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  1. Great return of a classic. Pulls on the nostalgia strings and rounds out the park. Poor platform/execution on the reveal though being national rollercoaster day. An announcement the day before or after would have been just as impactful without annoying fans. Was an obvious misdirection. No one can disagree with that. I think a bigger impact would have been a lower key reveal with maybe tying into a whole everything old is new again into a summer campaign with merchandise (like retro t-shirts of old park ride logos or return of old park merchandise). Maybe some photo ops with Skylab backdrop or enchanted voyage props...You're welcome KI marketing department for the idea ; ) The "we got ya" feel thrill seekers were left with doesn't sit well and was unnecessary. No one expects yearly coasters but, traditionally, reveal build ups like these have leaned that way. Just my .02. Looking forward for a spin on the cars next year.
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