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  1. They really had to turn off the fountain before Haunt even ended? Ruined the only good aspect of this years haunt.
  2. 3 is the Coke freestyle? 1 the concept art shows it still being T shirts.
  3. New additions doesn't really sound like changing to year around operations. I'm excited to see what the park announces tomorrow. I think a decent flat ride would be enough to convince me to renew my pass.
  4. Kinda funny if this does turn out to be a 30 million dollar B&M. Like within the past 10 years including this hypothetical coaster they would have spent like 100 million on new rollercoasters but just around 10 or so million on new flats (This is a guesstimate I have no idea how much the flats cost). I feel like when I look at my day at Kings Island one of the biggest things I wish I could experience would be more high thrill flat rides. Flatrides I feel like provide very unique and memorable experiences at times if I'm being honest. They're a nice change of pace instead of just marathoning roller coasters all day. Now I won't complain about a new rollercoaster and I think it is needed but flats would be just as good imo.
  5. The park as a whole didn't have nearly as good of an atmosphere imo. The theming around the park is not nearly as pronounced. The scare zones with the exception of pumpkin eater don't really feel themed at all. Like coney mall looked pretty much like normal coney mall at night. The fog not being present is a huge atmospheric buzz kill. Only thing Im remembering from my haunt experience thus far are the scare actors on I-Street.
  6. Very cool to see but doesn't really tell us all that much beside the park will likely install a new ride for the 2024 season. Exciting none the less.
  7. I do agree the park has put a great emphasis on improving the overall guest experience through minor enhancements like you’ve mention but my issue becomes with the fact that at times it appears they’re only halfway committed to this. As has been brought up numerous times the theming they’ve paid for, particularly at A72 is not always maintained. In addition I’d argue that flat rides very much are considered little things in the mind of guests yet the park has not added a new thrilling flat-ride in a decade. No excuses for that, especially when parks like Canadas wonderland are able to add a new kids area rollercoaster & a massive thrilling flat ride in the same year. I’d argue 2019 might be the best year for park improvements with Antique Autos, I street and the various other improvements. Largely in part due to the fact there was a new ride.
  8. Yup, there's literally nothing to look forward too for next season. It'll feel exactly the same as 2021 unless they announce something new. Well I guess there will be one major difference between those seasons, that being the price. Still no excuse for a park that makes as much money as KI does to not add any new attractions for 3 seasons.
  9. Not quite sure how hard it was for the park to hire people this season but to be honest I don’t think screwing with peoples hours is not a good way to keep recurring employees. It’d certainly leave a bad taste in my mouth if my hours kept getting cut.
  10. Then they should have announced that today to be honest, because right now grand carnival ain’t going to be enough to convince some people to get season passes. But yes I agree there will likely be other small improvements.
  11. Whatever they do next year it better not be just one area of the park as that’s not going to be sustainable for the park. Next year should be like canadas wonderland where they improve Planet Snoopy while also adding a new high thrill flat ride elsewhere in the park.
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