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  1. Hello, I am so sorry I haven't been on here in a long time. I have been thinking about my account now that Vortex is gone. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody misses The Vortex? I miss it, I think a bunch of people complained about Vortex, but when they announced the demolition people were pretty angry about it. This is just a quick thread asking on your thoughts. I will post soon bye!
  2. Would your rather keep The Beast going or The Vortex
  3. Okay let me get this straight once again I am sorry for my little Nephew Nick. He didn't know what he was talking about. I am so sorry about all this but he was going on about the Original Bat in 1981. He was afraid it would fail once again like it did years ago. But no it won't we have better technologies right now! One thing is I am with him on the trees they are a little far out onto the track. But they are small twigs not branches so it wouldn't be just right to say that yet. I am so sorry about this I should have checked this quicker. Sorry Mich
  4. We all know of the orange suspended roller coaster tucked behind the trees named The Bat. I have noticed there is an accident waiting to happen on it! I was on it the other day with my parents and half of the people on the train were saying the car's are beginning to get really close to supports. So I went on it again and I started to know what they were talking about it's getting close to supports and trees are growing close too. I remember an accident a few years ago at six flags magic mountain a tree caused the ride to derail off the tracks but thankfully nobody died. I don't know if I am j
  5. Vortex_fan


    If you got them correct great job!!!
  6. Hello, This is Nick Michael's Nephew! I wanted to ask you if you have recentley seen this going on behind racers? Me and my Uncle found a really good place to see were the old Firehawk was! And back there we saw a massive land clearing that is big enough to fit a good size giga! My uncle said he found giga tracks somewhere but we couldn't find them! Or maybe he just saw all the stuff from King Cobra behind F.O.F. I found some pictures of the land clearing right here I am going to show you some of them! Who thinks Cedar Fair will let us down? Or who thinks they will surprise us with a giga???!!
  7. If you could Pick one what would you Pick? I would pick racers because the amount of airtime and Speed you get everywhere rebel yell is slow and has no airtime. Racer Or Rebel Yell?
  8. Here you go I found one!
  9. I don't know if it was or not because I remember seeing it called troika in the 90's so I don't remember.
  10. It was called Troika Years ago I think they changed the name when paramount sold the park to Cedar Fair here is a photo of a woman standing in front of the ride when it was the troika
  11. Vortex_fan


    Does anyone remember this old flat ride from Kings Island,Wonderland, and Six flags great america? I do It was a Double Sided Ferris wheel that would rotate. It starred in a movie beverly hills cops 3. It was called the monster in the movie but it had 3 sides. I wish I could get to ride this if you got to ride it let me know! It was also known as The giant wheel at hershey park. I don't think that there are any of these rides still out there but if you know tell me I would like to ride one! Some of the rides were left sitting abandoned for a while. Then they were gone this ride came to Kings
  12. I am glad Vortex is your #1 favorite steel coaster it is mine too! I actually see Vortex getting vekoma  trains soon!

  13. I'm gonna miss Firehawk I think we all will because its one of the best vekoma flyers you don't see a lot of vekoma rides anymore. Comment if you will miss Firehawk I wanted to make a little statement about it to honor it leaving us.
  14. Number 5 is alive rumor! There have been many rumors that the son of beat will return upgraded! You can find hints in the line of Banshee I will not spoil the clues. Alright here is one hint look by the memorial for Son of Beast! I hop the iconic attraction visits us again!
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