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  1. I have thought for a while that they should get rid of the regular Fast Lane and have only a single "all you can ride" option that covers all of the rides, but that they should also offer a $25-$30 option that allows for 5-7 uses, with the newest rides being limted to one use per pass.. Dollywood does this very well, and gives a great option for the guest who needs a fast pass, but will not be at the park long enough to justify the all you can eat pass at a higher price.
  2. Are you able to attend on Saturday only? Taking off a day of work could be hard, but I would love to attend the saturday events.
  3. I have been to Camden Park once. It is certainly an experience to say the least. I enjoyed my visit, and would certainly stop by again if I was passing through the area again.
  4. Does anyone know if people who raise the amount of money to attend the event are able to bring a guest, or are entries limited to one per person (essentially, do I need to donate $150 or $300 for my wife and I to attend)
  5. crap, knew that I should have joined Ace earlier. I joined shortly after the new year, and did not make the Dec. 31 cutoff. Oh well, hopefully they will do a charity first riders event so I will have an opportunity to buy my way into Media Day, lol.
  6. If I could pick anything to fill that spot, this is what I would pick. I dont see it happening, but we can all dream, right?
  7. Sadly, I think this land is going to sit empty for quite some time. When we do eventually get a new coaster in it, 5-6 years down the road, it will be good, but it is not going to be a record breaker of any time. If Orion has shown us anything, it is that Cedar Fair is willing to invest in Kings Island, but that they dont see the return on investment in building record setters here. Why spend 20% more to build a record breaker when it will not result in 20% greater returns? I am going to guess a 190ish foot dive coaster with 3 inversions is most likely. I hope I am wrong on this, but Is simply dont see KI getting any major investments for several years. Orion is a huge investment, and Cedar Fair has already stated that they are going to slow down the investment rate on new coasters.
  8. As much as I agree that would look great, I hope when it is time for Viking Fury to leave, it gets replaced with another swinging ship ride. KI is already short on flats, and a non looping swinging ship is a ride that can appeal to a wide range of people.
  9. Rifleman

    Decoding 2020

    Diamondback is 5200ish feet (forget the actual number off the top of my head), and I think people who went over the plans think that project X will be 5400ish feet. Project X will be faster, so the ride time will be shorter, but the track will still be longer than Diamondback, assuming that the plans are correct (they likely are)
  10. Last year, buying a platinum in the fall would give you 1 free visit to a non KI CF park. We did platinum passes for 2019, and used our free visit at CP in the fall of 2018.
  11. I think a Scream and Swing would be a great addition to KI.
  12. Rifleman

    Decoding 2020

    it looks like it is going to be used as an overflow queue for FOF
  13. Rifleman

    Decoding 2020

    its also possible that the gray is still primer gray, and they are simply waiting on the blue paint to cure before masking it off and painting the support.
  14. Rifleman

    Decoding 2020

    They are pricey, but the best coaster shorts I have found are prAna stretch zion shorts (you can get them on Amazon). Tough but comfortable, quick drying and breathable, with just the right amount of stretch and in built in belt that actually works, and a a nice zippered pocket to hold the stuff you dont want to loose.
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