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  1. So happy it didn’t renew my pass, no way is it worth $1300 anymore.
  2. But But... Six Flags sucks and has a bunch of budget cuts!!!! Cedar Fair is no longer the brand it was pre-pandemic. In 2019 they had several high quality seasonal events that are now shells of their former selves. Exactly why I don't care about this merger going through since there isn't much more that this park can sink.
  3. Renaming Banshee to some tacky DC name would make the area worse imo.
  4. Based off the wording during the Q&A they immediately don't seem to have any plans to sell off any of the parks, as Richard mentioned it's hard to grow your revenue when you sell off parks. That being said, if there certain parks that don't integrate well for whatever or suddenly just don't make sense in the long term vision of the chain then I suppose they could be sold off. However the mentality seems to be that each park is a unique, irreplaceable asset that they would like to keep.
  5. Welp, all I can say is that fans need to be vocal about if they want that tacky carnival super hero crap in their parks or not. I for one will NOT go to the park if they have a DC themed area.
  6. TBF GE was a total house of cards that NEVER deserved the reputation it had in the late 90's and early 2000s. But yes I agree, I foresee there to potentially be some issues trying to steer this larger company. One of the easiest ways to get around this will be to get rid of assets that don't align with the companies future.
  7. Okay so after thinking this over for a bit here are my overall thoughts on what the next 5 years will likely look like: I don't think we're going to see any dramatic changes the first 2ish years as most of the companies efforts will be spent on consolidating corporate operations. I.e only having one pass system, consolidating park apps, switching over all of the parks to a single IT system, consolidating account ect. This is where most of the cost savings from the merger will be coming from. I'd assume that they'll be no major new rides the next two years UNLESS they're already being planned (I.e Canada's wonderland B&M). The price of season passes will not change that much. People have this very strong misconception that regional parks compete against other regional parks, this isn't really true for the most. Most regional parks competition is local entertainment options. Would I rather go to haunt or a night out in OTR etc that kind of thing. The chains are already struggling to attract customers from pre covid, raising prices will only turn more people away. For the next 4-5 years I expect most of the Capex to be focused on the Six Flags chain. We saw this with the Paramount Parks deal where the Paramount Parks tended to get the major Capex (The 3 B&M hypers, KD Giga etc) for the first few years after the merger. Although I expect most of these investments to be in a little "boring" but important areas such as improving food operations. Food and seasonal events have been a MAJOR part of Cedar Fairs strategy so I expect them to immediately turn their focus on investing in these areas for the Six Flags Parks. I think they'll be a reevaluation in what parks are getting the major CAPEX. It's been no secret that in the past few years parks like Carowinds & Canadas Wonderland have been the focus for the chain. However given their struggles this season I can easily see Cedar Fair Focusing their attention on some of the newer Six Flags parks that they view to have more potential. I can easily see large investments coming to some of the southern parks who might actually be able to succeed year around while Carowinds failed to do so. For parks like KI, CP & Knott's I don't see the investment strategy changing all that much long term, just that for the next few years I foresee smaller then we're used to investments. Overall this deal makes sense and I don't think it'll be the end of the world. The biggest thing Im curious about is the chains integration of the DC theme. Cedar Fair has emphasized themed local or unique experiences (I.e Redwood themed area for CGA, Frontier Canada) DC is very unlike that imo. It feels like cheap tacky carnival crap. My assumption is it'll be up to the parks on if they want to pull the trigger on that. Another big thing I wonder is how much autonomy the parks will be getting. Under current Cedar Fair operations large parks like KI, CP etc got a lot of leeway with how their ran their parks and what types of investments they're looking for. I can see both the benefits and the downsides to this approach for this new larger mega chain.
  8. I really hope that tacky theme doesn’t come to Kings Island.
  9. Don't worry, Im sure Richard will make sure the combined companies synergies will unlock new opportunities to bait and switch pass holders
  10. How is this a monopoly? Regional amusement parks are peanuts compared to the larger destination entertainment providers. Also throwing around monopoly doesn’t really make sense in this context given for the most these parks aren’t near eachother.
  11. Wouldn’t surprise me if it actually went through this time, Cedar Fair is a shell of its former self and this could maybe give the chain an opportunity to course correct with a new stronger company.
  12. Glassdoor seems to show manager salaries at CedarFair are similar to what’s posted on this job listing. Cedar Fair in general is not a very high paying company for most positions.
  13. That’s terrible pay ngl. Especially for 3 years experience what a joke.
  14. - Prestige pass is not really worth the cost. Lack of soft drinks were a major bummer. - The season long dining plan isn’t really worth it considering how much worse the food was this season. - Thematically the park is doing a great job with how nice the new area looks. Hopefully future additions to the park are themed as well. - Seasonal events continue to get worse Overall what could have been a great season for the park turned out to be extremely mediocre at best.
  15. Had the La Larona fries today, extremely mediocre and disappointing dish. There was no crema on my order which pretty much ruined the dish considering how dry the pork was. Additionally for a dish being based around al pastor you would think they would have more then 4 tiny pineapple chunks in the whole order. Glad to the see park is being consistent with its bad seasonal dishes.
  16. Yea whoever leaked that really isn't even trying to not get caught.
  17. The burnt end mac sucked, 0/10 would not rbe recommend
  18. That’s very unprofessional. What is with the parks management this season? Everything seems to have fallen off a cliff. Edit - This is a fake account, although I still think the park is not being ran all that well atm.
  19. The clientele that this event attracts is so trashy. The amount of homophobia and sexism I witnessed tonight made me feel like I was living back in the 50s. I saw at least 4 groups of women getting cat called and harassed, mostly by younger & teenage males. Not to mention as I was driving away from the park some crazy chick tried to road rage on me. I think there’s two solutions here, either rise the prices to help keep these types of clients out of the park or just stop haunt all together. Horrible horrible experience today.
  20. There seems to be a lot less theming throughout the park, less scare actors. It just doesn’t have the same ambience or magic anymore. Not to mention there’s less mazes then pre Covid.
  21. Do they still have the fountain show at the end of the night???? Also the theming for this years haunt is so bad. This event is a shell of its former self.
  22. It’s unholy and makes the experience feel less special. I don’t really care about this since it’s out of the park. But the progressive ad near antique autos ****es me off.
  23. I think it’s going to just be a small section of the kids area.
  24. Has anyone else with a prestige pass not gotten a single pass perk this season?
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