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  1. MaxxForce

    Annoying ad

    I hate those ads! They are so annoying!
  2. This is just... wow. How dumb can people get? And yes, I know it's not appropriate to call someone dumb, but I feel like it's OK in this scenario. What don't they understand about Haunt being scary? It's supposed to be like that, and if they didn't read any of the warnings, then this is completely their fault. Plus, if she didn't want to be scared, why did the mom take her? (deep breath) I'm sorry, rant over.
  3. Look at the last line of the blog post: 2019 is going to be a great year at Kings Dominion, and we have some exciting announcements up our sleeves that are sure to thrill our guests and associates alike. Stay tuned for more information, and thank you for your support. Could this mean that there will possibly be a new coaster replacing Volcano in 2020? I am personally hoping for a GCI inverting woodie or a B&M family invert.
  4. According to the article, this is one of numerous properties purchased by Cedar Point along U.S. 6 (Cleveland Road). Here are the others: A portion of Farwell Street on the south side of Cleveland Road • An alleyway between 1706 and 1800 Cleveland Road • Along Cleveland Road and East Cowdery Street • Between Cleveland Road and Knupke Street • Within the 2000 block of Second Street
  5. Goliath at Great America. I hated it more than any other coaster.
  6. MaxxForce

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    At school last week, my friend told me, "I'm sad because Disney World (Florida) closed their Tower of Terror (the one in California)." I was quick to correct him. He was insistent for a few minutes before I politely asked him to look it up. A quick Google search proved my point, and he was relieved. A few days later, he said, "Did you hear that Disney World might close their Tower of Terror because of Star Wars Land?" Can anyone confirm or deny that Tower of Terror in Florida will be closed and rethemed to fit in with Galaxy's Edge?
  7. MaxxForce

    Mako Coming to SWSD!

    I got a 404 message when I clicked on the link. Is there another way to get there?
  8. Happy New Year everyone! I've created this topic to talk about a huge surprise that came on Saturday: SeaWorld San Diego has just announced a new dive coaster! Called Mako, it will be 153 feet tall with a 143 foot drop and no tunnel. I am including a picture below: Based on this photo, there seems to only be 1 or 2 inversions. What do you think of it? How big of a hit do you predict it'll be?
  9. MaxxForce

    Ideas for better Chills?

    I would really like to see a haunted house themed to something that isn't usually considered scary (music, parties, pizza, etc).
  10. MaxxForce


    Totally forgot about that one! Haha
  11. There's going to be another announcement about Chocolatetown in January! Who's excited?
  12. MaxxForce

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Are there any pictures of these posters? I want to make sure that they exist and aren't just some crazy fanboy rumor.
  13. I don't know if this is related or not, but I thought I'd share this here: Maybe they are trying to offer their shareholders some more benefits?
  14. If you've visited the Six Flags website recently, you might have noticed a small box that looks like this: Clicking on the blue "Take the Survey" button redirects you to a page where you'll see this: After you click "Start," you'll be shown a page that looks like a tablet and a button that will let you view an image for 5 seconds. By clicking the button, you'll be shown this: After 5 seconds, the ad vanishes and is replaced with this: Once you choose your answers, you'll move on to the next question, which looks like this: Why do you think Six Flags is doing this survey? Are they planning a big upgrade/improvements? Discuss your thoughts on this thread! Here's the link for anyone who wants to do it for themselves: https://bit.ly/2RV3sLP
  15. MaxxForce

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Well, it's the night after Firehawk's closure. Any idea when dismantling will start?