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  1. 139Signal27

    International street makeover

    I'd like to see tea cups installed next to Showplace and a ferris wheel installed in front of Backlot, left of the floral clock.
  2. 139Signal27

    KI Blog: The Beast gets its name 40 years ago today

    In house, per KI's Twitter
  3. 139Signal27

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    What were you doing all the way down there? I sure hope you weren't trespassing. If you are/were an associate, I'd be careful revealing what you learned while working that might be considered proprietary.
  4. 139Signal27

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    It's bold to claim 100% certainty just from knocking on one section of track.
  5. 139Signal27

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Have you looked inside?
  6. 139Signal27

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is still more to come! With all the changes happening around the park, I would be thrilled if the park map received an overhaul. I don't care for the current art style -- I find it cartoonish and exaggerated. I would love to see a map that was more realistic and to scale. Silver Dollar City has a nice park map. I am fond of the old Paramount KI maps as well. Don't even get me started on the mobile app's map!
  7. 139Signal27

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    The Kings Island Blog announced today that The Beast trains will return to their original color scheme for its 40th anniversary.
  8. 139Signal27

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    You absolutely can and should. With the economy in its current state, families have the resources to travel farther for longer. With the additional disposable income, more families are opting to skip a season pass at their local park in favor of a vacation at a destination park. The average guest doesn't think or care about the business structure of each individual park. They care about how much it costs and what quality of experiences they receive. In a very real way, Kings Island is competing with Disney and Universal. In regard to food, KI can either decrease prices, or increase quality and service. We all know prices aren't coming down, so KI has to start trying something new. Why wouldn't those in charge compare themselves to the gold standard of the industry? The guests certainly do.
  9. 139Signal27

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I think it's more of a ridership and future expansion question. When it comes time to install the next coaster (after the assumed 2020 B&M), the park will have to ask itself a few questions: Is Vortex sitting on land they want to use? Do they want to utilize operational savings from a Vortex removal to offset costs associated with the new coaster? Is Vortex experiencing any operational or maintenance difficulties? Does Vortex's ridership justify removal? Could it be relocated/sold (highly unlikely in my mind)? Personally, I think the largest threats to Vortex are the land it sits on and possible decreasing ridership, not any maintenance concerns.
  10. 139Signal27

    The new KI Director of Food & Beverage is...

    High level management has more to do with leadership development and conceptual planning. At that level, it doesn't really matter if you're directing a food operation or a front gate operation. Knowing how to motivate and develop a department is a universal, transferable skill.
  11. 139Signal27

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I think we are seeing a shift in Cedar Fair's attitude. Mystic Timbers, Yukon Striker, Copperhead Strike all have elevated levels of theming compared to previous additions.
  12. 139Signal27

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I don't think so. The one to left looks like temporary construction offices/storage. The one on the right looks like a multipurpose space for the dorms.
  13. 139Signal27

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    The band organ was working for all of WinterFest.
  14. 139Signal27

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    If you made it back to the station lol
  15. 139Signal27

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    There are photos floating around Facebook (I won't share them here because I'm not 100% sure how they were obtained) that suggest the station has already been demolished. If true, does that suggest an earlier construction timeline than previously speculated?