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  1. So I found a flyover vid that was uploaded today, and looks pretty recent (I think the work behind FoF is happening, but not 100% sure). Qualities not great but it does give a decent look of the overall current clearing. It has me wondering how tight some of this track will be to the tree line. One thing I didn't like about Carowinds big coasters was the parking lot view they provided. This will sure not be that. I copied the attached image from this youtube video:
  2. It's pretty hard to be exact at this moment with the tools we have, but it does also look like the horizontal distance from the peak of the lift hill to the first valley is about 50ish feet longer on this than it is on Fury. Could mean a longer drop or different angle of descent though. So hard to tell, but it will be interesting to find out where this falls.
  3. So entirely possible the drop is bigger than Fury's (320 ft.), but the height is shorter. So who gets bragging rights? Shouldn't marketing just get out there and dig a 30 foot hole under the peak of the lift hill so they can say their's is taller too? I wonder if they'll add a tunnel element through the ravine just to give it the feeling of going underground.
  4. That plot of land being worked on between Racer and FoF has grown since yesterday. I wonder if this would be where they're moving the garage-looking building that is due south of the old Firehawk station, and next door to the large red pole-barn. The plot is pretty similar, and theres a maintenance road leading right up to the side of it. That and the new giant pole-barn being built would shoot a couple holes in the leaked plan though, which show those two buildings still there. Could still be anything though.
  5. That's what I was saying. Who knows at this point though. Given the timing of it, and location within the park it seems like it would be related somehow.
  6. I highlighted the area that was being worked on yesterday. The shape might be off a little, but the spot is correct. It really would be a closer walk to this from The Racer queue. But realistically I don't think it's a guest destination. As mentioned earlier the gravel spread and surveying equipment makes it look like more than just staging. It seems oddly shaped and small in size compared to other park-use buildings/structures. That's all I got.
  7. Yeah, still a possibility I guess. Maybe that's what this area is for, and that marker in the pavilion we saw was for a footer.
  8. Kind of weird to use it for staging when there's still going to be a fair amount of old Firehawk land available, but what do I know? Could be the bathrooms.
  9. Could you kindly ask one of them is there's anything new to see in the construction area since Sunday?
  10. Anyone at the park today?
  11. All those elements are exciting and I swear I find something new to like about that layout everytime I look at it. Every giga I've been on so far had a sharp and most of the time high-banked turn after the initial drop. This layout has one too, but it's a far more open angle, really more of a curve. I'm anxious to see how far the trains will turn over and at what speed when taking that left curve. There may not be another like it anywhere. This may be the most RMC-like B&M yet. Definitely short though.
  12. Don't listen to anyone, keep being imaginative and keep asking questions. That's how every brilliant mind got their start. As for your question about the weight of trains: I don't know exactly what they typically weigh, but I bet if Top Thrill Dragster can launch a train 400+ feet into the air at a 90 degree angle with a 120 mph launch it would certainly take way less kinetic energy than that. I would definitely use that ride, and also Lightning Rod at Dollywood as a basis for your research here.
  13. I didn't know about this, anyone care to expound on it?
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