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  1. So you would prefer a end ride lift hill with nothing? Lift hills build anticipation of the ride to come. What do you have her the anticipation of the stations?
  2. The Vortex is scarier for 2 reasons. 1. Your head is going to hurt after the ride 2. If it rains or you are going to get stuck on the lift hill or one of the brake runs. If it starts to sprinkle I always make it a point to head to Vortex to see if it’s down and if some poor guests are strapped in getting soaked. #Schadenfreude I’ve seen a rain related breakdown 3 times this year
  3. I don’t know about a ride but what about converting the theater into something like the kid arthur's court play area at CP. Something shaded and not smelling of poo would be my choice for a kids area. Are these not a thing anymore for safety/liability or are kids just not interested?
  4. That is my hope. That and I really don’t want a view of the parking lot or somehow incorporating the coaster into a front enterance redesign, (eg. fury 325 or GateKeeper). I don’t see how they could considering what would be in the way. I’m crossing my fingers for something fast, that gets low to the ground, in the woods, and reusing the SoB station. I don’t ask for a lot ;-)
  5. So we know is B&M will be making a coaster and the speculation is it will be a giga, won’t this put KI in the same situation as Carowinds is in with Fury 325 and intimidator? That is to say two coasters by same manufacturer (B&M) with very similar elements aside from first lift hill height. Totally a First world problem, but I hope we get something that makes it stand out Such as using the terrain and offering a great night ride. Any other ideas what could be done so that Diamondback doesn’t just just come off as a smaller version of the new coaster?
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