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  1. That would be a big YES to go. The park needs all the support it can get. I've bought a pass last year and a pass again this year. Can't wait to ride the RMC coaster this year and many re-rides on the air time machine Lightening Run. Thunder Run is very good as well. I went around 6 times last year and had a blast every time.
  2. M & M Productions

    Which coaster do you want to come next.

    RMC or Intamin Giga
  3. M & M Productions

    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When you bring up the Banshee webcam on your computer or an actual track layout and drag your mouse along the track like your riding it.
  4. M & M Productions

    Your Favorite Kings Island Element

    Hanging upside down on TR:TR over the shooting water.
  5. M & M Productions

    Hersheypark and Six Flags Great Adventure?

    Small parks pack a big punch sometimes. I've had some of the best times at the smaller parks.
  6. M & M Productions

    What's Up With Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular?

    They just need to retire it and go with a show like luminosity at CP.
  7. M & M Productions

    Photos Now UP! - Cedar Point Thursday/Friday 22nd/23rd

    Great photo's. Hope to make a visit next month.
  8. M & M Productions

    RSVP For KIC's 10th Birthday Now!

    Oh how I remember that also, and yes you are being kind.
  9. M & M Productions

    Do you wear a fanny pack to parks

    I just wear cargo shorts and put my belongings in the side pockets. Us bigger guys need all the room we can get fitting in the attractions!
  10. M & M Productions

    Going alone to Kings Island

    Plus sometimes you can make some life long friends right M&M? So true Upstop, hard to believe that was back in 2001 at the Son of Beast shoot.
  11. M & M Productions

    Going alone to Kings Island

    I usually meet up with Upstop and hit the park. But I have went to KI several times alone. In fact going to the park alone is how I met Upstop. Most of my friends did not eat, sleep, and breathe amusement parks like I do so I would go alone. I sometimes find going to amusement parks by myself a great way for "me" time. I have met some great people along the way by going alone. Heck if you see a guy in line by himself it may be me!
  12. M & M Productions

    Kings Island Fog

    I have to agree Cedar Point is great for morning fog rides, one year I went was cold (early in the year) when I rode Millennium Force when we reached the top of the hill inside the cloud bank it was actually snowing! Great times!
  13. M & M Productions

    How is your cell phone coverage at KI?

    I was with Sprint for several years, I never had good reception at Kings Island. Data speeds........What data speeds? All I know is I would go to the park and within an hour my battery would be half gone. I would always just have to turn data off to conserve my battery and I always had issues with sending text messages. It would take 5 - 20 minutes just to send or receive one. I finally said enough is enough and made the switch to AT&T couldn't be happier. I have full bar reception at Kings Island and have 4GLTE data coverage.
  14. M & M Productions

    You might be a KI addict if you...

    When I'm at work using the crane and someone yells "clear" and of course I say that all clear means your out of here! When friends and coworkers ask me to plan their day out for them when they are going to a amusement park. When you are trying to get in shape, just so you can ride a ride more comfortably or because your too big to ride an attraction When a friend or coworker ask you a stat of a coaster because they know you know it When your spare bedroom is nothing but amusement park decor............(Guilty!)
  15. M & M Productions

    What do you miss from Paramount?

    I miss the following: The PR department (Jeff and Maureen) they were the best! Winterfest Fearfest Theming of rides Star Trek The yesteryear of Season Pass perks Scooby Doo The special events they had Fourth of July fireworks (Cedar Fair doesn't even compare) Most importantly to me anyways there was no FASTPASS!!!