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  1. Tbf weren’t the antique cars teased just a few days before the announcement?
  2. Website with more information https://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas/attractions/dr-diabolicals-cliffhanger Seems like a great addition to the park
  3. Has anyone else had trouble finding hand sanitizer inside the park? This has probably become one of the worst aspects to my trips to Kings Island. From personal experience nearly every hand sanitizer station I try to use is empty. It’s especially disappointing that even the stations located in or near the restaurants are usually empty.
  4. I mean Orion costs just as much if not more than Fury 325 (which I believe had cost around 30 million dollars). Doesn’t exactly scream hyper coaster budget.
  5. Had no idea that the rails were red and not black.
  6. The article says one of the attackers was in his 20’s, not sure what a chaperone policy would have done at all in this situation. As Brenthodge mentioned there’s a lot we don’t know about this situation.
  7. A premier launch similar to west coast racers would be an excellent fit since they don’t have a racing coaster.
  8. One can only hope for however I’d be surprised if Thursday nights are actually popular enough to justify being open.
  9. Wonder if they’ll just build a new picnic area or perhaps maybe even dorms?
  10. At the bottom of the blog it provides info about chefs plate “The Food and Beverage Team here at Kings Island are so excited to present all this wonderful food for you to enjoy beginning this Saturday through Aug. 1. That being said, we will be postponing Chef’s Plate until after Grand Carnivale. Thanks for understanding!”
  11. Also wouldn’t surprise me if they’re too busy preparing for grand carnival to do chef plate this week.
  12. I assume that the limited music selection is just due to the park cutting costs on music licensing? Could this also be the reason there is no more music being played in the shed?
  13. I had no idea squishmellows are so popular, they look like regular stuffed animals to me.
  14. Except for the fact that Orion’s blueprints are in the queue of the ride. I don’t think the park really cares that much about old blueprints given the fact that they’re public record. I’d be willing to bet money that the blueprints showed in the video are for a new addition or attraction.
  15. Maybe it slightly contributes to it, but to be honest I think lack of enforcement of the no line jumping policy is more to blame for an increase in line jumping.
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