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  1. With all the hype about the Cicadas, these guys better come in with the force of a biblical plague.
  2. "No, you probably wont be riding today" said to the guest that jumped the fence after the ride was closed. This is only after they walked up to us and loudly announced how they just had to close the day with Diamondback even though the line was closed. Ride ops saw it and had them hauled off. He then tried coming after me, pulling his shirt off saying how he was going to take me out for being a rat...LOL What he didnt know is that for the last 2 years my son and I closed the line at DB every night we are there and if someone is behind us... well you entered the line after it was closed. He was also waiting up front for me but I had some ride ops who were at the park as guest walk out with us. So, yes this can figuratively and literally almost get you punched at the park, KI fan or not.
  3. Depended on who was separating on Orion, they may have tried to pair singles in the outside seat rows(meaning that there were 2 seats inbetween you and the other person). That was about the only time I saw it at KI last year.
  4. I drove by that day and saw it also. I pulled into the dropoff, and looking through my long lens it looked liked nothing more than track inspection.
  5. I missed that video, and even with that said Kings Island is notorious for misinformation or no information at all. Yeah, perhaps so. I like to decorate for Christmas too. Ive got about 40 man hours deep on mine with perhaps another 10-20 maybe to finish the outside. For those local to KI, Im about 10 mins from the park almost dead center from 71/75 off of exit 24(on each) should you want to see it. This, along with strong rumors that Canada's Wonderland just put up their covid tents outside the main gate. I should have never said winterfest as I understand how much effort it takes, I should have hinted at a limited event(shopping/tasting with very limited rides) with a short run. Now this is a bit of a dagger in the heart with this subject, and would mean no rides. The light gets dimmer...(pun intended).
  6. Lol. Nothing is a certainty in today’s day and age and while I would strongly agree we won’t get Winterfest, a one off event or two DOES make sense. I say that knowing full well I could and probably am wrong... and if so, it is what it is. More strands are going up on the tower and it looks like 3 or 4 people manning the upper portion on the observation deck. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHYDcTFhtIm/?igshid=1jo16ocw3rx1r
  7. When I went back later in the day, I though the same thing. As I mentioned on IG, I though I had jumped the gun and pulled a (insert coaster page that loves clickbait) and asked myself how I could be so stupid. Then I noticed the pulleys were still up, which are the hooks for the stars. As I’ve maintained, it’s an interesting development that gives hope. Familiar with the release and they said the same of Carowinds. The ONLY thing that gives me any hope in all of this that KI seems to have an easier time hiring locals than the other parks for some reason. It makes me think we may get a one off or two with minimal rides and geared toward the tasting event with shopping. Agreed. It may just be the tower and it may be a little more, I don’t claim to be an insider in the know of things so outside of the pictures I have suggested to others to form their own opinions.
  8. Can I quote you with a real name as a source?
  9. There are now stars on the observation deck. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQ1eSOBOwt/?igshid=y6vqp1tcjlok
  10. As folks know, Kings Island has officially stated there will be no Winterfest 2020. There are rumors circling that there may be a limited KD event and we know that Carowinds has officially posted theirs. Today, whether for doing it for the community or for a possible future limited event; Kings Island has started to pull the lights for Christmas tree on the Eiffel Tower. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHQLnfVB2N0/?igshid=yt4kar7o1uqb
  11. Tatsu! The pretzel loop on that and Manta at Sea World Orlando are probably the most intense elments Ive heard about or had the pleasure to ever experience on a coater(in the back).
  12. Ive turned in a fair share of smokers and most are just asked to put them out and move on unfortunately.
  13. It is wisteria vine and I would believe is heavily pruned to keep it in check as it can grow off shoots off the main vine upwards of 10 feet in a season. I would hope it is the native vine vs the Chinese one as that one is almost as bad as kuduz as far as invasives are concerned.
  14. This seems to be the active Orion thread, I shot the fireworks from the Area 72 plaza with Orion in the foreground... looked amazing and was LOUD(awesome)!
  15. My son and I make an appearance in the Thrills United video around 13-14 mins. I dont think I quite articulated what I wanted to as we got put on the spot, so fire away at will. We will be doing one of our own later today.
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