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  1. I just came back to list the elevation but I'm too late, good catch. The difference is that ET sits at 765 feet above sea level and WS is at 749. I'm using Google Earth for those numbers. So that's why I thought it would end up looking shorter. They're building it on the lowest elevation in the park.
  2. The only thing that may keep them from claiming it's 300 feet tall or greater is how it will be viewed from the ET. I may have gotten numbers mixed up, but hadn't it been determined that 296 feet was from the zero point of 740 feet elevation? So 1,036 feet above sea level? The view from the 264 foot deck of ET would be within a foot or two of that if you're standing up. 301 foot tall WindSeeker would peak at about 1,050 feet, and even sits about 90 feet closer to ET. So basically this will be noticeably shorter than the 301 foot WS sitting close by. But a 301 foot drop is still a big drop, and will be a lot of fun.
  3. They could drop a video that day that shows a group of KI enthusiasts who after spending months feverishly "decoding" the new ride become so obsessed with figuring out the name of the ride they band together to storm the Cedar Fair offices. They can't stop us all.
  4. The year before Leviathan opened, CW folks didn't even know for sure there was a coaster coming yet at this point. There was construction, but no footers yet and definitely no teasers or anouncements for anouncements yet. I think it was still a week or two away from teasers on 7/11 that year. Still time, enjoy the Antiques.
  5. I'm not sure if it's just an internet thing or what, because I fee like people aren't like this so much in person. There have been 2 cases in this thread alone where someone had "corrected" me, but had actually said the same thing I did, they were just so eager to do it they hadn't taken the time to comprehend what I was saying. There were also times where 2 different members who were obviously children were laughed at and mocked for sharing their opinions. I'm like you though, I stopped coming here when that mod was handing down infractions for not capitalizing ride names.
  6. How did the whole process of lining up take place? Was it just a huge crowd or line at the front gate waiting, then gates opened, followed by a running of the bulls back to MT? Or was there some sort of organization to the thing that didn't involved kids getting trampled? (I specifically meant on pass holder preview night, but I guess opening night experiences would help too)
  7. As the kids say, this thing will be LIT!
  8. I agree, and I felt like the park was more diverse in what it offered back then. It definitely has a lot of great coasters now, but I miss having things like shows in the Action Theater and Tomb Raider:The Ride to break it up a little bit. FoF is still the best themed ride in the park, and still a good ride. Delirium is great, Drop Tower is good. If only they hadn't missed so big on Son of Beast... I can only dream of a KI that has an RMC'd SOB, Beast, Diamondback, and 2020 giga.
  9. Just another reference point that is mostly useless for us: Leviathan was having it's first footers poured in mid-July (14th-ish) of 2011. They at least had a generic sign up talking about building something new, but nothing in terms of theming or what was being built. Teasers started a couple weeks later, on or around July 28th. Station supports were in the parking lot around August 7th. The official reveal was the morning of August 18th. It's worth noting that they had their WindSeeker opening that season and it opened late, for some reason. I could see teasers starting today, or a month from today. Going by the Leviathan timeline, it would be very soon, within the next week since footers have been in for several days. Also, July 20th is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and a Saturday, so maybe they would start then with space exploration being a hot topic of conversation that day.
  10. Speaking of track, did we ever learn where that piece of Firehawk that was lying around that first week ended up?
  11. You'll probably already hit these points the best you can anyway, but I'm particularly interested in the hill after the first drop (speed? G-forces? Any possibility of being slightly overbanked?) and the helix (again, speed? G-forces? Any air time at the top of it?)
  12. That's a tight fit! It looked from your video like there were a couple other near-misses with supports leading right into this coming out of the helix. I would guess the 4th is on the speedhill after the turn around? I'll check out the video and find out since it's tough to tell on 2d video!
  13. Yeah it does, and that comes directly after the helix element which should have one or two of it's own.
  14. What if they're going to pull the tree out of the ground, roots and all, and the crater left behind will be enough to put the lift hill height right at 300'?
  15. What if that's our Kite Eating Giga Tree?
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