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  1. When Carowinds teased Fury 325, they said that they were getting a roller coaster called Centurion, but at the announcement they said it would be called Fury 325.
  2. I would like a giga coaster like Fury 325, but taller.
  3. My friend says Giga 2022 and I say Giga 2020.
  4. I know. There were a lot of errors in the blog post. And maybe next year they will have Firehawk a grave.
  5. My idea: Get rid of Firehawk for tallest, longest, fastest giga. Outpost 5 symbols popping up, because same layout as Son of Beast [no loop] and it would be steel.
  6. The wood that is below the grave is new.
  7. There is a grave in the grave yard that said Prikett and had the outpost 5 symbol under it.
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