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  1. I’m honestly guessing he misspoke and meant it was 80% EBITDA and not 80% revenue. When you look at this chart you can see the Big 4 probably make up 60-70% of revenue. Given the recent M&A I’d be very surprised if the Big 4 grew in revenue that much to make up 80%. Some of these people’s questions were worded poorly. (Note the graphs are from 2016). If those parks did account for 80% then they experienced some insane growth then.
  2. ^ I didn’t say Canada’s wonderland was like Astroworld. I was referencing the fact that Six flags plan to sell Astroworld for land did not turn out so well given the fact they spent 20 million on demolition costs and only received 77 million for the land.
  3. ^ Based off of what was said today Knotts Merry Farm & Canada’s wonderlands Winterfest events are profitable enough to justify opening. The company very much sounded open to hosting those events at those two parks.
  4. At the very least I’m expecting Canada’s wonderland to be open for Winterfest. As Fun&Only mentioned Canada’s wonderland is one of Cedar Fairs most important parks and brings in nearly the same amount of revenue as Kings Island. Also the land is not as valuable as you’re thinking as demolition costs alone would make it not viable to be sold for land. Let’s not forget what happened to Astroworld.
  5. I don’t believe the company itself is profitable currently. The parks Individually maybe profitable however the corporate overhead costs are not being accounted for. Also minor nitpick but they’re currently at 20%-25% attendance (In park spending is also up around 5% however up-charge spending Is down aka fastlane)
  6. Based off of the Cedar Fair conference call the event is indeed family oriented however it does seem like the event will also be focusing on food offerings. Can’t wait to see more information.
  7. I’d like to see flatrides added to Oktoberfest, Rivertown or A72. I’d love to see more high thrill flat rides such as an S&S screamin swing or a Mondial Top Scan.
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but it can’t even open this year due to not having a part..... Intamin accelerator coasters are not what comes to mind when I think of reliable rollercoasters.
  9. This is far from the truth. Plenty of coasters from other manufacturers have rattles / vibrations. Vortex for example had a noticeable vibration. I’m guessing B&M rattles are more noticeable due to how smooth and comfortable the restraints are. Also Clermont steel produces rollercoaster track just fine, the steel fabrication is likely not the issue.
  10. To be fair Cedar Fair recently has been theming their attractions more and more. Weber group, who did theming for Copperhead strike frequently does work for SEAS, could maybe work with KD.
  11. There’s a photo of Freespin track on the KD parking lot, I’m not sure if the photo was taken on park property so I won’t be posting it here.
  12. Yeah it’d be nice if they get around to cleaning all that stuff off. I’m happy Orion won’t have that same problem.
  13. I don’t think he’s going to delay school opens, he’s already left it up to districts to decide how they’re going to handle reopening. It’s likely a statewide mask mandate or certain counties are going to be put on lockdown.
  14. I believe it’s on the meal plan
  15. Out of all the giga coasters you’ve ridden which has -2.0g’s of airtime? Just because it’s not ejector airtime doesn’t mean the airtime isn’t good.
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