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  1. Per the Cedar Fair Executive VP: On its busiest days, with perhaps 50,000 guests in attendance, Cedar Point might operate at 90% of total capacity, he said. Average daily attendance, however, is about 50% of that, he said. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/cedar-fair-considering-capacity-limits-virtual-queuing-in-reopening-of-cedar-point-other-parks.html
  2. They might also use the crane to pull the envelope test car up and over the first hill.
  3. While I wish that that Orion construction camera was still running, I guess that it will be rather boring from this point forward. Regarding testing, I would think that they have to: 1. Install the lift hill chain and motor. 2. Finish installing the brake systems, including any trims. 3. Get the station up and running, including drive tires or whatever will be needed to propel the stopped trains. 4. Do a proper clearance run with one car and the projected clearance envelope. 5. Landscaping, finish the queue, and who knows what else. Not being privy to what all has occurred, I'm not sure where they are on the above steps.
  4. I remember being irked that they replaced the original Enchanted Voyage with the Smurfs. Seriously aggravated. To this day, I still have a deep seated wish that they would bring it back. I was also irked when they replaced the Phantom Theater. I miss being asked, "What are you looking at?" Must be something about that particular location. If I like the ride that is there, they take it out. While I understand why people want to see the topping off, I just can't too excited about not seeing it via webcam. They still have a long way to go. I'm sure that they will have several pictures on the Blog. I still can't ride it yet but, come April or May, I'll be geared up.
  5. Though more elements are being added, I think that dive coasters are still mostly one-trick ponies. I would expect/prefer something that is more like Copperhead Strike at Carowinds. Cedar Point doesn't have anything too similar (Maverick is close) and that type of coaster would fit into that space very well. I would be on board with an Intamin blitz coaster as well, maybe with a top hat to provide a nice addition to the skyline. The next best thing would be a new ground-up RMC woodie. Doesn't have to go for height records but that type of wood coaster would look great back there. I might steer away from B&M's for the next couple coasters. I love their rides but manufacturers like Gerstlauer and Mack should be used to provide some different rides. A ride like Taron would be great as well.
  6. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    #What'sInTheShed Maybe it's a drop section of track. Oh wait, wrong speculation thread.
  7. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    Interestingly, a part of Wright Patt AFB was always rumored to have held UFO stuff. I doubt that the USAF would like the tie-in but it would be a local relationship.
  8. Maybe a junior hyper from B&M? Those can be fun. I'd like to get an indoor flume ride or maybe even a Flying Theater. There are some good dark rides that are available using the flume technology or even going with Dynamic to get the "scoop" ride systems. However, that might be out of Cedar Fair's risk appetite.
  9. Does anyone have an inkling on how busy Tuesday, July 2, will be? Was thinking of going but not sure how busy it would be. With so many people on vacation/shutdown, this week gets a little busy.
  10. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    Millie remains the best. First drop with that elevator lift and then first overbanked turn and then into the tunnel and up a hill taller than most coasters' lift hills. Great sequence with all the right forces. Yes, the rest of layout isn't too inspired but it is still a ton of fun.
  11. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    I remember when Paramount basically stated this. They also stated that they were focusing on family-oriented rides and missed the fact that regional parks like KI probably have a higher reliance on rides that drive attendance, which is more thrill ride related. Family rides augment the offering but I'm not sure that they drive attendance up significantly. I am so happy that Cedar Fair bought the Paramount parks. They really cleaned up Kings Island, in my opinion, and they have added some major rides on a consistent enough basis to keep the park fresh and fun. This giga (near enough if we're right on the height) continues that trend. The current guesses look like great ride experiences and I am pretty excited for 2020. Now, if only the rain would cut back some so that I can get back to my weekly visits.
  12. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    We were stuck at the top of The Beast's second lift hill last year for about 20 minutes. The first car or two had crested and the remainder were still on the lift (I was towards the back). It was about 9:30 PM and fairly dark. They made a couple announcements and sent two people, a staff person and a supervisor, to make sure that we were okay. They climbed all the way up to us. After a few minutes, they got the call that the ride was going to be restarted and they cleared out. Moments later, the lift restarted. Didn't scare us but was a little aggravating because my bladder decided that it really needed to go right there and then. It was a very quick hustle out of the station once we unloaded. I no longer get in line without first consulting my system needs.
  13. Skibum

    Decoding 2020

    I was at the Island last night and saw that they had cleared out farther back than I initially thought. I am guessing that I just didn't see it, since it is still kind of brush covered and not plain dirt but it does go back by The Beast's straightaway under the shelter. When riding Beast, that cleared section was quite visible although not crystal clear. My guess is that a rider will fairly easily see the new coaster when going through the first dip after the lift hill and curve. Not that it matters as it won't take anything away from The Beast.
  14. Screamscape has a link to KI's Twitter account where they posted the track layout for the cars.
  15. Vortex: Wouldn't mind this going away. No lines and, for me, just not enjoyable. Arrow coasters don't always age that well. Firehawk: Rode it but it was never anything special. Wouldn't mind seeing it be taken out and to help with a giga's installation. Adventure Express: This is the only other ride I could think of but I would hate it if it was removed. Tame but a lot of fun. Plus, a great night ride.
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