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  1. Looking for a little help here. My wife is dropping my son and I off at the park on Monday and picking us up at the end of the day. We both have platinum passes but she doesn't. We were looking for a way that she doesn't have to pay to park just to pick us up. I thought I could use the app on my phone to get in and just leave my pass with her to get past the toll booths. Question is, does your picture pop up at the toll booth when you scan your pass like it does at the entrance gate? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and I had a question. I've never been to the Halloween Haunts before. How scary would you say it is for a 9 year old. He loves rides and coasters but sometimes things of that nature spook him a little. We can always avoid the mazes but are the midways with fog and scare actors very scary?
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