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  1. There is sand inside Orion but sand can only absorb so much energy, there is still some energy creating the sound you hear.
  2. This video explains it better then I could.
  3. Bottom of the airtime hill before the turnaround appears to be gone. Could also be the tree blocking it though.
  4. Didn’t realize they were actually removing the track from Diamondback to fill it up, I assumed they would have just cut holes into the ride.
  5. IMAScore did a phenomenal job with Mystic Timbers station music, I hope they’ll once again work with the park to create an excellent sound track for the ride
  6. Based off of Makos pov it appears Mako has a similar thing attached to the handrail, don’t think it’s lights.
  7. Here’s the menu, looks like it provides some good healthy options. https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2020/foodie-friday-grain-and-grill-dining
  8. I can’t really tell from the photos if they’re saving the trees.
  9. I think it’s important to mention that this is not a rumor but more or less just a hypothetical. While Cedar Fair will likely purchase more parks in the coming years I don’t see them wanting to take on so much debt for a Six Flags M&A
  10. You would be correct in them not being mentioned at all through out last year. I suspect Copperhead didn’t do major attendance increases because if it did I assume they’d mention it.
  11. Thunder road was primarily removed to make way for a waterpark expansion.
  12. I've skimmed through the conference call transcript and here's really what they talked about in regards to Kings Island. Kings Island as well as Canada's Wonderland, CP & Knotts all experience record breaking or around record breaking attendance or revenue last year. What this is means is that these parks aren't experiencing major drop offs the year after they add a new ride. Next they moved onto talking about Orion. Zimmerman thinks the park "has a real winner on their hands." They then talked about what they expect from a ride like Orion. As many of you know Kings Island is a more mature park in terms of growth cycle, so they're not necessarily expecting Orion to have major attendance draws but instead increase sales in things such as Fast Lane. They also do of course expect season pass sales and attendance to increase but this coaster is going to likely generate good revenue growth (Which is more important then attendance IMO). While Kings Island wasn't directly mentioned it appears Grand Carnival was a success and they plan to role out 2 new parades next year at other parks. All around great news for Kings Island, Can't say the same about some of the other parks that failed to get any mention.
  13. Actually a lot of parks experienced double digit season pass revenue growth. But I’m sure CP’s made up a decent amount of the growth.
  14. Cedar Fair has released their Q4 2019 quarterly earnings. Important information Yearly attendance up 7%, 27.9 Million Same Park attendance up 5% Net revenue up 9%, Same Park net revenue up 6% Out of park revenue up 11% (Hotels, Sports force park ect) Net income up 36% Adjusted EBITDA 8% Season pass sales & season pass related products up 40+% compared to this time last year. Information I find interesting Season pass attendance makes up 53% of their overall attendance (previous years they didn’t give an exact %) Will update this if anymore interesting information comes out during the conference call (Which is at 10 am) https://www.google.com/amp/s/finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/cedar-fair-reports-record-results-090000807.html
  15. An S&S screamin swing would fit very well in that plot of land. Finnegans flyer built at BGW sits on land that has a lot of topographic changes.
  16. I think Backlot is a fine ride, a launch family coaster complements Kings Islands Collection. If Backlot was re-themed I think it’d be fine.
  17. Wouldn’t the windows in Rivertown be rattling if it was that bad… hopefully them filling the spine of Diamondback will resolve most of the issues though.
  18. I also have sprint and never get good reception at the park.
  19. Wow didn’t expect them to be adding sand into Diamondback… https://www.wvxu.org/post/kings-island-taking-steps-respond-neighbors-noise-concerns#stream/0
  20. Banshee & The Bat have made it very hard to try and use that land back there, I don’t think they’ll ever use it unless The Bat is removed (Which I don’t see happening anytime soon)
  21. I’m not bothered by it, when you see the two rides in person Orion looks bigger, that’s all that really matters.
  22. Aren’t most modern B&Ms filled with sand anyways?
  23. This tweet from Chad implies that Chef Nate is still working at the park.
  24. Surprised Valravn was dropped down, that ride always had a very long Fast Lane Plus line. Never have seen it short.
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