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  1. The Beast is now noticeable on the skyline, but I wouldn’t expect it to be as visible once the trees start flushing out. At least with the second lift hill.
  2. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.
  3. I can unfortunately do so much with the given distance and angles afforded at this point. I’m going to guess as soon as the last scrap is hauled off the BTS photos from inside the park will start to surface.
  4. All that’s left...the hour draws near.
  5. Did another small section go down or are my eyes playing tricks on me? I’m slighting off on angle, but it shouldn’t be that severe. Today AM Yesterday PM
  6. Another section down I think there are 3 sections left to come down if the cuts that are in place are indeed the final ones.
  7. Yes it is. A sad day indeed... as I travel back on my IG feed it’s crazy to see just how quick it started move within the last week.
  8. I’ll check on that when I do my last drive by in a little bit. Also, for testing for the upcoming season WindSeeker has been up a few times but The Vortex and Orion post have more meat than WindSeeker halfway up the structure.
  9. Doesn’t look like anything else has come down since mid day correct?
  10. It’s very hazy and going to make the camera quality less than optimal till at least mid afternoon. It’s one of those days that the sun hits the clouds and turns into a huge high key softbox that is about 2 stops hot.
  11. I knew you would all examine it closely... Anyhow, yes I see those cables now and I was about 5 mins late this morning on getting video. I’m sure they spent the rest of the day chopping it up and clearing the drop zone. Maybe I’ll get some tomorrow or the next day or never... rest assured, you guys will be among the first to know if I do.
  12. Ah yes, I see his silhouette now.
  13. This is a DEEP crop on an image that really pushes the limits of my camera gear. Look in the lower left hand corner just above the track. Edit: it’s The Beast’s second lift hill a new item on the KI skyline...
  14. Yeah it looks bizarre in person.
  15. They are cutting up sections of the lift hill currently. edit: If you zoom in close enough you can see the slag flying as he is cutting the piece.
  16. I see my updates made it here already as I got caught up forgot to share here. As one of the posters above showed, I’m marking my spots and trying to take images as close as possible to the same location(and crop) so they can be later compared in a more apples to apples way. I would think that this is going to come down quickly from here in a few major pieces the way it is carved up.
  17. It looks like via the Weatherbug cam and no new updates on social media that not much work was done on the demo of Vortex today?
  18. No, I’m in Charolette for work till early Friday afternoon. So KI has 3 days to get this done without me documenting it. I must admit I’m hoping for bad weather to delay it for that reason.
  19. This? Comments may be deleted, but screenshots live forever.
  20. The basket appeared to be up near the apex when I was by about 4 this afternoon. Took a few pictures, Ill look a little closer and see if its worth sharing as now we are back to no eye in the sky.
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