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  1. An S&S screamin swing would fit very well in that plot of land. Finnegans flyer built at BGW sits on land that has a lot of topographic changes.
  2. I think Backlot is a fine ride, a launch family coaster complements Kings Islands Collection. If Backlot was re-themed I think it’d be fine.
  3. Wouldn’t the windows in Rivertown be rattling if it was that bad… hopefully them filling the spine of Diamondback will resolve most of the issues though.
  4. I also have sprint and never get good reception at the park.
  5. Wow didn’t expect them to be adding sand into Diamondback… https://www.wvxu.org/post/kings-island-taking-steps-respond-neighbors-noise-concerns#stream/0
  6. Banshee & The Bat have made it very hard to try and use that land back there, I don’t think they’ll ever use it unless The Bat is removed (Which I don’t see happening anytime soon)
  7. I’m not bothered by it, when you see the two rides in person Orion looks bigger, that’s all that really matters.
  8. Aren’t most modern B&Ms filled with sand anyways?
  9. This tweet from Chad implies that Chef Nate is still working at the park.
  10. Surprised Valravn was dropped down, that ride always had a very long Fast Lane Plus line. Never have seen it short.
  11. I don’t know how to read blueprints however we’ve only seen one trim break installed, I don’t think there’s another trim break going onto this ride.
  12. Rollercoasters Valleying is not that big of a deal, it’s a relatively common occurrence. Factors such as wind, temperature ect can cause a ride to valley. It’s not that big of a deal, they just remove the trains. No need to spend hundreds of thousands re-profiling a ride that has already been meticulously designed.
  13. Agree 100%, Drop Towers are an essential flat ride. If they removed Drop Tower there would only be 2 high thrill flat rides left in the park. Not to mention Kings Island has a very impressive Drop Tower.
  14. Coincidentally watched this video yesterday, here’s a tad bit more information.
  15. According to his LinkedIn profile he is still working at the park.
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