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  1. I’d venture to say yes, Fastlane is a huge money maker for the parks and I’m guessing with limited capacity the profit margin will be very slim so they’d like want a way to maximize guest in park spending.
  2. 400 riders per hour, I think the worst part of that ride is probably walking up all those stairs.
  3. Yeah but Behemoth is actually a good hyper coaster....
  4. Out of those options the only one that sounds good is the 2nd to last one.
  5. I think it'd be great if the park brought back souvenir maps for the 50th anniversary.
  6. I don’t think Cedar Fair went to Intamin and said “Please make a coaster that causes people to black out and will require re-profiling after one season of operation”
  7. 1st of all people people under 30 can still get very sick from this virus but more importantly those people in the dorms would then spread it to others which will eventually lead to older or more at risk people get infected with the virus
  8. The point of a mid course is to stop a train from that position and they’re designed at an elevation that allows them to still be able to complete the course.
  9. Amusement insiders is not close to being a reliable source, take that video with a huge grain of salt.
  10. That has likely already been paid for and the contacts for those things are already well under way likely. KI likely has cut expenses in other areas (For example maybe they wanted to order umbrellas this season and now they wont)
  11. I’m not even sure that’s really good news, it seems a bit premature considering we still lack testing to the scale needed to start reopening.
  12. That looks like it gives some decent airtime actually
  13. Yes it’s true that they lost out on a year of revenue however Cedar Stated most of their parks had 10% season pass growth this year, that’s huge. In the long term is probably much better to make sure all those new people are satisfied with their purchase then make them upset. If someone spent $500+ on passes for their family and feels like they go little to no value out of it then they likely would not renew their passes.
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