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  1. While another flat in coney mall would be nice I really think Rivertown or Oktoberfest could use a new flat more.
  2. Personally I don't see that happening. Naming a new coaster after an old, demolished coaster may cause confusion among guest. Also renaming a new coaster Vortex would also make it harder to market the new ride.
  3. Agreed, the last thing Kings Island needs is to have 1 less high thrill flat ride. Every major amusement park needs a Drop Tower.
  4. Wow that is really great quality, especially considering most of the SoB povs suck, Thanks for sharing!
  5. I’d like the park to improve on the high thrill flat ride lineup, definitely the biggest hole imo. I’d also like to see the park add more foliage around the park. Action Zone and the area by blacklot just aren’t pleasant areas to be around due to the lack of foliage imo.
  6. The problem is when you have so many people in the park it becomes harder to stay socially distance. If everyone wore their mask then Id agree with you more but from my personal experience at the park there is still a sizable group of people who don't wear their mask or don't wear it properly. If you just watch this video you can see how crowded its gotten at Cedar Point,
  7. I think at this point both Kings Island & Cedar Point should probably limit their capacity even more. Considering how bad the midwest is getting hit right now it seems a little irresponsible to be letting such large crowds in. The measures they have in place are good however they don't seem as effective when you have so many people inside the park.
  8. I don’t want to get into the politics of it but reopening to soon has caused more economic damage then if we had just waited the extra 2 weeks or so in the initial lockdown. People come first, the economy comes 2nd. The government has the resources to support people who lose their job due to a lockdown.
  9. What about the park's right to have their own rules for the safety of other guests....? We're in the middle of a global pandemic, the park had to take extra measures for the safety of guests and this was one of them.
  10. GCI was on the 2020 notice of commencement, furthermore they already did work earlier this year on racer.
  11. If that's true that's pretty bad for a 6 year old B&M..... I know silver bullet has also had some structural issues on the Cobra roll.
  12. Hope you enjoy your visit! If you plan on buying Fast Lane be sure to buy it in advance online as they’re not selling them in park.
  13. Here’s the thing about Paramount, they were able to theme the rides but they weren’t able to fit them into the parks atmosphere. Take Backlot for example, it’s a better themed coaster then anything CedarFair has built (at least on ride) however it completely ruined the looks of the surrounding area. Having a parking garage & shipping container themed coaster in the center of the park is a major eyesore. Another example of this is TRTR with its massive building in the middle of Rivertown. Cedar Fair on the other hand has been improving the atmosphere of entire areas of the park such as A72
  14. The Kings Island Vortex Kits are now sold out according to the parks twitter account. None will be available for sale according to Chad Showalter's twitter account.
  15. Buying it only to turn around and sell it is so infuriating. I’d feel so bad if someone didn’t get to buy it this weekend all because someone wanted to make a quick buck.
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