’s first visit, and they were really excited for this park. Madelyn had been talking about riding the indoor spinning wild mouse for weeks, and Gwen was excited to visit Thomas Town. We arrived at the park around 10am on Sunday. Kennywood offers both paid and free parking, although the free parking is a bit of a hike. We were early and had time, so we choose the free option. The free lot is on the top of a big hi
  7. I have been hoping for something like this for ages! Will provide some varriety in food options, and gives a reason to make it up to the park for dinner. Sounds like I know where I am going for dinner tomorrow night.
  8. My family and I recently visited lakemont park, home of the worlds oldest operating roller coaster, Leap the Dips. Lakemont is about a 6 hour drive from Cincinnati. We were able to hit lakemont, Knobels, and Kennywood in the same weekend, so if you are looking to mix it up a bit from your regular KI visits, its an easy trip to make. Lakemont is a free to enter park, with the option to but tickets or wristbands. We went with the Friday night special four wristbands for $55, so it was not an expensive evening. There are three coasters at this park, although one of them is a kiddie
  9. Me too, but I guess we should simply be happy that we are open at all, things could be alot worse.
  10. I totally agree that a RMC in this spot would not necessarily need to outdo steel vengeance, my logic was based around the idea that to have the capacity Kings Island would require, an RMC in this location would need to run three trains, and the only RMC's that do this are their larger scale models like Steel Vengeance. Being in a competing park, outdoing Storm Chaser would be a feature, not a bug, in a larger scale RMC at Kings Island.
  11. I doubt Six Flags would part with it, but I have always thought that Fiesta Texas would be a a great park for Cedar Fair to purchase.
  12. I recently posted a video on my Youtube channel about what factors will influence the replacement, as well as some options I think are being evaluated. I am new to this youtube thing, and would love some feedback on it. Thanks!
  13. I have added significantly to my holdings in FUN during the shutdown. Pre-COVID I always liked the stock as it had a great dividend, but if you are a buy and hold type, there is certainly alot of upside in the price right now. That being said, all investments have risk, so do not invest money in an individual stock that you cannot afford to loose.
  14. I have always viewed darks rides as something that are an essential attraction for a park, but not something that a park needs to be deep on. One decent dark ride per park should be enough, but it is important to have one. They are something that the entire family can do together, give guest a chance to cool off, and add to the overall variety of the park experience. If a park does not have a dark ride (looking at you Cedar Point), it would certainly be a good investment to add in, but I am not sure that adding multiple dark rides would have as much of a ROI as other attractions would be
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