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    Decoding 2020

    I think many of us are concerned that it will not even make it to the 300 foot mark, based on the plans from the city.
  2. Rifleman

    Decoding 2020

    is anyone attending coasterstock today? If so, report back if any hints or teasers pop up at this event!
  3. would the dual loading layout of the Firehawk station transition well into a wing coaster station, or would the central exit make that transition incompatible?
  4. I agree that a Wendy's would be a great addition. I would also love to see Hanks get replaced with a Chipotle. As far as a completely different food types, I like it when they bring in food trucks during haunt, and wish they would have a rotating schedule of food trucks year round, so that there is always something new to eat. If they could integrate the food trucks in with the meal plan somehow, that would be even better.
  5. Yea, I suppose Red force is technically a Giga, although I honestly put it into the same category as Top Thrill dragster and Kingda Ka. I am not sure what exactly to call that class of ride, but since their ride experience is so much different than what is typically considered "Giga", It almost does not seem right to compare them.
  6. Imagine a B&M giga named "Legacy of The Beast" When the best was built, it pushed the limits. It was the longest, tallest, and fastest roller coaster in the world. The Beast became the standard that all other roller coasters were compared to overnight. To earn this name, the new coaster does not need to be made of wood, but instead simply needs to push the limits in the way The Beast did back in 1979. It needs to set the new benchmark. Imagine a 335 foot tall coaster (would be the tallest Giga). Imagine this coaster goes into a 135 foot vertical loop (bigger than full throttle, would also be the first inverting Giga). Now imagine this coaster, after a massive airtime hill, dives into a double helix, and then goes low to the group and races through the forest in a series of sharp, intense turns and airtime hills. After a record breaking 8,200 foot track (longest in the world), it arrives back in the station, having re-defined what a coaster can and should be. This ride would carry on the Legacy of The Beast, and would be worthy of the name. Of course, this is unlikely to happen, but a guy can dream, right?
  7. If the 2020 B&M that is being talked about were to utilize the SOB station, this year would likely be the last year for wolf pack. Is it possible that this removal is simply the wolf pack haunt?
  8. I love Diamondback, but at the end of the day, it is a coaster that is almost 100% focused on airtime (nothing wrong with that at all). A Giga that adds in some forcefull turns and hugs the terrain would provide a very different ride experience than Diamondback does. sure, if a B&M giga is built that is all about airtime, it would be very similar to Diamondback, but a different layout could make the giga and Diamondback stand out next to eachother as much as The Racer and The Beast stand out from eachother.
  9. I have thought that a roller coaster in the same class as a wacky worm or the teady bear at strickers grove would be a good addition to Planet Snoopy. There is a need to bridge the gap between great pumpkin and woodstock express, and a coaster of that size would be a great way for kids to work their way up to bigger coasters.
  10. My list (today at least, it tends to change daily depending on my mood): 1. Diamondback 2. The Beast (at night, swap spots with mystic during the day) 3. Mystic Timbers 4. Banshee 5. Vortex 6. Bat 7. Flight of Fear 8. Racer 9. Adventure Express 10. Firehawk
  11. Since I would not want SOB to return in its orgional form (but a SOB themed coaster that is actually enjoyable would awesome) Skylab would be my vote
  12. I gave CP a call, and they confirmed that we will be able to get one day free with my wife's pass, and could use the bring a friend perk on my pass for a discount on the second day. Thanks!
  13. No idea, although the food portions at WOF are huge. I could not eat even half of the serving of BBQ nachos I had there. Maybe the larger portions and thus food cost results in a higher meal plan price.
  14. I think the love for SOB come not from the ride itself, but from the idea of the idea. SOB was a ride that tried to do something very ambitious ( a looping wooden hypercoaster for Gods sake!). It was something unique and special, even if in reality it was a terrible ride. There has never been another coaster to match the pure ambition of SOB. Rides like Diamondback and Banshee are great rides, and are among the best (if not the best) in their respective families. Any enthusiast who lists the best inverts or best hypers will include these rides in their top 10. As good as these rides are, there is no ambition in them, and there is nothing to make them really stand out as a landmark attraction. In KI's history, there have been several hugely ambition projects. Some of them have worked out, other not so much. The Racer was honestly a risk when it was built, but its legacy is the second golden are of roller coasters. The original bat was a risk that failed, but its legacy is seen on every coaster that does not sit on the top of the track. The Beast, when it was built, was by far the most ambitious roller coaster ever built, and its success has had an unmeasurable impact on the coaster industry as a whole. SOB was not a good ride, but it was a true spiritual successor to The Beast. It tried something that was beyond the scope of what had been viewed as possible before. When people ask for SOB to return, they are not asking for a return of the rough, painful, and arguably boring ride that the SOB actually was, they are asking for KI to once again attempt to do something that pushes the limits and cannot be found anywhere else. Right now, the only experience that you can have at KI that cannot be replicated elsewhere is The Beast. Sure, Banshee is the longest invert, and Diamondback is the only one with a splashdown, and Mystic is an all around great ride, but these alone do not set KI apart from any other park. The "Bring back SOB" crowd is longing to make KI something special again, and not simply "just another park"
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