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  1. Track for Hershey Park is currently heading north on 71. Just passed KI. 20190716_083715.mp4
  2. This site is so inconsistent. If someone had said last year, "Going to a meeting to learn about the new coaster. Can't tell you what it is yet, though." People would have lost their minds lol
  3. My point exactly -- the park hasn't announced that there will be a new maze. Yet, you're saying that there will be.
  4. Has the park announced a new maze for this year, or did you just share information you shouldn't have?
  5. Seeing that the locker Bay is being expanded, I highly doubt it.
  6. Those have been there since it opened. They certainly aren't growing quickly lol.
  7. New pistons? That just looks like the insulation they put around the cylinders for WinterFest.
  8. It just depends on how loud the engineer decides to blow the whistle. Those whistles could blow out your ear drums if they were opened all the way.
  9. Unless the floats are coming out from behind Kill Mart
  10. I don't think the nozzles and lights have anything to do with things said here. Just parts that weren't delivered or installed in time.
  11. You should still be able to get free water at any food or drink location.
  12. I prefer the new fountains. The pedestals were dated and made the display seem static, in my opinion. I new jets seem much more alive and modern.
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