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  1. I will allow that it might have been unrelated to a coaster. Again, I was at the intersection of Western Row and Kings Island Drive and was headed east. So, I really didn't have the time to really look at it. For all I know, it was a piece to a wireless tower.
  2. Not sure but it looked like steel coaster support on a flatbed over by the employee entrance today. It was a medium gray and approximately 20 feet long. This was at 4:15 PM. Could not take a picture as I was driving.
  3. I won't say that I hated Vortex but I did not like it, especially in the last few years of its operation. First reason was that the first drop to me was underwhelming after that long lift hill. Decent air time but shorter than expected (early on before I became used to it). After that, the coaster just didn't age well. The looping curve developed a snap and the turn into the midcourse brake became painful. The funny thing is that I rode it in 1988 for the first time and, as it aged, I did too and I think that also had part of the blame. It just became harder for me to enjoy. I still
  4. This is definitely great news. We have both been vaccinated and I've been counting down the days until the season pass days. Just not sure if we'll wear masks in line or if we will discard them. All the "science" is pointing to minimal risk, as others have said, for outside venues and thus I will probably keep the mask in my pocket. I'm more excited about full train operations. The coasters can get back to cranking people through and lines will be more normal. Less than two weeks to go!!
  5. We went there when X-Flight (aka Firehawk) opened. The coasters were a lot of fun and Batman: Knight Flight (now Dominator at KD) was especially enjoyable. I didn't care much for X-Flight there and my opinion didn't change when it moved to KI. The park, overall, was not attractive. The walkways seemed narrow, crowded, and the park seemed dirty. It definitely felt like a third-rate amusement park but with some nice coasters. At that time, I would have ranked the main Ohio parks (based on park upkeep and cleanliness) Cedar Point #1 by far, Paramounts Kings Island #2, and GL a very distant
  6. I would love a Cheetah Hunt style coaster, more so than Maverick. With the land available, they could do a lot of different maneuvers including negotiating a valley of "rocks/cliffs". The terrain would really fit that kind of element. Again, it would take Cedar Fair and Intamin patching up their differences (similar to Arrow and Kings Island back in the 80's).
  7. I would appreciate adding back the effects on the second lift hill of AE. My personal "wish" would be (as someone stated a page ago) that a fully enclosed quick drop and/or helix would follow the second lift hill and then into the brake run. I get that the second lift's main purpose is to raise the train back up to the station level after dipping down into that valley-ish area. However, not much else needs to change. I like the red lighting that is in the mid-course tunnel and that could be implemented in the first tunnel. I enjoy riding this coaster although I have shifted to the center
  8. Kings Island also utilizes the park's terrain really well. Obviously, The Beast comes to mind but Banshee uses the terrain when it drops out of the first heartline roll. Those aren't elements but they also give the rides some different experiences.
  9. This looks like a nausea inducing experience. I do well on forward facing coasters and can handle inversions but the spinning element does not seem like a experience. Apologies if I have stated this before but I don't want a coaster that is just inversion heavy. One of Maverick's best attributes is that the inversions are secondary to the actual ride. Sweeping and/or overbanked curves and nice drops and bits of airtime are more preferable in my opinion.
  10. I realize that Steel Vengeance is still a recent ride opening but I would think that an RMC would be a little more cost efficient. While it would be ground up, I would think that an RMC costing around $15M would be a pretty efficient usage of that space where Vortex sat. Zadra supposedly was $16.5M to build. Steel Vengeance and Iron Gwazi were about half that much but they had an existing coaster superstructure to utilize (at least, to some extent). Plus, it would have a longer ride time than a dive coaster with many different elements available (standard coasters to inversions).
  11. Wow, I rode Banshee for the first time this year and was shocked at how rough and shaky the ride was. Honestly, I thought that maybe I had misremembered the ride last year and admittedly am a year older. However, reading these posts, I feel better. It was a very rough ride today. Orion felt smooth but I did notice a little side-to-side shuffling that could become unpleasant in a few years. For the record, I was in the back row on Banshee as well but I typically bounce between front and back row rides on this coaster on any given visit.
  12. Agree completely. Orion will chew through people, have a good line, and provide good rides to a lot of people. Plus, it will help balance the park a little bit away from The Beast/Mystic/Diamondback triangle. Plus, the area looks nice and has a better feel to it than when Firehawk was there. So, it's a winner for the park in a whole bunch of ways. My review was probably more the vantage point of someone who has been on a fair number of different coasters and likes when coasters feel different from each other. Again, your points are completely valid. No argument.
  13. Finally rode it today. Definitely felt too short. I was in the back but did not experience any major g-forces, even in the upward helix. The ride was smooth and fast but it really just felt like a slightly higher and shorter version of Diamondback, without the major airtime. I love Diamondback's second hill, where it curves at the bottom and I feel the speed more noticeably. Orion never had that kind of moment. The one area that I enjoyed was the sideways banked (wave turn?) second hill as that felt funny, in a good way. I enjoyed Millennium Force far more and I haven't been on any of B
  14. Mantis always killed my lower legs but I managed to set the seat appropriately. I suppose that it was because of the g's involved but it was worse on the incline loop but still bad on the standard vertical loop. I have wanted to ride the coaster since its conversion to a floorless to find out if it was a better overall ride. I really don't want another stand-up coaster at Kings Island. I prefer inverted, floorless, and more standard sit-down coasters.
  15. I am not entirely certain where the Banshee rattle is but are the same forces (positive G's or whatever) involved as to where it happens on Diamondback? The bottom of the drop out of the hammer turn is painful for me. I typically ride the back row but I now ride middle to front of the train where the rattle isn't as impactful. Strangely, I don't notice on any other area of Diamondback but that one point. I have referred to it as a more of a quick jackhammer. It is good for a flash headache, though. Regarding Vortex, the ride quality went downhill probably in the early 2000's (prior t
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