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  1. A family member asked me the other day "Is it true that Diamondback is being torn down?"
  2. Does anyone else find it interesting that there is only one side to the station? I mean this as in loading and unloading will probably occur on the same side. My only experience with antique cars is at Cedar Point where you enter and exit on opposite sides so that's why I'm curious
  3. I was once talking to someone in rides maintenance and I remember him saying that they get there pretty early. I can't recall the exact time he said but I to say it was sometime around like 5am give or take an hour or so. It probably depends on what maintenance crew they are on but they all get there super early in order to get through all of the rides
  4. I have heard sirens while in the park before but they were very faint and sounded like they were outside of the park (I was also towards an outer edge of the inside of the park). I've been in the park a handful of times when they've done the message over the loud speaker to take shelter. One of the times they even closed the two indoor rides because of how bad they thought it was going to get but it blew over. This was all just for thunderstorms though
  5. On the topic of station location, I think the only place it would really fit well would be somewhere back in x-base (or the area formerly known as x-base). The DA area would now be extremely crowded because the entrance would then be right by Antique Cars, Vortex, and WindSeeker. I also think it's too crowded over by Banshee unless they were to make a path where the SOB station is and extend out a decent amount towards the back of Banshee. Plus this would mean we have a B&M in the three non-kiddie sections of the park
  6. I think it would be really nice to see this. I wouldn't say that Firehawk was as "iconic" if you will as SOB but it is definitely a unique coaster due to the lack of Vekoma flyers in existence. It would also be nice because it could also remind people of Geauga Lake and be an indirect "shrine" to the park
  7. Does anyone know how long the brake section is? The Wikipedia page says that the drop height is 264 and that is not including the break section. However, I know that it does not take riders over 275 feet because the 275 platform on the Eiffel Tower is the highest point a person can be in the park. That means that the brake section is only 10-11 feet tall at most which doesn't seem too likely to me. I suppose maybe the ground elevation plays a factor in this
  8. If on the off chance that the predicted 2020 coaster isn't a giga, I would love to get a B&M flyer right where Firehawk was just for the meme. I can just imagine the countless number of times you would hear "Isn't that Firehawk? I thought they tore it down". Seriously though a B&M flyer would be cool to get since there isn't one really close. It would just feel weird to replace a flying coaster with a new flying coaster
  9. I've done my fair share of riding boo blasters and to me the blasters seem super hit or miss. My high score was around 2700 with a good working blaster and then there have been times where i've only gotten a couple hundred. I've come to find out that each blaster has its own way of aiming
  10. Besides the location of the actual show building, is there an actual reason as to why the rides it has hosted have been marked as being a part of International Street? I think most people would consider the entrance to be within Planet Snoopy as its right across from Charlie Brown's Wind Up. Even the exit is on the path that is the gray area between the two areas.
  11. In reality the park is only closed to the public during the 2 weeks between Labor Day and Haunt. Those two to three weekends almost always get bought out by companies so the haunt prep really happens in the weekdays. Like someone mentioned earlier, daily operations stop 2-3 weeks before labor day since that is when most high schools and colleges go back. If you've been to the park when daily operations start in May then you know the park staffing is rough then. Just imagine that but with maybe half of the college kids as well
  12. I wouldn't be opposed to getting rid of Invertigo because the land could be used for a better ride in my opinion. Keep Flying Ace though because it was probably the most functional Vekoma in the park this year. Not to mention its a great kiddie coaster and gives kids the experience to ride "a mini Banshee"
  13. I consider it a coaster based on the fact that the model is a Zamperla Skate Coaster. I try to call it strictly a "coaster" and not a "roller coaster" though since the only reason I call it one is that the word "coaster" is in the model name
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