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  1. No worries. I posted 2 more videos to show what I was seeing. I would agree that the late afternoon sun lights up the front of the lift and catwalk quite a bit and I even though that is what I was seeing out there. Once I started to see them pulse along with fade in and out that I convinced myself that it was the lights being tested. Otherwise all of my afternoon postings are nothing short of the rantings of a delusional madman.
  2. Fixed it. In the one on the bottom the exposure is closer to the original and the LED strip is no near as bright especially near the base of the hill. Video is 1:55, lights start off and progress from there Another one that shows it varying in intensity around 1 min long
  3. Well, I guess there is that. It is going to be impossible then for me to show what they are doing when it’s testing during the day then which is why they are doing it that way of course. I can try to pull the exposure a bit, but if it can’t translate to video accurately then we will have to wait till they finally fire it up at night. I will say I though it was the sun’s reflection on it at first, until it did the same exact thing 2 times in a row as it cascaded up the lift hill. It was amazingly bright in the middle of the day, I can’t image how this will light up that side of the park at night. So with that said and showing a side by side with it lit and unlit.... I have maybe 2 or 3 other video and photos that may show it slightly better. Then from there I won’t share till it’s absolute concrete.
  4. Your kidding and I ask that seriously because this time I felt I nailed it even mid day. I have another snippet from a larger clip I’ll look for and if it can’t be seen then... I honestly don’t know.
  5. I saw this coming up 71 but though my eyes were messing with me.... this is going to be spectacular at night.
  6. The problem with the blue LED is the wavelength of light and where it falls on the luminance, tint and saturation of the spectrum. Blue light is harder to pick up by the naked eye than most like white and red, along with it having a tendency to be filtered out or suppressed by most newer cameras and screens. Add to the fact that this was taken at a time when there was a lot of ambient blue light, it’s barely going to show up. I also believe it wasn’t on full power, but that is only a guess. Since Fury was brought up, I don’t believe ours is going to be apples to apples. Fury has a single LED strip which is on the catwalk and it looks like we have 3 along the handrail. The secondary beauty of all this is that it seems about half the people who view it don’t see it or think I’m spreading fake news. So until KI goes live and beams this out like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation it seems as though the surprise isn’t ruined for some. I may head over to the river trail late afternoon and see if I can catch it from that angle and hopefully it becomes more clear for those interested.
  7. This is what I see also. Now here are two more screen grabs, one from over on the River Trail and another from out front in the drop off when the sun is bearing down on it. This is the one from out front and shows a hand rail above the blue LED strip. Ignore the other hotspots from the sun on the track. It also looks like it is illuminating that white strip LED. Here is a look at from the river trail
  8. Welcome. It appears some folks aren’t sure what the difference is so I’ll try a side by side zoomed in a close. Am I wrong in thinking I see 2 or maybe 3 white LED strips?
  9. I swear you must know me as I’ve always been fond of saying “you won’t do it” to bait someone into doing something.
  10. I think I just caught the Orion lights on.... debating on posting and trusting my eyes.
  11. It may be early on in the process and hopefully this is only the beginning.
  12. One from the front, one from the back. I’m surprised it took me this one to bump into another KIC member out there in the drop off or out back of GWL. Nice meeting you too @Hawaiian Coasters 325! So another funny story... out back of GWL as I was shooting there I had to hang the shutter which at 200mm can be a pain as every slight movement is greatly magnified. So as I pixel peeped, it looked like I had a lot of shake. The odd thing was that the supports were sharp but it looked like the fencing on lift was shaking. I was getting frustrated as it seemed like each one was doing it. Then I noticed movement on the lift... they were running trains in the dark. After seeing them, I could then hear it. So if you look close enough, you can see motion blur from the train on the top of the lift hill and it looks to be the dark blue train. With that said, anyone is free to call fake news but I know what we saw and heard.
  13. I guess we will find out soon enough.
  14. I would disagree. In my overstated opinion, I think this is nothing more than a work spotlight from below and that it would have been too early in construction for the lights to be installed. Generating clicks and creating a story out of nothing.
  15. I took the video and shared it with Thrillwarrior from IG to post as I didn’t have time yesterday to do anything with it.
  16. I posted in this thread and elsewhere photos that clearly show the trim, I can repost or link to them if you like.
  17. I think from the images I got they were all the same train. I’ll pixel peep and get in close before I say for certain.
  18. I also like to start unsubstantiated rumors due to vague references and this is my guess... I think we will get the monster truck experience and it may happen in the now empty plot that Vortex was in.
  19. Truth. I wouldn’t say I’ve enjoyed seeing this coaster go down, but there is a closure that comes with it for me. While I’m sure better angled and more dramatic pictures will emerge from within the park soon, I did my part for the community with the resources available to me. Thanks to all who followed along on the Orion and Vortex journeys of 2019-2020 with me. Also, along with the circling buzzard that I caught circling Vortex, I see a lot of images that have personnel on the second lift hill of Beast. Perhaps Beast got some extra TLC in that area.
  20. She is still standing but has been split into 2 sections
  21. I’m up in Columbus for the day, at this point once it’s down and gone it will be the same image anyone can get for a while. I’ll probably swing by and check on it once I get back in town early afternoon.
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