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  1. Plenty of funny replies in that twitter thread.
  2. Crazy to think that’s less then 1% of the property they own.
  3. They sent out a survey asking about what people thought about names, the attraction in question was a 6 person shooting dark ride about exploring a hidden cavern.
  4. The double loops have already been removed though?
  5. The KD wing coaster has been scrapped according to KD fans. Considering they’re still teasing for a new attraction I think we’ll still see something new come to the park.
  6. I didn’t suggest one should be added to the park, all I did was share a similar model of coaster to motorbike coaster that was being discussed. But yes I agree one is not likely to come to Kings Island.
  7. S&S does have a modern Steeple Chase (Which has great looking cars) but it’s capacity is very very limited. http://s-s.com/rides/steeplechase-coaster/
  8. It does take up quite a bit of land but there’s still plenty of room to add flat rides around BLSC.
  9. There is sand inside Orion but sand can only absorb so much energy, there is still some energy creating the sound you hear.
  10. This video explains it better then I could.
  11. Bottom of the airtime hill before the turnaround appears to be gone. Could also be the tree blocking it though.
  12. Didn’t realize they were actually removing the track from Diamondback to fill it up, I assumed they would have just cut holes into the ride.
  13. IMAScore did a phenomenal job with Mystic Timbers station music, I hope they’ll once again work with the park to create an excellent sound track for the ride
  14. Based off of Makos pov it appears Mako has a similar thing attached to the handrail, don’t think it’s lights.
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