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  1. Didn’t really look with the obvious deconstruction of the loop. I’ll check a time or two tomorrow.
  2. Did a drive by after my work call and the first loop(would have been the first one on the ride circuit) is the only thing that you can see that is clearly down . From other parts of the park and out in the drop off parking lot the first one would have looked taller . I’m not sure if we are going to have a clear lane on the corkscrews, but it was intertwined with the loops and we have to assume part or all of the corkscrew would be gone at this point.
  3. Two photos for your consideration. The first one was taken last week, and the second about 30 mins ago. I report, you decide...
  4. Not to mention quite a few coaster channels/pages have been nonstop blasting the info for at least 2 weeks. Add in the hype of Orion finishing at the same time, it was near perfect timing. Im surprised it took almost 12 hrs and that everyone is surprised by it. I was at the computer at 10 ordering ours and hung around for a bit f5’ing it to see if it was going to go the way of the winter chill out.
  5. It looks like it might be spot lights from the ground.
  6. Yes, you are correct according to the pictures leaked. I’m not sure what The Dude’s angle is but he is not sharing anything we haven’t discuss here already. The Vortex trains(and Firehawk) pictures via Carowinds Only Fans is at least a week or two old at this point. We can probably expect the MCBR and corkscrews/loops to come down next if we follow the ride in reverse like station>transfer track>helix>bat wings.
  7. The 20 digit code on the electronic pass will work also. I checked last years ticket price and it went up 2.00 a piece. Last year out the door was 96 and this year was 100
  8. Yes, most have seen this since it is right there on the official page.
  9. Well, did a quick drive by this morning and everything is still in place. After the Orion last piece debacle, truth is relative to the current moment of time and "pictures or it didnt happen" took on new meaning.
  10. As of 1045, what appears to be the white crane from Orion construction is sitting out in the far corner of the parking lot to be staged for shipping.
  11. Had some things to get done after capturing take 1 of 2 of Orion completions, I’m driving over with my son after I take my daughter home. update: no changes can be seen from outside the park.
  12. There is plenty of egg on the face and mea culpa to go around today.
  13. I could see it. Funny thing is a security guard from the park drove up and asked about it saying "The park has a no fly zone". My only reply was "Well, he isnt with me" and the guard said that whoever was flying it was going to find out real soon.
  14. Well, so it will go again in 3 hours... circling in and out forever!
  15. Channel 9 was circling the park for almost an hour this morning.
  16. Not till the afternoon though. The lighting was miserable and I managed to get something halfway decent.
  17. So as I get ready to catch the last piece going up and in, are still photos better than halfway decent video? Potential quality of video can be found over my on Instagram when I got one of the wave turn supports going in. Here it is. I think I may take a couple stills, switch to video for the last slide in.
  18. The the lifthill, the loops and the banked turn into the loops are clearly visible from outside the park in the drop off lot. I "might" be able to angle here or there to see the corkscrews editing this post so I don’t double post, but I can say with a 95% accuracy that the turn around into the MCRB is still standing. It’s such a sliver through the trees I drove in a circle for 15 mins to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing and using my KI Rat knowledge to know it could be nothing else but that. Prediction, Vortex stands another day. Also with that, I haven’t seen any ORouke trucks in and around the KI area.
  19. I see what I can do without trespassing.
  20. I’ve yet to catch early testing... if not the first test.
  21. Into the loops? Yes, it’s right over Woodstock express.
  22. Here is the alternate view on the helix(now completed of course) and that banked turn into the brakerun
  23. 0945 this morning. All major landmarks that can be seen outside the park look to be in place.
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