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  1. I'm posting the video here in case anyone doesn't have access to Facebook.
  2. We have another teaser: http://www.facebook.com/18543728314/posts/10156634302873315
  3. Ohhh,that's exciting! Please let us know the name of the new maze as soon as possible!
  4. Thank you for sharing that @silver2005, and I'm sorry about you getting gaslighted. However, I would like to mention, and I hope you don't get mad at me for this, that I sort of felt like your post above is a little bit critical.
  5. Here's the teaser Hersheypark posted on September 12, just because I feel nostalgic:
  6. There's been another teaser! This one centers on Neptune: My forummates on ParkFans have come up with a theory that these three gods, (Pluto, Mercury, and Neptune,) represent the ride's 3 launches.
  7. I can see why. That would be quite a mess for the maintenance team... Putting that typo aside, if the park does not want you to film on rides, those are their rules, and you should follow them.
  8. BGW released a new teaser today! This time it focuses on Mercury, and you can check it out on Instagram. It's similar to the Pluto teaser, but the symbol on the flag is different as well as the colors. There will be teasers like this every Tuesday until July 30.
  9. Well guys, after nearly 2 years of waiting, BGW is finally starting to tease their new addition formerly known as Project Madrid. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, in 2017 BGW filed a 315 foot height waiver under the name "Project Madrid". This lead people to believe that they were adding a giga coaster and a Spanish hamlet. No major developments happened for over a year, until this April, when the fan site BGWFans leaked the layout of a Intamin triple-launch coaster. In May, BGWFans announced that Project Madrid was officially dead and the Intamin had been ordered as filler. The park, for their part, have stayed silent on the matter. However, that all changed yesterday when BGW's Twitter posted this: It is a rather short video, and in it you can see a flag with a weird yellow symbol on it, followed by some Roman numerals at the end that say VII XXX MMXIX. In case anyone is wondering why I am mentioning this, it is because the Roman numerals are actually the date that the coaster is announced. VII is 7, XXX is 30, and MMXIX is 2019. Therefore, the announcement will take place on Tuesday, July 30. Another thing to take note of is the text in the Tweet itself. What do you think this coaster will be called? Discuss here!
  10. Caution, this post may contain sensitive material that might upset some readers. This is just how I felt upon seeing the video and I don't want to be mean: I wouldn't be surprised if this wound up in a video with the title "OMG TOP ROLLER COASTER ACCIDENTS!" Seriously, you know a clickbait channel will probably take this video and make it seem like it happens all the time. They'll probably also exaggerate some facts too, just to make this seem worse than it actually was. With that out of the way, I truly feel bad for everyone whose lives were changed by this event. I sincerely hope no one died and everyone can just learn from this and understand that it wasn't anybody's fault. I also hope that people understand accidents like this are extremely rare, and that mostly amusement park rides are safe. I'm just a little bit worried that people will think this happens all the time. Well, those are my thoughts. If anyone finds this post violates the TOS, I will accept the consequences.
  11. As @Maverick44 mentioned in his "Hersheypark 2020 Coaster" thread, the new B&M coaster in the expansion will be announced on July 24 at 10:30. Here's a screenshot from the official Chocolatetown site with the date of the announcement:
  12. On the Banshee webcam, I can see a large clearing behind Banshee. Edit: Never mind, that's been there for a while. Is it a storage lot, or new dorms?
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