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  1. I had a dream that one of the Diamondback's cars flipped over and fell down the first drop.
  2. anything new at KI today
  3. I could see a Giga coaster
  4. I come from the future 2010: Boo Blasters on Boo hill 2011: WindSeeker and Dinosaurs Alive! 2012: Soak City expansion 2013: Nothing 2014: Banshee 2015: Planet Snoopy Expansion 2016: Tropical Plunge 2017: Mystic Timbers 2018: Nothing 2019: Kings Mills Antique Cars 2020: Polaris
  5. I recently heard that last Saturday, Drop Tower was struck by lightning. That is why it has been closed. Has this ever happened before?
  6. When Carowinds teased Fury 325, they said that they were getting a roller coaster called Centurion, but at the announcement they said it would be called Fury 325.
  7. I would like a giga coaster like Fury 325, but taller.
  8. My friend says Giga 2022 and I say Giga 2020.
  9. I know. There were a lot of errors in the blog post. And maybe next year they will have Firehawk a grave.
  10. My idea: Get rid of Firehawk for tallest, longest, fastest giga. Outpost 5 symbols popping up, because same layout as Son of Beast [no loop] and it would be steel.
  11. The wood that is below the grave is new.
  12. There is a grave in the grave yard that said Prikett and had the outpost 5 symbol under it.
  13. Does anyone have a home picture or home video that we can see Boo Boo's buggies in?
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