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    Decoding 2020

    I had a guy in line for Diamondback on passholder night tell me with the upmost "authority" that the giga will be 345 feet and anyone that doesnt know that... well I guess your not paying attention. As for me, last year was the first year I really paid any attention to rumors and speculation of what the park would be getting. I will admit to being sucked in totally by the trolling of the 5 is alive posters and other coincidental items that popped up only to be disappointed with the antique cars. This year Im just going to quietly watch from afar and expect more antique cars.
  2. Do they have an itinerary posted somewhere for the event like Kings Island has for theirs? I see it is yet to be announced and is there any speculation on projected ERT?
  3. The entire queue was filled this last Saturday and spilling out past the Banshee sign.
  4. Thanks for the welcome and understood on the other rides. Shake, rattle and roll, monster and occasionally surf dog with Boo Blasters are our "take it easy" rides.
  5. Fair enough. Ill be excited to see the 2+hr plus waits for them so they can free up the waits for other rides. In all seriousness, I moved to the area 2 years ago(almost to the day) and before that I was a casual park vistior in other places like Dollywood, Lagoon, Great Escape, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We would go maybe 5 times a year max and I had no idea of the industry speculation, history of the parks and the excitement associated with the parks. The past two years it all changed, my son got hooked on coasters and became an encyclopedia of sorts on Kings Island and Cedar Fair parks. This year we got platinum passes and made a few trips to Cedar Point and due to my best efforts of planning, the Carowinds, Michigan Adventure and Kings Dominion trips fell through. So, Im still learning on how all this goes... regardless I had a blast with my son speculating on the coaster. We went up top of the tower and took pictures, scouted what one could via X base and Action Zone, printed out google maps drawing out tracks on how we suspected it might go and for those times it was definitely worth it.
  6. I wasnt around for them at Kings Island(I have only been in Cincinnati for 2 years, of which we have been pass holders) but I was wanting more. The coaster of course, but I would be content with one of the more intense flats like a tilt a whirl or the like.
  7. You would be 100% correct. My 10 year son has been on fire about these and I definitely got swept up with a childlike excitement. I was looking forward to his excitement along with many years of making memories on pending coaster. Such is life, and like the Brooklyn Dodger's of the 50's... Wait till next year!
  8. Am I in the extreme minority that is sick to my stomach disappointed with the now strong possibility of antique car return? Who announces an attraction like that on national roller coaster day? Kings Island does I guess... bummed
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