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  1. I don’t think Banshee or DB has that bad of a rattle, they are not in the same class as Kumba, Rugaroo, Kraken, or Dominator.
  2. Poorly translated or received sarcasm. Ergo, I digress...
  3. Looks rough... Yes, I know it’s the camera in the mount getting thrown about on a light train; but I didn’t get much out of it that the GCI rendering did not already show save for the on ride camera.
  4. It’s bright, but it’s really not that bright. Being a blue LED light, it’s visible wavelengths are not the best at transmitting a distance(short and intense, I guess like Orion). It is better suited up close and has more of a “bloom” or “atmospheric” look. If it was white, yellow, orange or something like that with the same lumens/candlepower it would be a different story. As an aside, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that strip can be programmed RGB with different color outputs(think those bulbs on the Effie tower during winterfest). While it’s possible, I don’t think it’s likely(a picture from an unauthorized source makes the bulb housing look clear so it could have individual semiconductors of color or just the blue). Hopefully, it’s a question that is entertained or we eventually find out by what we see. While I’m thinking of it, I’m sure that the blue housing is transmitting light and adding to that diffused look.
  5. No worries and thanks! I was trying to be funny and it wouldn’t load the .gif for me, therefore losing some of its impact.
  6. Yeah... I can’t get the GIF to load... truly I can’t get any respect around here, aka Rodney Dangerfield.
  7. An assist goes to @collin.klopfstein for the IG message of the picture someone took from their house last night. He asked if I was going to go take pictures tomorrow... I was already gone at that point! I was loosely planning on doing a drive by later, but that sure accelerated my movements.
  8. It’s a mpeg off my nikon, which I imported to the phone to upload. It did convert to a .mp4 When I did color correction in the basic iPhone editor.
  9. Let’s see if mine works IMG_8123.MP4
  10. Ok, If I’m wrong I’m wrong then.
  11. Not buying it. Looks like it’s doing the same thing with sun that it was for me when I tried say they were testing them during the day.
  12. Nope, there was a human in the sling.
  13. Congo falls was testing yesterday along with The Bat, Drop Tower and Winderseeker. Oh, so was Xtreme skyflier.
  14. Probably because we are in for a treat with another coasternation article of the proposed Orion bin system that was never used. ”Did you know at one time Kings Island had proposed bins on Orion?”...
  15. Fair enough. I never go to the home page and rarely leave this sub forum.
  16. No one wanted to blast out the reservation system went live around 0800 this morning?
  17. Id tend to agree. I was told on multiple occasions last year that them removing a guest that was smoking or vaping in the queues wasnt a priority.
  18. Didnt the park share that link yesterday on the info they sent out and then remove it?
  19. I find it funny the riders seem to be holding on to their masks in this photo. The major proponents of masks in the community all say there is little to no chance of the mask coming off on a roller coaster. Ok
  20. For the sake of argument, Id like to see them do just outside seats(1 and 4) down the train instead of skipping rows and I have a strong feeling that Orion is going to be a Row 1 Seat 1 coaster like Fury.
  21. Thanks for the share @collin.klopfstein it completely slipped my mind to post here. So what is the drone debate now?
  22. In light of them enforcing all the safety measures? I think some folks might get disappointed, but I do leave room for being wrong. My guess is they will either do every other row or load the outside seats.
  23. Do you think they will actually put 32 on that first train?
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