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  1. I don’t have a source for this but myself and my son, but there was a huge difference between my ride last Sunday and my night ride last night Friday, 13 May(both rides in row 17). 
    Notably the trims… I will swear up and down on Sunday they barely hit if at all and that train absolutely hauled with a beautiful sense of reckless abandonment and determined speed throughout the whole course.

    Fast forward to yesterday, and it was evident the trims were hitting definitely more aggressively and we could both tell. I had myself hyped up for the ride like Sunday and while it didn’t meet that expectation, it was still evident what a great job was done with the retrack and how fast you fly through the helix….



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  2. 8 hours ago, BeeastFarmer said:

    In the OP, why does the ET and Orion seem larger than life?  I mean, I know about forced perspective, but neither one are THAT big or THAT close to the turnstile buidling.

    I shot it with a full frame camera at ~450mm. 
    The compression is more an issues of subject distance from camera, not a complete function of focal length. 

    If you look at the close ups I shot at 600mm later that day, Racer and Orion both look like they are looming right over the international street restaurant. 

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  3. On 4/5/2022 at 12:29 PM, BoddaH1994 said:

    I’m not 100% sure that this is allowed to be out, so if the mods need to kill this thread, no hard feelings. I saw this on Insta. 


    How would sharing this, which is in plain view sight of everyone traveling along Kings Island drive and perhaps some on the I71 northbound any different than you posting the picture of the sign out front the entrance getting some work? 

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  4. 7 hours ago, Oldschool75 said:

    I work in ecommerce web development. It’s a common thing to have this implemented. I had the same issue because I was on the page before 10. I closed my browser and was able to get right in and buy a ticket. On chrome. Sure there might have been some small percentage that had cache issues but I guarantee you that 98% of the people having issues with the button not showing were already on the page and just refreshing. I deal with this stuff everyday at work.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    My experience would differ from yours. I was there early from the link from the blog on chrome and edge(windows 10). I had refreshed a time or two with the refresh softkey in browser or f5 key and waited till my clock went past 1000 hit refresh and boom there was the “buy now” tab. I was in and out of the process by 1002 and went back in to double check to see if it was active and it was on both browsers. 
    Contrary to this, I had a friend I was texting with set up similarly to how I was and he never got the “buy now” tab. He was able to think quick enough on his feet to use his phone which proved successful for him. 

    If there is one thing that Cedar Fair(CP and KI) seem to have issues with,  it’s these special event sales. Look no further to the reservation system last year at CP and Winter chill out along with CoasterStock this year. 

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  5. "No, you probably wont be riding today"  said to the guest that jumped the fence after the ride was closed. This is only after they walked up to us and loudly announced how they just had to close the day with Diamondback even though the line was closed.

    Ride ops saw it and had them hauled off. He then tried coming after me, pulling his shirt off saying how he was going to take me out for being a rat...LOL What he didnt know is that for the last 2 years my son and I closed the line at DB every night we are there and if someone is behind us... well you entered the line after it was closed.

     He was also waiting up front for me but I had some ride ops who were at the park as guest walk out with us. So, yes this can figuratively and literally almost get you punched at the park, KI fan or not. 

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  6. On 1/28/2021 at 12:58 PM, CoasterJack said:

    I don't know any official information, but I visited a few times by myself in 2020. The answer is no, I would never get paired with another rider in the same row. I visited Disney last month, and even though they did every row, they would never put you with another party or individual in the same row. So for now I'd say it's safe to assume no, you will not be paired with another rider for now.

    Depended on who was separating on Orion, they may have tried to pair singles in the outside seat rows(meaning that there were 2 seats inbetween you and the other person). That was about the only time I saw it at KI last year. 

  7. On 11/9/2020 at 11:21 AM, Born_in_'72 said:

    Just my 2 cents here, but I feel that if we were going to get a special event, then we wouldn't have gotten the video message at the end of the season.  I would have been much more likely to hope for something like what Carowinds is doing had that message not been distributed.

    I missed that video, and even with that said Kings Island is notorious for misinformation or no information at all. 

    On 11/9/2020 at 7:33 PM, Oldschool75 said:

    They just want to put up some lights for the holiday season like everyone else. 

    Yeah, perhaps so. I like to decorate for Christmas too. 

    On 11/9/2020 at 8:09 PM, Maddog said:

    ^Agreed. It's cool they are looking to bring some holiday cheer for people driving by.  

    On a related note, how many of you have neighbors with their Christmas lights up and on already? I feel behind in my efforts...

    Ive got about 40 man hours deep on mine with perhaps another 10-20 maybe to finish the outside. For those local to KI, Im about 10 mins from the park almost dead center from 71/75 off of exit 24(on each) should you want to see it. 

    23 hours ago, super7 said:

    Kings Dominion just announced their Taste of the Season today, Nov 10.    It’s running the month of December and appears it will be a smaller event than Carowinds based on the mentioned rides.  

    Both kings dominion and Carowinds are under state capacity limitations.    Kings Island has a higher allowed capacity so it’s surprising they did not do something

    This, along with strong rumors that Canada's Wonderland just put up their covid tents outside the main gate. 

    15 hours ago, stashua123 said:

    I very very HIGHLY doubt they will reopen for Winterfest. 

    It is far too late to setup, train, and get everything set for an event in two weeks. I dont work there anymore but I know what the logistics it would take, and there would be a lot more things happening than the Effiel Tower being decorated. 

    I should have never said winterfest as I understand how much effort it takes, I should have hinted at a limited event(shopping/tasting with very limited rides) with a short run. 

    13 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    For those holding out any hope of Kings Island opening for a Christmas event, Scrambler is already having its cars taken off, and it is a ride that is usually open for Winterfest.


    Now this is a bit of a dagger in the heart with this subject, and would mean no rides. The light gets dimmer...(pun intended). 

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  8. 2 hours ago, RedSummit20 said:

    common sense?


    Nothing is a certainty in today’s day and age and while I would strongly agree we won’t get Winterfest,  a one off event or two DOES make sense. I say that knowing full well I could and probably am wrong... and if so, it is what it is. 


    More strands are going up on the tower and it looks like 3 or 4 people manning the upper portion on the observation deck. 



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  9. 17 hours ago, Outdoor Man said:

    Was in Mason earlier when I saw the original post and drive past park on way home.  Drove past and thought... "Hoax."  Then noticed the hooks (for the star)... and then noticed that the lights going down really get lost in the sunlight.  Hoping the lights on the star are finally bright enough to see outside the parking lot.

    Probably not an indication of a winter event, though it would be a pleasant surprise.  They did clear the Fall stuff out FAST though.  They still had Christmas things up/out in March earlier this year.

    When I went back later in the day, I though the same thing. As I mentioned on IG, I though I had jumped the gun and pulled a (insert coaster page that loves clickbait) and asked myself how I could be so stupid. Then I noticed the pulleys were still up, which are the hooks for the stars. 
    As I’ve maintained, it’s an interesting development that gives hope. 

    17 hours ago, bjcolglazier said:


    “We have had to make the difficult decision to cancel both Halloween Haunt and WinterFest this year due to operating constraints in our region,” Kings Island Vice President and General Manager Mike Koontz said in the release.

    Familiar with the release and they said the same of Carowinds. The ONLY thing that gives me any hope in all of this that KI seems to have an easier time hiring locals than the other parks for some reason. It makes me think we may get a one off or two with minimal rides and geared toward the tasting event with shopping. 

    4 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

    Correct, however there is no mention of “Taste of the Season,” which would not be Winterfest. Remember that they announced that Carowinds wouldn’t open for the year, but here we are. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m very skeptical of anyone that would tell me that they aren’t just decorating the tower and it’s a little late in the game to announce another event, but hey - we can dream!

    Agreed. It may just be the tower and it may be a little more, I don’t claim to be an insider in the know of things so outside of the pictures I have suggested to others to form their own opinions. 

  10. As folks know, Kings Island has officially stated there will be no Winterfest 2020. There are rumors circling that there may be a limited KD event and we know that Carowinds has officially posted theirs. 
    Today, whether for doing it for the community or for a possible future limited event; Kings Island has started to pull the lights for Christmas tree on the Eiffel Tower. 


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  11. On 9/21/2020 at 1:57 PM, dbackdreams said:

    I want to see a B&M coaster where Vortex was. I saw one like was really cool. It was a modern fly coaster, I think it looked awesome!  Go to you tube and look at magical mountains in cal.  It's out there and look so fun. 

    Tatsu! The pretzel loop on that and Manta at Sea World Orlando are probably the most intense elments Ive heard about or had the pleasure to ever experience on a coater(in the back). 

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  12. 2 hours ago, super7 said:


    The ones that go to Whitewater Canyon are subpar compared to the original one.  The original one was wide enough that It has seating. If for some reason the vines have not covered them very well despite how long they have been there The ones that go to Whitewater Canyon or pitiful compared to the original one. If for some reason the vines have not covered them very well despite how long they have been there  






    It is wisteria vine and I would believe is heavily pruned to keep it in check as it can grow off shoots off the main vine upwards of 10 feet in a season. I would hope it is the native vine vs the Chinese one as that one is almost as bad as kuduz as far as invasives are concerned. 

  13. On 7/3/2020 at 9:27 AM, RayFields said:

    Wow. Most people from what I've read have said the ride is REALLY good. Maybe because you only rode it once and with the heat and the long lines due to the Corona precautions it affected your feelings. Those who rode multiple times on July 1st with the shorter lines seem to have nothing but good things to say.

    GP to Enthusiast who has ridden it multiple times (Youtuber with 50.000 subs) considers it a Next Generation B&M and he even likes it better than Fury325 and feels that it's MUCH better than Millenium Force

    Here are his quotes

    -- So cool! For you, what makes Orion better than Fury?

    "So fast paced, takes every element so fast! There are no "dead zones" on the ride at all, every element does something good!

    -- I'll be there Saturday, and Sunday. Idk if this will be better than MF. From the POVs, I don't think it will be.I'll be there Saturday, and Sunday. Idk if this will be better than MF. From the POVs, I don't think it will be.

    "Its miles better than MF"

    Other enthusiasts with over 500 credits are saying it's there 2nd favorite B&M behind only Fury and were visibly shocked and surprised at how good the ride was (we're talking guys who have ridden Steel Vengeance, El Toro, i305, Fury325 etc. hundreds and hundreds of times mind you)

    Sorry but I take these more established coaster enthusiasts opinions in much higher regard than yours

    Here are a couple links



    My son and I make an appearance in the Thrills United video around 13-14 mins. I dont think I quite articulated what I wanted to as we got put on the spot, so fire away at will.  We will be doing one of our own later today. 

  14. 2 hours ago, DiamondBeast said:

    As bright as the lights are, I think there are enough trees between the turn around and that section of The Beast to where they won't be too noticeable. At least, that's what I'm hoping anyway. 


    1 hour ago, IceePirate said:

    You only see the turnaround for a couple seconds right as you're entering the straight track. After that, it's regular ol' beast

    The lights are not bright, but their color has a high intensity close to the source with what looks to be dramatic fall off as you move away from ride. I dont think it should detract from The Beast experience but quite possibly add to it with that almost atmospheric glow light filtering through the trees. It should be noticable at the first hill, and the run through the brake shed. I guess we will see how folks feel about it. 


    I say all that with 2 additional points. 

    1. Light is invisible to the eye unless it has something to reflect off of for us to see it. It will have a tough time making through all those thick trees back there.

    2. Light is directional. Those underglow lights are beaming straight up and it was enough for us to see the glow on the clouds above it last night. 

    6 minutes ago, Marc3E said:

    Awesome, I’m going opening day and can’t wait to share my review!

    As will we! We will be there tomorrow night for the first rider event and have a1030 slot on the 2nd. 

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  15. 9 hours ago, FUN&ONLY! said:

    Here are the lights in action!

    Edit: Is it just me or does it looks like the lights on the “wave turn“ are not changing colors like the rest of the lights?

    It does look that way in the sequence seen from out front. It did not seem to be the case when I was viewing from Great Wolf Lodge’s berm out back. 

    Last night the multicolored sequence didn’t seem to last very long and it was that along with the primarily white/blue. 

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