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  1. So I've seen the partridge family episode where both racers are blue and red. But then you see the one with the Brady Bunch, Both Trains are red. Then in banana splits the trains are also both red. So, What exactly happened? I am asking you guys because perhaps you could know the reason. I wasn't' alive then so I wouldn't know. Hopefully one or more of you do!
  2. As you may know I am more of a classic coaster type of person. So, I want to talk about a favorite of mine, The Flight of Fear. I have been on that ride numerous amounts of times. Then I didn't take the time to realize is it getting rougher? As you go really fast you can hear like a weird sound on the track. I think it's just because it's going so fast. In addition, It does jerk really hard and the cars seem to be bumping. In other words as if the entire train is rattling. It does seem to jerk really hard too, Kinda like The Adventure Express. Now I wouldn't say it's the type of ride design because when I went on The Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion, I didn't notice anything. However, It could just be me, I'm not trying to sound picky or anything, But I do think the ride is defiantly starting to show it's age. So, I was wondering have you noticed this about the ride or is it just me? P.S, Thanks so much for all the replies on my most recent thread Sincerely Vortex_Fan
  3. My issue with the sinking rumor is how there are older rides in the park that aren't sinking. I don't understand how it's even possible.
  4. Looks so empty without The Vortex in it. It makes that spot seem empty and the area smaller? How could the fit Vortex in that small section of the map? Weird i'm just noticing that.
  5. Hey guys, Short note, So I know it's been so long since I last made a thread but I just want to say that I'm glad it had so many fans and people were sad to see it go as well. Anyways, I would like to know your opinions on why you think Vortex was hated so much. I didn't hate it at all, The most fun thing to watch go around and around but also to feel the grip of The Vortex. Whenever I would ask a person are you sad that it's leaving I always got "no not really". I asked why and it was because it was too rough. I do agree with the roughness but I had a way to avoid that issue. You had to fight with the coaster. Pulling you head back as far away from the restraint as possible. It still hurt but it wasn't as bad. The roughness was the only issue I had heard about nothing else. Then I was told that the ride was too old. Yet you have Cedar Points corkscrew and Loch ness monster still operating. Something seemed off about it. Tell me what you guys think! Sincerely Vortex_Fan
  6. Hello, I am so sorry I haven't been on here in a long time. I have been thinking about my account now that Vortex is gone. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody misses The Vortex? I miss it, I think a bunch of people complained about Vortex, but when they announced the demolition people were pretty angry about it. This is just a quick thread asking on your thoughts. I will post soon bye!
  7. Would your rather keep The Beast going or The Vortex
  8. Okay let me get this straight once again I am sorry for my little Nephew Nick. He didn't know what he was talking about. I am so sorry about all this but he was going on about the Original Bat in 1981. He was afraid it would fail once again like it did years ago. But no it won't we have better technologies right now! One thing is I am with him on the trees they are a little far out onto the track. But they are small twigs not branches so it wouldn't be just right to say that yet. I am so sorry about this I should have checked this quicker. Sorry Michael
  9. We all know of the orange suspended roller coaster tucked behind the trees named The Bat. I have noticed there is an accident waiting to happen on it! I was on it the other day with my parents and half of the people on the train were saying the car's are beginning to get really close to supports. So I went on it again and I started to know what they were talking about it's getting close to supports and trees are growing close too. I remember an accident a few years ago at six flags magic mountain a tree caused the ride to derail off the tracks but thankfully nobody died. I don't know if I am just seeing things or is it real? Let me know if you are seeing this ride getting close to objects like these. Here are some photo's of the Ninja accident.
  10. Vortex_fan


    If you got them correct great job!!!
  11. Hello, This is Nick Michael's Nephew! I wanted to ask you if you have recentley seen this going on behind racers? Me and my Uncle found a really good place to see were the old Firehawk was! And back there we saw a massive land clearing that is big enough to fit a good size giga! My uncle said he found giga tracks somewhere but we couldn't find them! Or maybe he just saw all the stuff from King Cobra behind F.O.F. I found some pictures of the land clearing right here I am going to show you some of them! Who thinks Cedar Fair will let us down? Or who thinks they will surprise us with a giga???!!
  12. If you could Pick one what would you Pick? I would pick racers because the amount of airtime and Speed you get everywhere rebel yell is slow and has no airtime. Racer Or Rebel Yell?
  13. Here you go I found one!
  14. I don't know if it was or not because I remember seeing it called troika in the 90's so I don't remember.
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