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  1. That still doesn't explain how Kings Island only had a 1% attendance boost after adding Banshee. It seems coasters don't boost attendance as much as they used too. Steel Vengeance didn't boost attendance as much as Valravn did. What is it that people want if coasters aren't doing it now.
  2. I am not so sure Kings Island will see a big jump from the new giga coaster. The last 2 coasters Kings Island opened did add much attendance. Banshee only increased attendance 1% and Mystic Timbers added 2%. What puzzles me is why coasters at Kings Island don't really push attendance like other parks?
  3. Thats a great idea. My home park is Canada's Wonderland and any one I talk has no idea that its owned by Cedar Fair. I have always said they do a poor job advertising the Platinum passes. Wonderland only advertises a regular season pass. As far as people saying the cost for a season pass is too much, it is if you pay all at once. Now that they offer a 12 month payment plan they have made it so almost anyone can afford it. For a platinum pass its only $15 a month. Thats cheap and something Cedar Fair should advertise more. I am sure if more people knew Cedar Point is included with a platinum pass they would buy it.
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