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  1. They did get alot done today, you can only see 4 of the supports from the usual vantage points. I may share the photo I took a little later. All I can say about the theming of Orion is this... It better have a world class plaza entrance sign like Fury, Banshee, Leviathan or Incredible Hulk.
  2. I got sold heavy on GOCC and CC last year as a support the local guys and there isnt much difference in what ACE can do for you than them. Well, I would politely disagree at this point but I guess Ill still get in the door for Coasterstock.
  3. Can I download this and see if I can do an overlay with Fury's turnaround? I dont know if anything will match up exactly,but maybe I can scale one close enough
  4. I saw that on the cam too, it’s surprising to see the current pacing of construction. That next support should be to the left of the one on my image.
  5. They are still working by the looks of it. I wonder if they must be on a tight time schedule to get done. This is where the support is in relationship to the lift from past images. I took this around 430ish.
  6. The span of track behind the bushes in the gulley?
  7. I wonder if the underside of the roof will be planetarium style with the Orion constellation on it.
  8. Those are not the same crews, so that work should be able to happen independently of each other.
  9. Rumor is they were sent out messages from Don to remove them or he would have Facebook do it for him. Sorry for the double post, I though my other reply was further up the line but with the active posting Im not further down the list.
  10. Most of the track, if not all has had just one crane lifting the support. To watch it live in person is really amazing as they slide the track or support piece up and on better than some people do with their car in a parking space... Anyhow, I havent seen an SNFU's or readjustments and Ive seen quite a bit of it going in.
  11. You are probably close on ride time, but of course with loading/unloading the cycles will be close to that golden 3 min mark.
  12. It’s up and on. It is a long piece of track and takes us down to the treeline.
  13. Mystic’s lift hill is 109Ft and this hill is supposed to be 147ft. For closer comparisons in the park, it is 2 feet shorter than Vortex and 12 feet less than Banshee.
  14. I’d call it 18% grey due to its ability to shift, picking up light contamination under most lighting conditions. That and trying to keep Orion’s track the correct blue against any sky is a pain to deal with also.
  15. I though I posted here, my apologies as must have missed with expanding my avenues recently.
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