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  1. I would really say that it all depends on the Bids of what it is all for as well as if they tied on the Bid allowing for them to have a big enough job to allow two companies to bargain in on one job. To my knowledge most bids only higher one company for one job but who knows.
  2. Yes B&M is working with CF but you also have to take into consideration how long they have had these plans for, Yukon Striker (dive coaster 2019) plans for Canada's Wonderland was bought I think around 2015, but was then put on hold to create Valravn (dive coaster) which is at Cedar Point and opened in 2016. So there is numerous things that this could be as well as I hope we do not get put on hold for another park to get something else.
  3. What if there is some sort of Beast or creature type themeing, Could we get a rendering of a Giga beast type design?
  4. My experience from living in Indy I used to love going to KI as a kid and knowing that I probably won't be back again for a long time would lend me into buying the Fast Lane pass. Yet having a Platinum pass I think i'll pass on the almost $900 worth of Fast Lane.
  5. I don't know about anyone else but I hope they don't clear out too much for an amazing night ride back in that wooded area.
  6. That is true, another fun thing for a tribute is, at least I noticed riding Racer (Blue), is that there is a part of the loop from Firehawk laying down by some of the buildings near FoF.
  7. You also have to remember with the Ohio weather it rains A LOT so everyone that might not even be an "enthusiast" will be over at Flight of Fear. As well as most people liked or hated Firehawk, so I feel as soon as they start actually building something they will lay out teasers.
  8. Anyone else notice the sign for X-Base is gone now. Maybe the 1 piece of Fire-Hawks loop will be the new decorative piece for the sign. A friends idea not my own. If you have gone on WindSeeker or Racer you can see the extra piece laying out still. Thoughts?
  9. Roses are Red, The Fence is a Myth. Ride Antique Autos, Or Giga no Cometh.
  10. Yesterday Tony Clark announced on the OnPoint blog the two brand new restaurants coming to Americas Roller Coast! What do you all think about them? Click Here for Blog Post
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